Some interesting links about China from Norway

Hong Kong–Beijing high-speed train (7 min. video)
2,441 km in 8 hours 56 min.

Xi’an Terracotta Warriors (Pit 1, 2 and 3) (with moveable screen)

Aerial view of Chongqing city 2019 (4 min. video)

Chinese school principal teaches students shuffle dance during break
(sound must be turned on)

Square Dance in Shenzhen (4 min. video)

«Asian Boss»: How do the Chinese feel about Chinese stereotypes? 
(8 min. video)

Travel agency «Touropia»: 10 best places to visit in China (12 min. video)

Transportation in China (China’s Mega Projects) (50 min. video)

The Karakoram Highway from China to Pakistan (10 min. 2011 video)

Economy, politics:

Income inequality in China (article)

Information for this mailing list is collected by Rolf Melheim, co-author of «Høyhastighetslandet. Historier fra det moderne Kina» (256 pages), [;]; and «Porten til Midtens rike. Kinesisk mandarin» 1–3 (448 pages) with «Lærerveiledning» (Teacher’s manual 306 pages),

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