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One of China’s most wanted fugitives detained in Sweden

Stockholm, Aug. 3(Greenpost)– He has been on the run for seven years. Now, one of China’s most wanted fugitives is being held on serious embezzlement charges in south Stockholm.

“It all started when we received an extradition request from China,” said Lars Werkström, Chief Legal Officer at the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

Swedish police arrested the man on 25 June on suspicion of gross fraud and embezzlement.

“He has been accused of serious financial crimes and there are indications of corruption,” added Werkström.

The man allegedly committed the crimes in mid-2011, while at the helm of a Chinese state-owned grain-trading company.

Later that year he fled the country and Chinese police suggest that he transferred large sums of company funds to foreign accounts.

The police subsequently called for international cooperation to trace the man, who has been on the run ever since.

New identity

International media reports have described the 54-year-old as a strict rule-abiding bureaucrat hiding a dark secret.

According to the Swedish detention order, the man is thought to have embezzled the equivalent of over 100 million SEK from his workplace.

He fled China for the US with his ex-wife in 2011. There, the couple faced suspicions of visa fraud and money laundering.

However, only the ex-wife was arrested and convicted.

The man later adopted a new name and obtained St Kitts and Nevis citizenship through investment. Using a new passport, he travelled to Sweden, where he remarried and was granted residency rights.

Co-operation with Chinese authorities

He claims to have lived in Sweden since 2014, and has been registered at a number of different addresses in central Sweden since 2015.

Why has it taken so long to track down this internationally wanted fugitive?

“I do not know how this man has been staying here or the extent to which he has been wanted. I cannot comment on that,” said Lars Werkström.

The Swedish National Anti-Corruption Unit has now initiated an investigation to verify the accusations and determine whether there are grounds to extradite the man.

This is being done in co-operation with the Chinese authorities.

“I get the impression that there is considerable interest from the Chinese side. I believe the investigating prosecutor has had a great deal of contact with Chinese authorities,” said Lars Werkström.

Above is the translation of the SVT Nyheter. The following is the Swedish version.

SVT Nyheter avslöjar: En av Kinas mest efterlysta personer häktad i Sverige

Han har varit på flykt i sju år och är en av de mest efterlysta misstänkta ekobrottslingarna från Kina. Nu sitter han i häktet i Huddinge utanför Stockholm.
– Det började med att vi fick in en utlämningsframställan från Kina, säger Lars Werkström, rättschef på Åklagarmyndigheten.

Det var den 25 juni tidigare i år som svensk polis grep mannen. Han är häktad på sannolika skäl, den högre misstankegraden, misstänkt för grovt bedrägeri och grov trolöshet mot huvudman.

– Han anklagas för allvarlig ekonomisk brottslighet och det finns indikationer på att det är korrupta inslag, säger Lars Werkström.

Brotten ska ha begåtts i mitten av 2011 i Kina. Där var han högste chef för ett statligt företag som ansvarar för handel med spannmål som till exempel ris.

Han flydde landet senare samma år och kinesisk polis säger sig då ha upptäckt att han fört över mycket stora summor pengar från företaget till konton utomlands. De efterlyste honom internationellt och har sedan dess jagat honom världen över.

Omskrivet fall

I internationell press är fallet väl omskrivet. I världspressen beskrivs den 54-årige mannen från Kina som en strikt byråkrat som höll hårt på sina regler, men med en stor hemlighet.

I den svenska häktningsframställan kan vi läsa att han ska ha förskingrat över motsvarande 100 miljoner svenska kronor från det statliga företaget där han jobbade.

Efter att ha flytt från Kina 2011 reste han till USA tillsammans med sin före detta fru. Men där avslöjades de och hon greps av amerikansk polis. De båda misstänks för att ha lurat till sig visum i landet och tvättat pengar. Hon dömdes senare för brotten, men han lyckades återigen undkomma lagen.

Ny identitet

Med ett nytt namn och pass från en paradisö, där man kan köpa sitt medborgarskap lyckades han ta sig till Sverige. Här gifte han sig på nytt och fick rätt att vistas i landet med sin nya identitet.

Han uppger själv att han har bott i Sverige sedan 2014 och har varit folkbokförd på flera olika adresser i Mellansverige sedan 2015.

Hur ser du på att en internationellt efterlyst person kan vara här så länge utan att fastna i någon form av nät?

– Jag vet inte hur han har vistats här och i vilken mån han har varit eftersökt. Jag kan inte kommentera det, säger Lars Werkström.

Väldigt intresserade

Nu pågår en intensiv utredning som bedrivs av Riksenheten mot korruption och leds av riksåklagaren, den ska visa om anklagelserna stämmer och om det går att lämna ut honom till Kina.

Allt sker i samarbete med kinesiska myndigheter.

– Jag får intrycket av att de är väldigt intresserade av detta. Jag tror att den utredande åklagaren har haft en hel del kontakter redan med kinesiska myndigheter, säger Lars Werkström.


Chinese Ambassador Gui Congyou visits Almo Leksand

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, July 28(Greenpost)– Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Gui Congyou has visited Almo Leksand Northwest of Stockholm to learn about Swedish countryside.

Goran Skarner, director of Almo Association gave a good introduction about the village saying that houses there have a history of 500 years and mostly well kept as they were.

However, this area is also very international  because a lot of Swedish in the area married with people from other countries. This has brought a lot of vitality to the area.

For example, they not only keep the old houses well, but also build new houses to attract pilots from all over the world.

He said so far there are fourty households in the area。 Each owns an airplane and can drive the airplane.  Russel is from Scotland and he came to this area three years ago.  He has a big house to hold the small airplanes and he himself is also a pilot.  He said he get to know the area through the internet.

