Why does the wind of “China Threat” blow often?

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 21(Greenpost) — The wind of “China Threat” blows often in recent years. Why?

First,  it shows China has really aroused attention from the outside world.  Ten years ago, China was like a gold harbor, many people went there to get some gold by investment. But the manufacturing and processing industries are saturated and left a lot of pollution to China, thus, China was forced to transform and close a lot of factories and industries.  However, over the past 40 years development, China does accumulate its first barrel of gold and can buy more in the other parts of the world.  This kind of spillover of liquidity has never happened before.  In the past it was always the investment flows into China, but now the investment tends to slowly flows outside from China. Many people are not used to this.

Second, western power like to show their power all the time. They are used to that, and now they see China is getting stronger too. They are very alert. They felt uneasy about this situation. Thus, they exaggerate about China’s power, influence and even the purposes.  In a recent visit to Hans Blix, famous Swedish expert in international affairs and former IAEA Director General said he didn’t think US president Donald Trump likes to launch a war.  But Trump is a businessman and he likes to create tension to threat so that the American weapons companies can sell their weapons to those countries who felt they are “threatened”.

Blix is 90 years old and has very rich international politics experiences. He was the one who told the truth about the situation in Iraq when the US invaded Iraq in March 19, 2003.  I believe his analysis holds a lot of water.  I also like to believe that Trump was making noise although sometimes I felt my heart was put up the throat when they sent the aircraft carrier to the Pacific Ocean.

In 2017, Trump successfully created a scenaria between China and India and immediately the US sold billions of dollars of weapons to India.

And then other countries too. Whoever feels not so certain, they will come over and sell weapons to them.  Thus, China is a big card for them to play.

Third, spreading misleading sensational news about China can attracts some people’s interest.  In Europe there is a strong pessimistic view about the world situation because EU itself is not so united. A good example is Brexit.  Some people said it is also the US who are behind the scene. That is to say the US wants to keep its supreme position to divid the EU.  But if you tell the EU this news, they wouldn’t believe it because they think US will not be that bad.

At the beginning of this year, China held a meeting talking about peaceful reunification of Taiwan with the mainland following the Hong Kong SAR and Macao footstep.

China seriously talks about it and likes to initiate negotiation with all peaceful means.  This decision was supported by all the Chinese home and abroad.

But immediately some media such as the nationalinterest.org said the next threat is China’s invasion of Taiwan. This was open splitting China remarks which should be condemned.  This was openly to treat Taiwan as independent. This was completely unacceptable.

It is only exaggeratedly distorting information and making a plot to scare people. By doing so, they can continue to sell weapons to small countries.  Everybody knows that if there is really a war, it will be the time that mankind will be wiped out of the earth.

Thus no one wants a war. But weapons producers want to sell weapons, thus they often spread out the scaring news to scare people and take the chance to sell weapons.

In 1995 and 1996, many people bet that China would attack Taiwan. But history showed that China was very patient with Taiwan province and tried all means to melt the heart of the people.

Jin Chanrong, Professor of International Politics and Vice dean of International Politics School at Renmin University said it is very hard for westerners to understand Chinese culture. For example in the three kingdoms time, why did Zhuge Liang Chief of Staff arrested Meng Huo for seven times but didn’t kill him for the first or second time? Jin said Chinese idea is to win your heart but not your body or land.

Thus, when Xi Jinping proposed Belt and Road Initiative, it is also proposing to develop together and help each other to realise peace and development.  Xi wants to avoid the geopolitics caused war.

The basic reason for war and conflict is poverty, less education and lack of culture.  Thus to focus more on development will solve these problems.

With the efforts of the United Nations, the World Bank and other organisations,  the world has become better than before if you think of the development in Africa and Asia.  The conflict in the middle east involves in the US and the situation in Afghanistan also involves the US.

Hans Blix said the experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq and even Syria show that the intervention strategy didn’t work.

He said the United Nations should still be a vital organisation for the world and all the countries.

He said it is a good thing that China participated in multinational projects and the UN peace keeping missions.

China didn’t have the intention to threat anyone or really threat anyone. China has done everything on the basis of negotiation.

Sometimes it was the arrogance or the humbleness of the other that caused the meeting cannot be held. But time will solve the problems.

China is a peace loving country and it will not threat anyone else.  Please do not misunderstand China.

Of course, one issue has caused a lot of attention from outside world, that is the death penalty.  This issue is really a Chinese domestic issue. It will take some time for people really to be willing to get rid of it.  Maybe after China really gets rid of poverty and really becomes a good welfare country, then people will naturally be much more tolerant.

Right now, for those criminals who cheat people so much, or purposely kill someone else, it is still difficult to tolerate that much.


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