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After 15 years working in the mainstream media in China, I came to Sweden to establish my family. After almost ten years of freelancing for other media, now I created this website, hoping to spread information in sustainable development, sharing life experiences with readers both in China and Sweden, serving as a bridge. I enjoy the good environment in Sweden, fresh air, clean water, blue sky and beautiful flowers. 陈雪霏,女,1966. 摩羯座,满族,出生在辽宁省凌海市,班吉塔镇,地藏寺村。兄弟姐妹6个当中最中间的一个。和二哥一样是全科人,就是哥姐弟妹都有,幸福感很强。万能血型,很容易打交道。喜欢高大上,但同情弱者,追求平等,公平正义,善良,是环保主义者,提倡节俭,从不浪费一粒粮食。创立瑞中桥绿色科技文化公司就是为中瑞绿色科技文化牵线搭桥。 教育程度:英国米德赛思大学可持续发展领导力硕士,英语和国际政治双学士,文学和法学学士。新西兰坎特伯雷大学访问学者。 工作经历,中国国际广播电台工作15年,驻津巴布韦两年,采访过南非总统曼德拉,津巴布韦总统穆加贝。 2008年采访过瑞典首相赖因费尔特。 2006-2010 人民网驻斯德哥尔摩特约记者。 2010-2012 新华社斯德哥尔摩报道员 2012-至今中国国际广播电台英语环球广播自由撰稿人 《环球时报》,《生命时报》特约记者。 《北欧时报》副社长,英文主编,《北欧绿色邮报网》社长,主编。, wechat: chenxuefei7, facebook: chenxuefei7

Chinese cities less smoggy in March

Chinese cities less smoggy in MarchStockholm, June 2, (Greenpost)   — Chinese cities reported more days with sound air quality on average in March compared with a year ago, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Wednesday.

In a monthly report, the ministry said the 74 cities under its watch reported air pollution on 28.9 percent of the days last month, down from 37.7 percent in March 2013.
Though Beijing and its 12 neighboring cities in north China’s Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region also saw a slight increase in days of sound air quality, the proportion of their smoggy days more than doubled the country’s average.
The chief pollutant in the region was PM2.5, followed by PM10.
The ministry said seven of the 10 Chinese cities reporting the worst air quality last month were in Hebei Province, which neighbors Beijing. The other three cities were Zhengzhou, Jinan and Shenyang.
China began to include PM2.5, a key indicator of air pollution, and ozone in its new air quality standard in 2013.

It was obviously felt that after APEC in last November was held in Beijing, the air quality has been improved somewhat with the great determination from the top level. But it is still a long way to go to get the air quality really good for breathing.

Enditem  Source Xinhua


Editor Xuefei Chen Axelsson

A boat holding 458 people sank in the Yangtze River in China

Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, June 2, (Greenpost)–A boat holding 458 people sank in the Yantze River in China, according to China News Agency.

Eleven people have been rescued and the others are still missing.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang went to the site where the accident took place.

It was reported that a man who swam out three hours after the boat sank and rang to the authorities.  The authorities received the message around midnight.

Nanjing monitoring center said when the boat set off there was no

dangerous signal.

It was said that the boat encountered strong wind of 12 class and a tornado took place when the boat arrived at Hubei territory.

People say there were a few small boats sinking there before.

But the strong storm made the boat sank just within two minutes.

The water there was tested as 15 meters deep.

The Three Gorges Committee decided to slow down the water speed flushing down the river bed so that the rescue work became


It was discovered that the age of the people in the boat ranges from

45 to 76 years old. They were organized by Xiyanghong or Sunset Elderly organization.


China to close cultural development gap between rich, poor areas

China to close cultural development gap between rich, poor areas

Stockholm, June 2 (Greenpost)  — China is working to close the gap of cultural development between developed and poor regions in order to meet the public demand and enhance the country’s soft power, the cultural minister said on April 22.
Currently, cultural development in rural-urban fringe zone, poor areas, ethnic minority regions and border areas still lags far behind developed regions, Luo Shugang cited a report by the State Council up for review to the top legislature’s week-long bimonthly session starting from Monday.
Inadequate cultural services are partially caused by local government’s “overemphasis on economic development and deliberate ignorance to cultural development,” the report said.
About 601,000 rural libraries have been built in China’s villages, said the report, adding 16,000 digital libraries have been built in the country’s poor, remote areas.
More publications, TV and radio programs in ethnic minority languages have been produced and publication of books for the blind have been strengthened, it said.
According to the report, China ranked the third globally in terms of the annual amount of film production. Meanwhile, it was the world’s largest TV series producer.
China has attached more importance to culture. A draft law on the overall national security strategy, tabled for its second reading on Monday, called for reinforced education and dissemination of socialist core values, to prevent the infiltration of harmful moral standards and culture.   Enditem  Source Xinhua