Today there is also a tree cutting competition.  Forests workers compete with each other to see how fast and accurate to cut certain trees.

Skarner said the village is managed by different kinds of associations  to take care of various services such as roads and forests.

The activity was organized by PROFOCA, Professional Foreign Correspondents Association and attended by Xuefei Chen Axelsson, President of PROFOCA, Vice President Jorge Navarro and Secretary of PROFOCA RIc Wasserman as well as communication consultant Geetha Skarner.

  Tibetologist points out that Dalai Lama’s Middle Way Is Independence in Essence

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, June 26(Greenpost) – Chinese Tibetologist Hao Shiyuan has pointed out that Dalai Lama’s so-called `Middle Way` is in essence seeking independence in Tibet.

He made this clear at a seminar in Institute For Security and Development Policy on Tuesday when he led a delegation of Tibetologists from China to visit Sweden.

This was also an answer to the question asked by Oskar Gustafson, editor of ISDP on what problem China is really facing between the central government and the Tibet Autonomous Region or Dalai Lama.

Hao said the Chinese central government had kept contact with Dalai’s private representative for  a long time. But after the March 14th incident took place in Lhasa in 2008 and the disturbance of the Beijing Olympic Torch, Dalai Lama issued a MOU. To summarize the content of this MOU, China held that the so-called Middle Way is an idea that took place in colonized countries after the Second World War.

“He also borrowed the idea of Hong Kong SAR to ask the central government to implement one country two systems idea. But this idea is against the Chinese Regional ethnic autonomy system. Tibet Autonomous Region has been a part of China. Due to this different ideas, China held that there is no way to continue the dialogue. Although Dalai Lama said he wanted to have dialogue, his stance left no room for further dialogue. The condition to have dialogue is to admit that Tibet is already a region of China. “ said Hao.

ISDP’s Mats . Engman presided over the seminar and he said Sweden likes to have dialogue with China on Tibetan issue even though Tibetan issue is not a focus for ISDP.

Erik Isaksson from ISDP explained that ISDP is an independent research institute which has two offices, one in Sweden and the other in the US.  They mainly research on Asia, Central Asia and Caucus’ areas.  Since their establishment in 2007,  it has received many Chinese, North Korea and South Korean researchers. Currently they have two researchers from Chinese PLA Academy.

Hao Shiyuan gave a presentation about the History and Reality of Tibet. In his presentation, he gave a sharp contrast picture of the past and the present.  He said before the liberation of Tibet, it was a political entity with a combination of politics and religion. Only 5 percent of the chiefs and religious leaders enjoyed the privilege while 95 percent of the total population were serfs and slaves who had no personal freedom at all. Even the British historian Goldstein described Tibet as a primitive medieval place. But Dalai Lama has described Tibet as a heaven in human society.  Maybe it was true for his 5 percent of the population, but for majority of the Tibetans, it was suffering.

Hao said in 1951 when Chairman Mao met with Dalai Lama, the latter agreed to 17 provisions of peaceful revolution and reform. Maybe he understood that the Tibetan political system came an end, yet the reform will also end the system. According to the 17 provision agreed by both Dalai Lama and the central government, Dalai Lama position would remain the same. But after he attended a meeting in India in 1959, Dalai Lama changed his stance. After his flee to India, Tibet experience a democratic reform and the serfs and slaves became the master of themselves.

Hao said today Tibetan people enjoy very good education and a complete education system has been established. They also enjoyed the religious freedom. Currently 1700 temples function normally.

Hao said Dalai Lama think of how to get independent while central government is thinking of how to improve the living standards of the Tibetan people.  In Tibet, tourism is one of the pillar industries.  Pregnant women and baby death rate are very low and the rights level are up to the national average. By 2020, Tibet will also have to eradicate all the poverty as planned.

Zhaluo said in Tibet Autonomous Region, there are mainly the Gelu sect of Buddhists, but there are a few others too. Even some people believe in Christianity and Islam.

Mats. Engman asked “Tibet must fall into the debate of border issues between India and China since there is still disagreements on territory in that region. What is China’s approach to ensuring that all partners are brought to the table to discuss the potential security dilemmas on this issue?”

Hao said Sino-Indian border issue has great to do with the British legacy of irrelevant borderline, but has nothing to do with Tibet.

About Chinese map, Hao said before 1949, Chinese map was decided according to history. For example from Qin Dynasty to Song Dynasty, people often thought land outside the Great Wall did not belong to China. But when the Mongolians united China, Chinese map became larger and larger. Tibet Autonomous Region is a historic assets to China left from Chinese history. Only after 1949, China has entered into a modern country.

Gustafson asked: how can the PRC better engage with the Tibetan Government in Exile (or the Central Tibetan Administration) and what issues could they see arising if effective dialogue is not achieved?”

Hao said if Dalai Lama really changes the Tibetan system, it will definitely cause great contradiction. But according to Chinese regional ethnic autonomy system, Tibetans enjoy autonomous freedom. Meanwhile, the economic and social development in Tibet will resist the violence.

Hao said Dalai Lama announced in 2011 that he would retire and then established a so called exiled government.  Chinese government does not recognize this organization, nor will contact it, or treated as representative of Dalai Lama.

Engman said“ISDP strives to anticipate where future conflicts might break out.

Zhang Biao, Charge  D\affair at the Chinese Embassy, Chen Jiliang, Director of Political Department of Chinese Embassy, Cirenpingcuo, Gesangyixi,Xiaojie and Wang Lixin from the delegation and Fatoumato Diallo from ISDP attended the seminar.  Journalists Jorge Navarro from Mexico, Ulrika Bergsten from Sweden and Xuefei Chen Axelsson from Green Post in Sweden were also present at the seminar.

