Opinion: Britain is a typical example of not knowing what they want

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Looking at the opposition’s shouting in the parliament and the shaking of head of May,  I asked democracy was just shouting at each other?

I think May was very clear and calm while the opposition was mad.

What does British people really want? It is very hard to say.

I went to Britain and found that people play with python snake or rare species in Africa or other countries in southern hemisphere.  Why? Because Britain is so rich that they don’t know what to do and what to want.  On the other hand, they couldn’t have as much cash as they want, so they have problem of liquidity too.

And that is the problem of capital world. When there is no capital in capital world, there will be problems. People likes to put money just into stocks so that they will feel secure all over their life without working so hard. And that is totally against the law of development.

Thus the solution for Britain is to either return to EU or negotiate with all the individual members.  Then it will be a long process to be normal.

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