Chinese Students in Sweden Celebrates Year of Monkey

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Peking Opera is one of the most welcomed program during the Chinese Students’ celebration of Chinese Year of Monkey in Stockholm on Sunday. [Photo: Xuefei]

Chinese students at universities across Sweden have been marking the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year with a special concert in the grand surroundings of the Karolinska Hall in Stockholm, which is normally the home to Nobel prize presentations.

The Year of the Monkey officially gets underway on February 8th.

CRI’s Chen Xuefei reports from Stockholm.
“Recalling the past year which marked the 65th anniversary of establishment of Sino-Swedish relations, we felt quite relieved that a lot of important events took place. Chinese navy ships held a voyage to Sweden and we are very proud that Chinese scientist Tu Youyou has won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Academic circles have celebrated the event and a lot of seminars have been held to encourage students to go back to China to create their own business.”Speaking at the opening of the celebration, Chinese Ambassador Chen Yuming says there are many treasurable achievements in the year of 2015.

Chen Yuming says the Royal Swedish Technology Institute and Karolinska Institute have signed cooperation agreements with China.

This is the eighth year that Chinese students have organized the Spring Festival celebration concert.

Education Counselor Dou Chunxiang explains why.

“The students prepared all the programs by themselves in order to learn from each other, make friends with each other, and spend the long winter together.”

About 150 students and scholars from many universities, including the Royal Swedish Business School, participated in the three hour performance.

The programs included dance, Peking Opera, folk music performances, and comic cross-talk.

The last part of the performance tells of China’s history in the fight against Japanese military fascism.

Erik Björklund, a student at Royal Swedish Technology Institute, says he enjoyed the shows very much.

“Ja, it was very nice and I like to see the performances like I think the Peking Opera right? I enjoyed it. ”

Over 1000 students and people from Chinese communities and Chinese companies attended the concert held in the Karolinska lecture hall where Tu Youyou was given her Nobel presentation in early December.

For CRI, this is Chen Xuefei reporting from Stockholm.


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