Top news: Chinese Dongfeng Race Team win the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, June 25(Greenpost, Chineseonline)– Chinese Dongfeng Race Team won the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 in the closest pass in race history.

Skipper Charles Caudrelier led his team to victory on the final leg of the race, a 970-mile sprint from Gothenburg, Sweden to The Hague.

Incredibly, it marked the first leg win for the team — it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Three teams started Leg 11 of the race on Thursday in a dead heat on the overall leaderboard. The finishing order between MAPFRE, Team Brunel and Dongfeng Race Team at The Hague would determine their place on the overall race podium.

Each of those three teams led at various points on the leg and had their opportunities to grab the prize.

But it was Caudrelier and his crew who made a bold call on Saturday evening to take a coastal route to the finish, which squeezed them tight against the shoreline and separated from the other leaders by a series of Exclusion Zones.

“We were not in such a good position, but we trusted our choice and we pushed,” Caudrelier said. “The others didn’t follow us, but we believed and we won…”

The decision hurt the team in the short term as they tumbled down the leaderboard. But by Sunday morning, with less than 100 miles left to race, weather routing projections had the top boats finishing within minutes of each other. None had been able to break away overnight, despite the significant splits on the race course.

“We knew that we would fall behind initially and that if it came good it would only be at the end. The last position report (1300 UTC on Sunday) we were 27-miles from the finish and they were 20-miles and we thought it was over. But then I did a small weather routing and it showed we could end up one-mile ahead so I woke everyone up and said, ‘let’s push!’”

As the teams finally converged again on Sunday afternoon, just a few miles from the finish, it was Dongfeng Race Team, flying down the coast from the north sliding in front of the offshore group, to earn their first leg win, propelling Caudrelier’s team to overall victory.

“We always trusted each other. Nobody thought we were going to win this last leg, but I had a good feeling,” an emotional Caudrelier said, after thanking his supporters and team. “I said ‘we can’t lose, we can’t lose, we can’t lose’… and we won!”

© Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race

The overall results make this the closest finish in the 45-year history of the race and marks the first win for a Chinese-flagged team. It also means Carolijn Brouwer and Marie Riou were on board as the first women sailors to win the Volvo Ocean Race.

Xabi Fernández’s MAPFRE was third on the leg, which put the team into second overall.

© Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race

“It has been tough,” Fernández admitted. “We sailed very well the whole way around the world and on this leg as well, so naturally we’re a bit disappointed. We were very, very close this time, but it was not quite enough. So we have to say congratulations to Dongfeng who sailed a little bit better than us.”

Team Brunel skipper Bouwe Bekking would have liked nothing more than to win the race for the first time in eight tries with a home finish in The Netherlands. But it wasn’t to be. His fourth place leg finish left the team in third place overall.

© Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race

“Third place, still on the podium, I think we can be pretty proud of that as a team,” he said. “We thought we had made the right choice (to go further offshore) and we expected a windshift. It came 90-minutes too late and that was the race. But that’s yacht racing. And of course we have to congratulate Dongfeng and MAPFRE for their results.”

Second place on the final leg into The Hague was Dutch skipper Simeon Tienpont and his team AkzoNobel, who had previously secured fourth place on the overall leaderboard.

“It’s incredible to finish on the podium in our hometown,” Tienpont said. “We would have loved to have been fighting into The Hague for the final podium but to have set the 24-hour speed record and to get six podium finishes in the race is a testament to the job everyone on our team – on the boat and on shore – have done.”

Vestas 11th Hour Racing had already been locked into fifth place on the scoreboard and after a promising start to Leg 11, had a disappointing seventh place finish on the leg.

“We have a great group of folks on this team,” skipper Charlie Enright said. “We’ve been through a lot and I’m not sure any other group could have dealt with the challenges we have faced the way we did. It’s something special and we’re going to continue to work together moving forward. This was a tough way to go out certainly, but we have one more opportunity with the In-Port Race this weekend.”

That In-Port Race, scheduled for Saturday afternoon, will determine the sixth and seventh place positions in this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. Both SHK/Scallywag and Turn the Tide on Plastic finished the Volvo Ocean Race on equal points.

The tie-break mechanism is the In-Port Race Series, where David Witt’s Scallywag team currently holds the lead. But Dee Caffari’s Turn the Tide on Plastic is just three points behind and a strong finish on Saturday could lift them off the bottom of the leaderboard.

© Ainhoa Sanchez/Volvo Ocean Race

“We can’t help but smile today. We’ve done it,” said Caffari. “This leg was like the longest In-Port Race ever. A lot of corners to go around, and we gave it 100 per cent and left nothing in the tank.”

For David Witt, the finish was bittersweet the loss of John Fisher overboard in the Southern Ocean top of mind.

“I have very mixed emotions right now,” Witt said dockside immediately after finishing. “I’m incredibly proud of our team both on and off the water. We’re very tight and we have gone through a lot… But I’m also sad of course. I didn’t finish it with my best mate (John Fisher) who we started with. So very mixed emotions, but I’m glad we finished it.”

The teams will celebrate their accomplishments and take well-earned rest on Monday. The rest of the week will see activities in The Hague building towards the final In-Port Race and Awards Night on June 30.

