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北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 今天我们要带小伙伴们领略一座高颜值的城市——浙江西部的古城衢州!她位于钱塘江源头、浙闽赣皖四省边际,市域面积8844平方公里,辖柯城、衢江2个区,龙游、常山、开化3个县和江山市。她可是一座让你一见倾心、再见倾情的城市哦。不信?一起来瞧瞧~Today, we are about to take you to a beautiful city – the ancient city of Quzhou in the west of Zhejiang province. It is located in the upper reaches of the Qiantangjiang River, adjoining Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces, covering an area of 8844 km² and governing Kecheng and Qujiang districts, Longyou, Changshan and Kaihua counties and Jiangshan city. Quzhou is quite a metropolitan that you would love at first sight. Sounds improbable? Let’s have a look ~


 Diverse Nature 

Quzhou is named after the surrounding mountain and flourishes because of the waters. Xianxialing Mountains, Huaiyu Mountains and Qianligang Mountains encircle the city in which nine rivers, including Changshan River, Jiangshan River and Wuxi River, converge.

六春湖 Liuchun Lake

With a forest coverage rate of 71.5% and per capita green space of 15.2 ㎡, Quzhou is an important ecological barrier, a national eco-demonstration zone, a national garden and forest city in Zhejiang province. It was honored as “International Garden City” by the United Nations in December 2018.

鹿鸣山公园 Lumingshan Park

根宫佛国 The Root Palace Buddhist Culture Tourism Zone

根宫佛国 The Root Palace Buddhist Culture Tourism Zone江郎山是浙江第一个世界自然遗产,钱江源国家公园是华东地区唯一的国家公园体制试点,龙游姜席堰与都江堰、灵渠等一同跻身世界灌溉工程遗产名录。
Mount Jianglang is the first world natural heritage in Zhejiang province inscribed on the World Heritage List as part of China Danxia; Qianjiangyuan National Forest Park is the only pilot national park in East China; Jiangxiyan Irrigation System was added to World Heritage Irrigation Structures list along with Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Lingqu Canal, etc.

夕照江郎山 Sunset at Mount Jianglang / 郭红营 Guo Hongying

江郎山 Mount Jianglang

天脊龙门 Tianji Dragon Gate

张西石拱桥 Stone Arch Bridge in Zhangxi Village

廿八都 Nianbadu Ancient Town

石梁溪司马堰 Sima Weir in Shiliang Stream

桃源七里  Taoyuanqili Sceneic Area 

 内涵丰富 Profound Culture 


Quzhou municipality was built in the third year of Chuping era under the reign of Emperor Xian of Eastern Han dynasty (192 A.D.) with over 6000-year history of civilization. In 1994, it was named the national historical and cultural city for its profound cultural legacy.

南孔祭典 Commemoration of Confucius
“Without Confucius, all ages would have been in the dark”. There are only two family temples of Confucius in the world, one in Qufu, Shandong province, and the other in Quzhou, Zhejiang province. On September 28, more than 1000 scholars of Confucianism and representatives of the Confucius Institute at home and abroad engage in annual gathering in front of Dacheng Hall of Confucius’s family temple in Quzhou to commemorate the birth of the great philosopher, educator, founder of Confucianism and a world-famous cultural icon.

孔氏南宗家庙 Family Temple of Confucius in Quzhou“飞雪连天射白鹿,笑书神侠倚碧鸳”。1941年,金庸从嘉兴转入衢州中学(现衢州一中),度过了他难忘的高中时代。《一事能狂便少年》《人比黄花瘦》是金庸在衢州一中读高二时发表的,也是他一生最早公开面世的作品。
Chinese wuxia novelist Jin Yong was transferred to Quzhou Middle School (currently Quzhou No.1 Middle School) in 1941. His first works were published during his sophomore year in the school.

2004年10月27日 金庸先生应邀回到母校衢州一中 Mr. Jin Yong was invited to visit Quzhou No.1 Middle School on October 27, 2004


Yang Jizhou, a native of Sanqu (present-day Liuduyang Village, Quzhou, Zhejiang), was a renowned acupuncturist of the Ming dynasty. His work The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion has been translated into 7 languages and introduced to over 180 countries and regions in 79 versions since its publication in 1601.