Editor   Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Court details voice recognition patent case involving Apple

Court details voice recognition patent case involving Apple

Stockholm June 2, (Greenpost)–  — Beijing Higher People’s Court explained why it asked a Chinese government agency to review a company’s voice recognition patent validity, which has a dispute with Apple Inc  on April 22.
On Tuesday, the court ruled in favor of Apple for a patent case. It said the voice recognition patent of Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology Co. Ltd. should be declared invalid and asked the Patent Review Committee under the State Intellectual Property Office to review it.
Jiao Yan, chief judge in this case, told Xinhua that Zhizhen’s patent specification did not explain all technologies used in the invention. According to China’s patent law, specification should allow common technical personnel in related fields to practice the technologies easily.
Meanwhile, Jiao said the patent claims failed to clearly define the limits of exactly what the patent does, and does not, cover.
Apple declined to comment on the court judgement on Wednesday.
The court decision was made after Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court ruled last July against Apple.
The dispute between Apple and Zhizhen dates back to June 2012, when Zhizhen, developer of speech recognition technology Xiao i Robot, filed a case against Apple for alleged infringement of intellectual property rights, claiming that Siri technology violates its patent for “a type of instant messaging chat robot system.”
Xiao i Robot, which began in 2003 as a chat bot for MSN, Yahoo Messenger and other chat programs, has expanded to iOS and Android, where it bears a striking similarity to Siri.
Siri, on the other hand, made its debut with the release of the iPhone 4S in 2011. It was first developed in 2007 by Siri Inc., a start-up company acquired by Apple in 2010.
No verdict was given after trials at Shanghai courts.
At the same time, Apple applied to the Patent Review Committee to invalidate the Xiao i Robot patent. When the committee supported Xiao i Robot, the U.S.-based tech giant followed the administrative appeals process.  Enditem   Source Xinhua

Editor Xuefei Chen Axelsson

China releases wanted list for worldwide fugitive hunt


China releases wanted list for worldwide fugitive hunt

Stockholm, June 2,  (Greenpost) — Interpol’s National Central Bureau of China has released a wanted list of 100 persons worldwide as the country intensifies hunt for economic fugitives.

On the list are officials and state organ functionaries allegedly involved in key corruption crimes based on ample evidence and on Interpol’s Red Notice for international arrest, said a statement released Wednesday by the Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI).       The list, publicized on the CCDI website (, is complete with the suspects’ photos, ID and visa numbers, possible flight destinations and the crimes they allegedly committed.
“Via Interpol and other channels, China has requested law enforcement organs in related countries strengthen cooperation and help bring these suspects back to justice,” it said.
The move was part of the “Sky Net” anti-corruption campaign that aims to repatriate Chinese suspected of official or economic corruption. Sky Net combines government, the Communist Party, the central bank and diplomatic services.
According to the CCDI, those on Wednesday’s list were only a fraction of the country’s targets, and future suspects escaping overseas will receive the same treatment on a case-by-case, person-by-person basis.
“With intensified effort, a ‘sky net’ is being weaved. We will strengthen law enforcement cooperation with other countries and mobilize various resources to make these fugitives unwelcome guests and finally bring them back to justice,” the statement said.  Enditem  Source Xinhua

Editor  Xuefei Chen Axelsson





美国物理学家、作家、编剧、加州理工学院教授。伦纳德·姆沃迪瑙出生于芝加哥,父母都是犹太人大屠杀的幸存者。 27岁获得物理博伯克利理论士学位,毕业后在加州理工学院做研究。31岁裸辞,带着自己写的一个剧本和6000美金只身前往洛杉矶。





永别了,布鲁斯音乐之王B.B. (King)金




金是5月14日去世的。享年89岁。 他于1925年出生在密西西比。1949年录制发行第一张唱片。他是吉他手,词曲作者和演唱者。

IMG_8051 (5)



IMG_8043 (7)