Volvo Ocean Race Leg 11 Final Leaderboard — Saturday 23 June
1. Dongfeng Race Team – 3 days, 3 hours, 22 minutes, 32 seconds
2. team AkzoNobel – 3 days, 3 hours, 38 minutes, 31 seconds
3. MAPFRE – 3 days, 3 hours, 39 minutes, 25 seconds
4. Team Brunel – 3 days, 3 hours, 45 minutes, 52 seconds
5. Turn the Tide on Plastic – 3 days, 3 hours, 56 minutes, 56 seconds
6. SHK / Scallywag – 3 days, 4 hours, 01 minutes, 32 seconds
7. Vestas 11th Hour Racing – 3 days, 4 hours, 05 minutes, 36 seconds

Volvo Ocean Race Overall Points Leaderboard after Leg 11
1. Dongfeng Race Team – 73 points
2. MAPFRE – 70 points
3. Team Brunel – 69 points
4. team AkzoNobel – 59 points
5. Vestas 11th Hour Racing – 39 points
6. SHK / Scallywag – 32 points *
7. Turn the Tide on Plastic – 32 points *

* Should there be a tie on the overall race leaderboard at the end of the offshore legs, the In-Port Race Series standings will be used to break the tie.


Qingtian Stone Sculpture, Yixing Zisha Clay Art and Swedish Sculpture Meet

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, June 22(Greenpost)– Chinese Qingtian Stone Sculpture, Yixing’s Zisha Clay Teapot and Swedish Copper Sculpture are currently meeting at Chinese Culture Center in Stockholm.

Chinese Ambassador Gui Congyou declared open the exhibition on June 20.

At a grand opening ceremony, Pu Zhengdong,  Cultural Counsular at the Chinese Embassy and director of the Chinese Cultural Center in Stockholm said three generation of stone sculputure artists works from Master Lin Rukui, Master Lin Bozheng and Linchen Mengyang, Yixing Zisha Clay Teapot arts from Master Wang Jinchuan and copper sculpture from famous Swedish sculptor Richard.

Ylva explained that the theme of this exhibition is meeting because it is the meeting between Swedish and Chinese arts.

Ye Keqing, President of Swedish Chinese National Federation (Sveriges Kinesiska Riksförbundet) spoke at the opening ceremony.

He said Qingtian Stone Sculpture was the cause for Qingtian people to go abroad and live and work all over the world, especially in European countries. It can serve as a good link between China and Sweden.  He wishes the exhibition a great success.

Lin Bozheng, master of Stone Sculpture said Qingtian Stone Sculpture can be described as Stone Embroidery or  embroidery in stone.  He has been working on it for 47 years.

Wang Jinchuan master of Yixing Clay Teapot art thanked the organizers for the meeting and exhibition.

Richard said he is very glad to see that Chinese arts and Swedish Arts can meet here.  Although they are very different, they can stay together harmoniously.

Richard’s works have been exhibited in China’s Chang’an Dramaten.

A total of 200 people attended the opening of the exhibition. The exhibition will last till July 11.

Qingtian Stone Sculpture was also exhibited in Millersgården in 2013 for a month.


北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– ECCE中欧国际文化教育商贸发展协会和Lilla Akademien音乐学校6月10日在斯德哥尔摩联合举办夏季音乐会。

STOCKHOLM, June 13(Greenpost, SCT)–ECCE and Lilla Akademien Music Skola held Summer Concert in Stockholm on Sunday.

中欧国际文化教育商贸发展协会(ECCE)会长双焱说, ECCE成立于瑞典斯德哥尔摩市。今年我们迎来了中欧成立6周年庆典。协会的组织会员有瑞典Lilla Akademien 交响乐队、多位瑞典著名艺术家和指挥家、瑞京中欧北极之声合唱团和北极之声儿童合唱团、北欧合唱研究所;合作伙伴有瑞典皇家音乐学院、Lilla Akademien 音乐学校、瑞典 Gosskör 高斯合唱团、北京金帆交响乐团、中国民族舞蹈研究会、中国北京夕阳秀中老年文化事业发展基金会、澳大利亚中华文化协会、澳大利亚黄河合唱团英国朴茨茅斯华人协会等。中欧国际文化教育商贸发展协会(ECCE)不仅为来自中国的艺术家和本地的华人艺术家在音乐、歌唱、舞蹈、美术、摄影、书法、民乐演奏,以及中国戏曲、武术表演方面提供一个发展交流的平台,而且通过国际文化艺术交流,加强了与欧洲各国各地区的相互了解和友好合作,为在海外弘扬中华文化和增进中瑞两国以及中欧文化艺术交流作出应有的贡献。

ECCE President Shuang Yan said ECCE was established six years ago. Over the past six years it has developed a lot of member organizations and cooperation partners by providing platform for artists and these organizations. It also contributes a lot to cultural and art exchange between China and Europe.

她说,2017年8月来自世界各国的艺术团队参加了中欧组织的第四届斯德哥尔摩国际艺术节和国际比赛,青少年夏令营活动来自中国广州和上海学校近150名师生跟Lilla Akademien和Sundbybergs musikskola进行了文化访问交流。2018第五届斯德哥尔摩国际艺术节和国际比赛,青少年夏令营活动将在八月拉开序幕,希望大家继续支持我们的活动。

In 2017,  art troupes from all over the world participated in the fourth Stockholm International Art Festival and Competition. 150 teachers and students  from Guangzhou and Shanghai  visited Lilla Akademien and Sundbybergs musikskola.

2018 the fifth Stockholm International art festival and international competition as well as youth summer camp will begin in August this year.

中国驻瑞典使馆商务处参赞韩晓东,中国驻瑞典使馆领事部主任张磊,瑞典皇家音乐学院前音乐系系主任Rolf Lindblom教授,NIEA北 欧 国 际 交 流 协 会 会长季展有先生,瑞京华人协会会长 柳少惠先生,瑞典华人总会名誉会长白亨利先生,中欧会员代表瑞典SE银行Johan Eklund先生和中欧文化协会会长、北欧中华网北欧绿色邮报网主编陈雪霏女士出席。


Zhang Lei, director of Consulate at the Chinese Embassy spoke highly of ECCE’s contribution to cultural exchanges between China and Sweden.