《针灸大成》  The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion


Quzhou is also the birthplace of weiqi (the game of go) culture. Story about a woodman Wang Zhi playing weiqi in Lanke Mountain with immortals was told as early as the Eastern Jin dynasty (317 – 420), the earliest written record of weiqi in China. Lanke Mountain was subsequently known as “the immortal land of weiqi”.

衢州烂柯山 Lanke Mountain / 陈笑贞 Chen Xiaozhen

 开放大气  Full Openness 


Quzhou is adjacent to Nanping of Fujian province in the south, Shangrao and Jingdezhen of Jiangxi province in the west, Mount Huangshan of Anhui province in the north, and Jinhua, Lishui and Hangzhou in the east. With complete systems of air, railway, highway and water transport, Quzhou has long been the transport hub and distribution center of Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces, known as “the junction of four provinces and five transports”.

沿江公路 River highway

礼贤桥 Lixian Bridge

 Dynamic City 老衢州们都说,“不识水亭门,枉为衢州人。”自2016年9月修缮后重新开街以来,水亭门历史文化街区面貌焕然一新,年轻、时尚、活力。

Quzhou locals say that if you don’t know Shuiting Gate, you are hardly a local. Shuiting Gate Historical and Cultural Block was reopened to public after renovation in September 2016 to present a young, fashionable and energetic city landscape.

水亭门历史文化街区 Shuiting Gate Historical and Cultural Block

水亭门 Shuiting Gate一座巽峰塔,一条杜泽老街,一段衢州北的乡愁。2019年,诞生于清朝的衢江区杜泽老街改造一新后隆重开街,一时熙熙攘攘、车水马龙,成为衢州的新晋“网红”。

Xunfeng Tower and Duze Old Street mark the nostalgic sentiments in north Quzhou. In 2019, Duze Old Street in Qujiang District dating back to the Qing dynasty was grandly opened after renovation, attracting numerous visitors as the new Internet-famous site.

杜泽老街 Duze Old Street

信安阁 Xin’an Tower衢州——远山近水、青山绿水,水城交融、蓝绿交织,古城新市、交相辉映,产城人文、融合发展的历史之城、现代之城、未来之城。

Quzhou – a city of history, modernity and future, where green mountains lie and lucid rivers flow, where integrated industrial and cultural development is realized.

龙天红木小镇 Longtian Rosewood Town

 口舌添香  Savory Cuisine 

Baked pancake, sesame glutinous rice pudding, steamed bread with scallion, crystal cake, pocket pancake, Kaihua river snail, Changshan tribute noodles, Longyou steamed sponge cake, Jiangshan gong cake, Shuangqiao rice noodles, Beixiang sweet dumplings …… It’s never too late to savor the taste of the city.

红糖麻糍 Sesame glutinous rice pudding with brown sugar

山粉肉圆 Starchy meat ball

汤瓶鸡 Pottery stewed chicken

廿八都豆腐 Nianbadu tofu

气糕 Steamed cake

葱花馒头 Steamed bread with scallion

青蛳 River snail

漂丸 Fish meat ball soup

苏庄炊粉 Suzhuang steamed meat and vegetables俗话有说:一座衢州城,半城烤饼香。衢州烤饼分为小烤饼和大烤饼,馅主要有葱花、猪肉、梅干菜,也可以加别的馅,但最好吃的还是梅干菜馅。热乎乎的小烤饼,咬一口,满嘴香脆~

As the saying goes, the aroma of baked pancake fills half of Quzhou city. Quzhou baked pancakes are divided into small pancakes and large pancakes with scallion, pork, salted vegetable and other fillings. Salted vegetable filling is the most recommended – one bite of the hot pancake gives you a mouthful of rich flavor and crispy enjoyment~

衢州烤饼 Quzhou baked pancake

杜泽空心饼 Duze hollow pancake


Diverse nature, profound culture, full openness and dynamic city …… Quzhou always offers more. If you want to know more about this thousand-year-old city, you are more than welcome to pay a visit. The city of courteousness awaits your presence.

智慧新城 Smart new city

智慧新城大草原 Great lawn of smart new city

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