1994年春夏之交,北京亮马大厦的硬石餐厅开业,除了把猫王的像嵌在玻璃窗上以外,他们还专门邀请了B.B.King 来华进行一晚上的独唱音乐会。

IMG_8049 (7)


IMG_8039 (6)


IMG_8038 (7)


IMG_8041 (6)


IMG_8055 (7)



IMG_8056 (6)


IMG_8044 (7)


IMG_8045 (7)



IMG_8048 (7)


IMG_8037 (6)


IMG_8044 (7)


IMG_8040 (7)

B.B.金曾经在美国军队里服役,服役之后,他在田纳西州的孟菲斯开始了音乐生涯,做主持人。每年进行300多场演出,他的第一首榜首歌曲是《你知道我爱你》You know I love you. 田纳西州有很好听的乡村歌曲,他的风格也是摇滚,流行和乡村音乐特点都有。

IMG_8042 (6)

他的合作者有Eric Clapton, Elton John, Sherryl Crow等。在这些商业合作中,取得了不少经济效益。1969年的唱片The thrill is gone《激情不再》(获得极大成功。1979年他成为第一个布鲁斯音乐人到前苏联去演唱。1987年被收入美国摇滚明星名录。他在2006年获得格莱美奖,当年也获得布什总统发的总统自由勋章。2009年再获格莱美奖,到2012年他获得了15次格莱美奖。当年还到白宫为奥巴马演唱,Sweet Home Chicago, 《甜美的家乡芝加哥》。

IMG_8047 (6)


IMG_8046 (6)

图文    陈雪霏



IMG_8053 (6)

1994年5月13日记者与B.B. King在北京亮马大厦硬石餐厅新闻











他说,中国与瑞典相隔万水千山,但两国人民心灵相通,友谊源远流长,双方文化交流绽放了绚丽的火花,转化为两国交往史上浓墨重彩的华章。哥德堡号商船,曾在两国间穿梭,搭起沟通的桥梁,瑞典探险家,斯文.赫定在中国发现楼兰古城, 瑞典考古学家安德生在中国发现仰韶文化遗址和马家窑文化,这些都成为中国考古史上精彩的一页。






他还特别指出今天正赶上西方的传统节日情人节,“我们相聚在中西方文化的交汇点,预示着中瑞文化交流将迎来新的春天。”陈大使最后还入乡随俗地用瑞典语向上千观众祝贺新年好-Gott Nytt År!



















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Swedish Envac accepts Greenpost interview

Envac 副经理约纳斯接受北欧绿色邮报Greenpost主编陈雪霏的采访。

Envac 是瑞典著名的绿色科技公司。他们用长距离抽吸的办法,可以避免垃圾横行,使城市更清洁更环保。

该技术从1967年就开始使用了。Envac 副经理约纳斯接受北欧绿色邮报Greenpost主编陈雪霏的采访。











图文  陈雪霏 2014-11-6 恩雪平水公园。









Stockholm International Film Festival presents a new award

Stockholm International Film Festival presents a new award

CulturePosted by chenxuefei Thu, May 28, 2015 14:21:08

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, May 28(Greenpost) — Stockholm International Film Festival to be held during Nov. 11-22 will present a new international film award: Stockholm Impact Award with a prize sum of 1 million SEK (approx. 120 000 USD).

Git Scheynius, festival director said the prize is one of the biggest film awards in the world.

“We are proud to present this new award, which will be one of the biggest film awards in the world. Several factors point to Stockholm as an ideal platform, the timing after Toronto and AFM is attractive for a European launch. The festival has great experience with high profile directors who’ve enjoyed the distinctive Nordic ambience of the city.”

Impact is a section for headstrong visionaries who reflect our contemporary world.The prize of 1 million SEK should be used as a support for the further work and development of new film projects.

Between seven and ten films from all over the world will participate in the competition. The films should be at least 72 minutes long and have their world, international or European premiere at Stockholm Film Festival.

All the competing directors will be invited to the festival to present their films and to take part in a seminar held at the City Hall in Stockholm. The prize is made possible with the contribution of City of Stockholm.

The 26th Stockholm International Film Festival November 11-22 2015.

Stockholm International Film Festival started in 1990 and is today one of the leading competitive film festivals in Europe. The festival takes place every year in November with more than 200 films from more than 60 countries. More than a festival: we organize exclusive screenings and the popular Summer Cinema – an outdoor mini-festival. Every year in spring the Stockholm International Film Festival Junior brings the latest films to youngsters between 6 and 16 years of age.