音乐会以瑞京北极之声青少年合唱团演唱《欢乐颂》,《森林里的小精灵》和《Do Re Mi》, 电影《音乐之声》片段三个曲目开始。

The concert began with a Manadema av Beethoven, In the hall of the Mountain King and Do Re Mi.

ECCE会长, 2013年西班牙国际音乐比赛金奖获得者双焱演奏了钢琴《春江花月夜》。ECCE President Shuang Yan played the Moonlight on the Spring River.

获得2015斯坦威国际 艺术节钢琴比赛三等奖和Stockholm Music Competition国际音乐比赛的金奖双龙龙演奏钢琴《Giga》.

Shuang Longlong who won Stockholm Music Competition first prize played Giga.

Alexander 14岁演奏了《Orange o Black Crystal》. 金鑫瑞演唱了《桃花诺》。她也演奏了钢琴曲。韩雨荷演奏钢琴曲。Elias Shen 9岁演奏俄罗斯乐曲Variation. 

Alexander 14 plays Orange o Black Crystal composed by Rolf Lindblom.

本次演出得到了Stockholm Kulturskola, Sundbybergs Kurturskola 和Adof Fredrik Musikklasser的演奏员的支持和参与。

更多图片 more photos :




Han Yuhe played Valse Lente o Masquerade。

Omar Jaberi from Sundbyberg Stad

Rapheal  W S  Chopin Waltz op 64.

金鑫蕊演奏贝多芬 Pathetique Sonata sats 3.

Elias Shen. Ryskatemas variation.

图文/陈雪霏 av Xuefei Chen Axelsson


北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– ECCE中欧国际文化教育商贸发展协会和Lilla Akademien音乐学校6月10日在斯德哥尔摩联合举办夏季音乐会。

中欧国际文化教育商贸发展协会(ECCE)会长双焱说, ECCE成立于瑞典斯德哥尔摩市。今年我们迎来了中欧成立6周年庆典。协会的组织会员有瑞典Lilla Akademien 交响乐队、多位瑞典著名艺术家和指挥家、瑞京中欧北极之声合唱团和北极之声儿童合唱团、北欧合唱研究所;合作伙伴有瑞典皇家音乐学院、Lilla Akademien 音乐学校、瑞典 Gosskör 高斯合唱团、北京金帆交响乐团、中国民族舞蹈研究会、中国北京夕阳秀中老年文化事业发展基金会、澳大利亚中华文化协会、澳大利亚黄河合唱团英国朴茨茅斯华人协会等。中欧国际文化教育商贸发展协会(ECCE)不仅为来自中国的艺术家和本地的华人艺术家在音乐、歌唱、舞蹈、美术、摄影、书法、民乐演奏,以及中国戏曲、武术表演方面提供一个发展交流的平台,而且通过国际文化艺术交流,加强了与欧洲各国各地区的相互了解和友好合作,为在海外弘扬中华文化和增进中瑞两国以及中欧文化艺术交流作出应有的贡献。

他说,2017年8月来自世界各国的艺术团队参加了中欧组织的第四届斯德哥尔摩国际艺术节和国际比赛,青少年夏令营活动来自中国广州和上海学校近150名师生跟Lilla Akademien和Sundbybergs musikskola进行了文化访问交流。2018第五届斯德哥尔摩国际艺术节和国际比赛,青少年夏令营活动将在八月拉开序幕,希望大家继续支持我们的活动。

中国驻瑞典使馆商务处参赞韩晓东,中国驻瑞典使馆领事部主任张磊,瑞典皇家音乐学院前音乐系系主任Rolf Lindblom教授,NIEA北 欧 国 际 交 流 协 会 会长季展有先生,瑞京华人协会会长 柳少惠先生,瑞典华人总会名誉会长白亨利先生,中欧会员代表瑞典SE银行Johan Eklund先生和中欧文化协会会长,北欧中华网北欧绿色邮报网陈雪霏女士出席。



第一个节目是瑞京北极之声青少年合唱团演唱《欢乐颂》,《森林里的小精灵》和《Do Re Mi》, 电影《音乐之声》片段三个曲目。

ECCE会长, 2013年西班牙国际音乐比赛金奖获得者双焱演奏《春江花月夜》。

获得2015斯坦威国际 艺术节钢琴比赛三等奖和Stockholm Music Competition国际音乐比赛的金奖双龙龙演奏钢琴《Giga》.

Alexander 14岁演奏《Orange o Black Crystal》.



Elias Shen 9岁演奏俄罗斯乐曲Variation. 

本次演出得到了Stockholm Kulturskola, Sundbybergs Kurturskola 和Adof Fredrik Musikklasser的演奏员的支持和参与。


   SCEA and China-Sweden Startup Forum encourage young entrepreneurs to come to China

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, May 29 (Greenpost) – Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association sponsored China-Sweden Startup Forum has encouraged Swedish young people to come to China to establish their businesses.

Being held in Stockholm’s KTH on May 25, over a hundred Swedish students and overseas Chinese students attended a forum titled Dragon Slide meaning that people are afraid of going to Chinese market, but the Chinese Dragon will actually bring a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Zhang Qiaozhen, President of Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association opened the forum and explained the mission of her association.

Zhang Qiaozhen said her association has held various summit between China and Sweden. For example, they held Nordic exhibition gallery during China International Cultural Fairs in Shenzhen in early May. In November they will participate in the China International Technology Achievement Fair (High-tech Fair) and host Nordic exhibition gallery to build up bridges in science and culture between Nordic countries and China. She called on young entrepreneurs to participate in her Nordic exhibition gallery in November this year.

