Information: The future way of building, housing and living

The future way of building, housing and living

Vallastaden 2017 is an urban living expo held between September 2-24 in Linköping, Sweden. For three weeks visitors to Vallastaden get a unique opportunity to experience the future way of living – today.

Sep 2-24 


23 days 
of expo

20 000 kvm 
of expo area

Sweden’s biggest urban living expo

Architecture, interior design, sustainability and lifestyle – they’re all integral parts of Vallastaden 2017. No matter where your interests lie, you are likely to make new discoveries.

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A dense, green and varied city district

As a city district, Vallastaden is unique in itself. Nearly 1000 residences have been built by 40 different developers – all in record time. The result is a vibrant urban district centered around its residents. The entire project has gone from idea to completion in only five years.

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Inspiring exhibitions

With its 70 exhibitions and 200 program items, Vallastaden 2017 is set to be the biggest urban living expo in the history of Sweden. The program is centered around issues of diversity, sustainability and innovations.

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Two types of tickets

Vallastaden 2017 offers a wide variety of experiences aimed at members of the public as well as the trade. While you are certainly welcome to visit Vallastaden at any time, the program on weekdays will be different from that on weekends.

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