Hur ska vi skydda oss framför corona virus?

Av Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, March. 15 (Greenpost) — Corona Virus är ett virus som kan smitta så snabbt och till många männskor. I kina hittade de att bästa metod att skydda oss är att isolera och ta på dig skyddmask.

China invented the mask in 1920s when they dealt with the northeastern virus in Harbin. They burned the dead body immediately and let people stay at home. Corona virus has been prevented by Chinese intervention. Indeed if they didn’t isolate, we don’t know how many people will be infected or die.

The lessons for China to deal with the virus were that they should have told the people earlier. But on the other hand, no one knows that it would cause more people to escape from the city and then spread all over China or all over the world.

By closing down the city Wuhan and many other cities, and test most of the people to see if they got the virus. At the beginning, they also lack the capacity to test and they let the light infected person to stay at home to isolate. But later more and more infected were found. Soon China built two hospitals and a dozen temporary hospital so that those who light infected isolated there.

With the help of Chinese medicine, many light infected patients recovered sooner. Those who severely infected were easy to die.

But how can we protect ourselves here in Sweden?

I think the best is to stay at home and do not go out to meetings or other gatherings. Buy some more food but not too much because in Sweden it was not closed everything. Supermarket will open and we must share with other people too.

Do things which you couldn’t do before, study or work online.

Anyway don’t try to go back to China now because China hasn’t finished all the treatment of patients yet. So if you go back you need to stay in isolation in two weeks. Food and shower can all be challenged. It might not be as good as you imagine. So it is better to stay where you are.

Don’t say Sweden do nothing to deal with this. Now the Foreign Ministry also recommend people not travel abroad. Donald Trump ordered flight between the US and Europe will suspend for 30 days. Thus it is difficult to fly anywhere any way.

It is still important to try to prevent spreading in small cities where there are fewer cases. It is not sure that people will get anti body by being infected. If you are not careful, it will be too dangerous.

But if you are careful, Sweden has vast areas, the air is good and it is good to stay at home too.

So far only Stockholm has the largest number of infections. It is better the other cities prevent themselves from spreading more or getting more infection.

中国外交有机会与世界重建和增强互信 Chinese diplomacy has opportunities

北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 斯德哥尔摩大学商学院教授房晓辉日前发文提出互信是外交取得积极成果的前提。在当下的这个影响世界各国的新冠病毒危机中,中国有机会与世界各国尤其是西方国家重新建立和增强互信。’人类命运共同体’就是有福同享,有难同当。



2, 中国疾控中心(CDC)与世界各国的疾控中心建立每天24小时的工作关系。














Mutual trust is a prerequisite for positive results in diplomacy. Inthe current crisis of the coronavirus that strikes all countries of the world, China has the opportunity to re-establish and strengthen mutual trust with all countries of the world, especially with western countries. The ‘Community of Human Destiny’ means sharing prosperity as well as overcoming difficulties together.

There are many things that can be done, including:

1. Put aside the “Wolf Warrior” thinking and action in the current crisis that all the countries are ‘at the most dangerous time’, a crisis that human society has never met before.

2. The Chinese Center for Disease Control (CDC) establishes a 24-hour per day working relationship with other CDCs in the different countries.

3. China as much as possible donates humanitarian medical/medicare equipment and materials to different countries around the world.

4. China immediately sends experienced doctors and nurses to the needed countries in the world, especially experienced nurses who are particularly in short supply in Western countries.

5. China’s advanced distance learning equipment can be donated to various countries who are in need.

6, At present, many countries have closed down their schools and school-age children have to be staying at home, which is becoming a social issue in all the countries in question. Some of the outstanding mathematics, physics and chemistry courses offered in China’s primary and secondary schools can be shared with foreign language subtitles with school children around the world. The crisis offers probably the best opportunity for online education companies to go global.

Many people think that Western society is so developed, supplies are so abundant, and management is so orderly. But this is just One Side of the Coin. As a matter of fact, except for Nordic Europe’s full coverage of medical care to every citizens, the more privatized countries are, the greater the challenge in the face of public health crises.

In economic management, the shortage of inventory and insufficient resources are a commonplace in the logistics chains of western countries, which is in effect the consequence of the double-edged sword of the zero inventory lean management model implemented by western public and corporate management in recent decades. This Lean Model is under normal situations simple and environmentally friendly, but it is easy to collapse in the crisis situations.

In today’s ‘Community of Human Destiny’, you exist within me, and I exist within you. If China does not feelgood the world can hardly feel good Likewise, if the world does not feel good, China can hardly feel good.

At present, there are some texts in the Chinese media that seem to be laughing at Western countries about how incompetent they are and how their systems are defective. This does not help to enhance mutual trust and this situation needs to be corrected.

Under the framework of the World Health Organization (WTO), let us respect the different anti-epidemic strategies and decisions made by different countries according to their own history, culture, social systems, and leadership styles.

China is currently still in the distress, but can help the people of the various countries in distress with heart just like we help our brothers and sisters. Don’t talk about who is more superior than who. Time is the sole criterion for testing truth.

During World War II, a refugee ship carrying several thousands of Jews did not get accepted by all countries except China. The Jews were well received by China who was also suffering at that time. This historical fact has, since then, been engraved in the Jewish nation’s friendly memory of the Chinese nation.

For suggestion only.

编辑 陈雪霏

新冠疫情蔓延 我们该怎么办?








斯德哥尔摩目前200多例,政府的意思就是只要你病了,有症状,赶紧呆在家里,不要去上班。这个假可以是带薪休假。各个医院也表示不要直接去医院,有问题先打电话,11313, 1177,112都可以。