She said under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China has lowered its development speed and sought for high quality and efficiency. China is stepping on the green and low carbon and sustainable development road. This will not only be conducive to Chinese people but also contribute to the global development. Sweden has a lot of good experience worthwhile for China to learn.

Zhang Qiaozhen’s speech won a lot of response from the young entrepreneurs.

Juan Mauritz, founder of Swedish Startup Forum and SISP Chinese regional director Ulf Borbos also introduced their responsibilities at the opening of the forum.

Daigang, Counselor of Science and Technology of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden also attended the forum. He discussed the startups with Zhang Qiaozhen during the forum.

During the forum, Swedish entrepreneurs and professionals explained why people should go to China to develop with their own experiences and the difficulties and lessons.

The forum also arranged a program called Explore China meaning that they will arrange students to visit China and 777 students registered. Finally 16 were selected to have the chance to go to China to visit enterprises.

Many people are interested in exploring China, but they have language and cultural difficulties and that is what Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association likes to serve for them.

The forum attracted one than a hundred students and young entrepreneurs and they also commended the forum is very interesting and informative.

Text/Xuefei Chen Axelsson,

Photo/ provided by Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association.

Editor/ Xuefei Chen Axelsson




北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 中国驻瑞典大使桂从友说,斯德哥尔摩文化之夜举办一带一路北欧之春国际和平文化节具有十分重要的现实意义,为中瑞关系的发展注入新的正能量。


“中瑞两国是传统友好国家,两国关系正站在新的历史起点上,面临广阔的发展前景。在斯德哥尔摩文化之夜,增加中国文化元素,不仅是文化之夜更加绚丽多彩,也为中瑞关系的发展注入新的正能量。中方提出一带一路倡议是基于工商共建共享原则,增进与世界各国的友好,扩大与世界各国的全面合作。民心相通是”一带一路” 创意领域的五大活动之一,人与人之间的友好交往和国与国之间的人文交流是民心相同的最重要途径。也是扩大各个领域合作的基础和前提。”他说。



Ric Wasserman, 记者歌手,陈雪霏会长,桂从友大使和Toni Sica记者。




北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 4月21日,斯德哥尔摩风和日丽,晴空万里,春意盎然。在恒运阁饭店挤满了人群,原来是斯德哥尔摩文化之夜一带一路北欧之春国际和平文化节和李丽国画展在这里举行。下面请看精彩的文艺演出部分实况:

Acupuncture Science Association in Sweden’s yearly meeting held in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM, April 25(Greenpost)—Acupuncture Science Association in Sweden held its first yearly meeting in Stockholm on April 21.

Yang Chungui, President of the association made an important speech.

He reiterated that his association is  a member of the World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies, observes the latter’s charter and relevant regulatations as well as Swedish relevant regulations. It also observes the WHO’s acupuncture standards which conduct treatment according to standards, aims at improving acupuncture doctors medical level and better serves the patients.

Yang expressed his gratitude to Swedish counterparts, Chinese Ambassador Gui who attended the Belt and Road Acupuncture seminar in 2017 and colleagues Elisa Liao, Xuehong Ma Yang, Dongqing Zhang, Defeng Lin, Sandra Tiejun Chen, Mehdi Ghazi, Shuhui Hu, Tie Xu and other colleagues for their donation to the association enabling the convening of the international academic exchange.

Yang said the association has developed rapidly over the past year. Another 14 acupuncture doctor passed the exam. Many of them have practised acupuncture for over 20 years. Academic exchanges continued. 2017 Sino-Swedish Belt and Road Acupuncture Summit Forum was held and a seminar on three needle treatment was also held.

Yang suggested an international acupuncture trade union be established and a website on Chinese acupuncture set up in order to better serve the acupuncture doctors and patients.

Yukio Danisman made a finance report on the association’s accountancy.

Bengt Wahrolen, a senior lawyer made an important speech on collective insurance for the acupuncture doctors . He promised to help pushing the Swedish Leg. Akupunktur Doktor and make them compatible with the Swedish medical care system.

Wahrolen also stated that after auditing, it is proved that the association’s funding came from their members yearly fee and members donation. They haven’t received any  government subsidies.

Then President Yang and Vice President Zhang Dongqing issued certificate for the 14 members who passed the exams.

All the doctors got a white uniform, a medal and a name bar to show their responsible attitude.

Vice President Zhang led the doctors to study the association’s charter and President Yang talked about the financial management system in the association.

Secretary Li explained Swedish International Acupuncture Doctors Management System.  During the discussion, all the questions from the members were answered showing the completion of the association’s various regulations and systems.

Vice President Zhang gave a presentation on Clinic Experience of Acupuncture Against Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Sweden.

Doctor Li Jian on Application of modern medicine and TCM on the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.

After academic exchange, all the doctors went to Doctor Yang’s clinic. Doctor Yang gave two patients’ treatment with embedding thread acupuncture. This method proved to be effective  for those who cannot get pregnant.

Doctor Defeng Lin showed his burning acupuncture method. The free treatment meeting stimulated even more heated discussions in sharing experiences and members have great confidence in the association’s acupuncture treatment level and formation of Swedish acupuncture legislation to accept these doctors’ treatment into the Swedish system.

Finally, the acupuncture doctors attended the Stockholm Kulturnatt Belt and Road Nordic Spring International Peace and Cultural Festival to enjoy some beautiful music and dances.

The yearly meeting was hosted by Vice Secretary Youji Lin and council member Yang Xi served as interpreter between Chinese and Swedish.

