Xi’s visit to North Korea opens new chapter for Sino-North Korean relations and promotes the process of nuclear free for the Korean Peninsula

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, June 21(Greenpost) Chinese President and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China visited North Korea on Thursday and returned to China on Friday. This was the first time a Chinese President visited North Korea for over 14 years。

Xi’ s visit came upon the 70th anniversary of the Sino-North Korean relations. This was a great step strengthening China’s diplomatic relations with North Korea.

This visit was just second to Xi’s visit to Russia. There Putin celebrated Xi’s 66th year birthday. 66 years old is an important year for Chinese. But Xi visited Russia. This showed his great attention to Russia. Russia or previously Soviet Union was the first country to establish diplomatic relations with China on October 3, 1949.

North Korea was the second country that established diplomatic relations with China on Oct. 6, 1949. Then China had relations with Mongolia, Vietnam and India and so on. This was a deployment of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai the old generation of leaders who established a new China and wanted to have new relations with the world.

Xi Jinping follows this step and visited North Korea right after Russia. As Xi said, the purpose was to strengthen traditional Sino-North Korean friendship and push the process towards a nuclear free Korean Peninsula.

Xi stressed the nature of the relationship is still based on the fact that China is a socialist country which is under the leadership of the Communist Party. That means both countries are socialist countries. There is good foundation. The two countries are good neighbors. Thus, China will always care about North Korea’s important concerns in security and developement and China will offer help within its capacity.

Kim Jungen fully agreed with Xi’s proposal and echoed his call. Kim agreed with Xi that the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue should be solved through political consulation and negotiation. North Korea will be patient.

Xi said China hopes the US and North Korea can continue dialogue and negotiation.

Xi said he had achieved the goal of improving bilateral relations with North Korea and opening new chance for the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula.

Xi’s visit is also step for the preparation of China’s 70th anniversary celebration. But China’s success in maintaining peace and security will serve as a great balance for Asia and the whole world. With the presence of China, Asia is peaceful and the world is peaceful. China under the leadership of Xi Jinping plays an indispensible role in maintaining peace and development in the Korean Peninsula and Asia as well as the whole world.

With the good neighborly relations with other Asian countries, China has maintained the peaceful and harmonious situation in Asia. This can be attributed to great leader Xi Jinping. With his strategic vision, the world appears more balanced and peaceful. This is due to his great efforts in maintaining the world peace.

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