About 30 member doctors attended the meeting which also had a Taiji show in the middle.


Text and Photo/Xuefei Chen Axelsson. Part of the photos are from the association.


2018 “Belt and Road” Nordic Spring Peace and Culture Festival held on Stockholm Cultural Night

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, April. 21(Greenpost) – 2018 Belt and Road Nordic Spring Peace and Cultural Festival and Li Li’s Chinese Paintings Exhibition  have been successfully held as a part of Stockholm Cultural Night which was a cooperation with over 100 museums, galleries, opera houses and other cultural locations to open free to the public from 18:00-24:00 on April 21.

The festival was held by China-Europe Cultural Association, Professional Foreign journalist Association or PROFOCA in cooperation with Chinese Teachers Association in Sweden.

Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Gui Congyou spoke highly about the festival.

“The opening of the Stockholm Cultural Night and Belt and Road International Peace and Cultural Festival is of great significance in such a period of time. China and Sweden have enjoyed  very good relations and the bilateral relations are on a new historical starting point with great potential to tap. With Chinese style in  Stockholm Cultural Night, it will make the night even more beautiful and be conducive to Sino-Swedish relations. ” said Ambassador Gui.

“China proposes Belt and Road initiative based on the principle of discussing together, jointly building and sharing the result to improve relations with various countries and  expand cooperation with various countries. People to people relation is one of the five parts of belt and road initiative and cultural exchange is an important way to communicate with each other. ”  he said.

“I understand that tonight there will be a big banquet of culture including instrument performance, dancing and singing, and Chinese woman artist Li Li’s painting and the Chinese film Romance on the Lushan Mountain, I hope you all have a good evening.  ” said Ambassador Gui.

China-Europe Cultural Association is a non-political , non-religious organization consisting 75% of Chinese women in Sweden aiming at enhancing Chinese culture and enrich their life in Sweden and serving as a bridge between China and Sweden.

Ambassador Gui said he also welcomed journalists from PROFOCA and other foreign friends to visit China. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China has experienced great changes. Since the 18th Party’s Congress, China has entered a new era. Now China enjoys stable social and political environment and high quality economic development.  Nearly 1.3 billion people have shrugged off poverty and the rest 50 million will eradicate their poverty situation by 2020. In the International arena, China plays an important role in maintaining world peace, security and stability.  It is a main force for world harmony. I believe the journalists can find some good news from China.

Xuefei Chen Axelsson, President of China-Europe Cultural Association and PROFOCA explained why they held this event.

She said to be part of the Stockholm Cultural Night made her proud to be able to contribute to the cultural life in Stockholm with some Chinese flavour. This is also a sign that Sweden is open and international.

“We hold 2018 Belt and Road Nordic Spring Peace and Culture Festival in order to guard world peace.  Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping is not to impose Chinese influence by purpose, but treat it as a way to promote peace and development. Sweden was the destination of the maritime silk road taking the boat Gothenburg as an example. We like to promote cultural exchanges between China and Sweden and China and Europe. ” said Chen Axelsson.

“The third is to celebrate the exhibition of Beijing women artist Li Li. Although it is a small scale of 30 small pieces of paintings, it is profound and a real action of bilateral cultural exchange. ” she said.

As a journalist herself, Chen Axelsson said while China insists on peace and development, some other parts of the world are not very peaceful. She held that violence and conflict are the biggest enemy of sustainable development. We condemn all kinds of violence.  Violence and conflict are a result of illiteracy. Belt and Road initiative aims to avoid violence and conflict. Through peace and development, people’s living standards can be improved. Without peace, there will be no development. We must value the peaceful environment. We believe that cultural exchange is conducive to understanding between different people and countries, and further avoid conflict and maintain world peace and stability.

Last year, we held the first Nordic Spring International Cultural Festival, we also held other cultural activities such as holding lectures and listening to Chinese actor Pu Chunxin’s presentation held in Chinese Cultural Center . By learning Chinese culture, we feel more peaceful and life is more joyful.  By going to China and reporting the Party Congress, I saw China’s peaceful transition to a new era aiming at wiping out poverty completely and building a modern Chinese society. We shall continue to work hard to serve the members and contribute to Sino-Swedish good relations.

The performances began with Swedish Chinese Children’s choir’s singing.

Dong Jiajun’s Hulusi performance is very beautiful. The music is really very good for ear. Hulusi is an instrument from China’s Yunnan Province, Southwest China.

He Ruiyu sang the song Rolling up the Bamboo Curtain beautifully.

Chinese women choir also sang very well. Some of them are the mothers of the children’s choir .

Natali Dansstudio’s girls brought modern dance.

Tang Shiyu sang a beautiful Chinese song called the size of the heaven.


Li Zhanchun sang Tianbian, Little Populars Tree and I love you China reminding us the beautiful China of the 1980s.

Ric Wasserman sang Bob Dylan’s song Blowing in the wind.

Li Jia sang a song about Chinese River Liuyanghe.

Zhai Yijia played erhu horse racing, a master piece by Erhu.

Hao Jingxia sang the classic Kunqu Dream in the Garden looking like Peking opera.

Uppsala Confucius Class pupils performed a singing and dancing program attracting the attention of other children.

Xuefei Chen Axelsson sang an inner Mongolian song Take me to the Prairie.

Finally Ambassador Gui and all the artists and guests sang together My Motherland led by Li Jia.


Ric Wasserman also sang many other blues style songs with American flavour making the festival international.

Beijing woman artist Li Li’s paintings stand by the wall around the hall which hosts more than 200 people.

The programs attracts Swedish, Russians, Americans and Chinese.  The Chinese food is also part of Chinese culture.

Finally a film Romance on Lushan Mountain was played to end the cultural night at midnight.

Also present at the cultural night were Dou Chunxiang, Education Consular, Zhang Lei, Consular department director, Consular Li Xiaojie and Luo Jinsheng. Ye Peiqun, Execultive President of Sveriges Kinesiska Förbund, Duan Maoli, Anhui Association of Science and Commerce in Sweden, Jack Yu, President of Sino-Swedish Life Science Association, Yin Chang, Kinesiska Riksförbundet I Sverige, Sun Kai, President of Chinese Teachers Association in Sweden, Zhao Lijie, Vice President of China-Europe Cultural Association, Zhouzheng, Secretary of Europe-Asia Cultural Promotion Association, Yang Chungui, President of  Acupuncture Science Association Sweden and Zhao Lijie, Vice President of China-Europe Cultural Association.

The festival was hosted by Åsa and Arthur Lou Guofeng.

Text/Xuefei Chen Axelsson,  Photo/Wu Ming.

SCEA signs MOU with Foshan Business Bureau

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, April. 23(Greenpost)—Swedish-Chinese Entrepreneur Association’s Vice President and Executive Manager Zhang Luping signed a Memorandum of Understanding  on cooperation with Su Yan, director of Foshan Business Bureau in Stockholm on April 20.

The signing came upon Foshan Mayor Zhu Wei’s visit to Sweden with a business and official delegation. SCEA Vice President Zhang Luping gave a brief introduction of the hosts.

David Lindblom from SCEA gave a brief introduction about Sweden saying that Sweden is an innovative country which has invented many products ranging from match to safety belt, from heart rescue machine to Skyppe and GPS locating system.

Joana Wang gave a brief introduction about SCEA aiming at serving as a bridge between Sweden and China.

Ulf Borbos gave an introduction about science park with one of the project is to find Chinese cooperation partners. Ms Wang serves as interpreter.

Mayor Zhu said he is very much interested in medical care cooperation with Karolinska Institute because in his city, they have achieved full scale urbanization meaning all the people enjoy the same urban medical care system. So they have enough patients for medical research while the medical  research environment is very good.

Retired Karolinska Institute Associate Professor in tumor Hu Lifu who is still very active in promoting Sino-Swedish medical cooperation introduced briefly about Karolinska Institutet.

The meeting also involved in two young startup forum founder who aims at helping young people to exchange between China and Sweden. They plan to take Swedish young people to China to visit Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Foshan.

Mayor Zhu welcome all to visit Foshan, the third largest city in Guangdong province, the vanguard of China’s reform and opening up begun in 1978.

Finally Zhang Luping and Su Yan signed the MOU on bilateral cooperation in exchanging business and trade information and providing assistance for each other when needed.

Zhang Yi, vice president of Swedish Chinese Federation was also present at the meeting.



Historiskt trendbrott: Kina större exportmarknad än USA för företag i Stockholm

För första gången är exporten från Stockholms län till Kina större än till USA.

Det visar en ny analys från Stockholms Handelskammare.

– Kinas starka tillväxt har bidragit till att man nu gått om USA som Stockholms viktigaste exportmarknad. Paradoxalt nog kan Donald Trumps tullar göra så att USA försvagas ytterligare då dessa kommer göra Kina än mer intressant. Det är bra när Sverige och Stockholm handlar med Kina men vi skulle tjäna på att fördjupa den transatlantiska relationen. Därför bör Trump lägga ned sina tullar och Sverige borde driva på för att EU fortsätter samtalen om ett frihandelsavtal med USA, Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, chefsekonom på Stockholms Handelskammare.

Analysen, som bygger på statistik från SCB, visar att företag från Stockholms län i allt högre grad exporterar till Kina. Detta samtidigt som exporten till USA minskat över tid.

År 2007 värderades Stockholms varuexport till Kina endast till omkring fyra miljarder kronor samtidigt som varuexporten till USA hade ett värde på 26 miljarder.

Tio år senare uppgår varuexporten från Stockholm till Kina till omkring 16 miljarder, vilket är cirka en miljard kronor mer än varuexporten till USA.

– För Sverige är Kina fortfarande en mindre marknad än USA, men förändringen vi ser i Stockholm under de senaste åren är exceptionell. Det kan mycket väl vara en fingervisning om framtiden, för Stockholm går inte sällan i första ledet för förändringar. Om Donald Trumps tullar leder till en eskalerande handelskonflikt skulle jag inte bli chockad om Kina går om USA som Sveriges viktigaste exportmarknad utanför Europa, säger Andreas Hatzigeorgiou.

Handelskrig skulle skada världsekonomin. Samtidigt finns vissa möjligheter för svenska företag.

– Donald Trump har undantagit svenska och europeiska företag från sina tullar. Det innebär att vår konkurrenssituation i USA faktiskt på marginalen kan förbättras. Dessutom innebär Kinas motåtgärder mot USA drabbar amerikanska företag, vilket i sin tur kan gynna våra svenska företags kamp om kontrakt i Kina. Världen behöver med frihandel, men om nu världens stormakter vill införa tullar måste Sverige se till att utnyttja situationen till vår fördel, säger Andreas Hatzigeorgiou.

Om Stockholms Handelskammare
Stockholms Handelskammare är den ledande organisationen för företag och företagare i huvudstadsregionen som omfattar Stockholms län och Uppsala län. Vår verksamhet spänner från det lokala till det internationella planet och vi är engagerade i allt som kan förbättra företagens villkor; från bostadsmarknaden i regionen till internationell frihandel. Vi är en populär mötesplats för våra 2 000 medlemsföretag som har en halv miljon anställda. Handelskammaren är också en betrodd tredjepart med ett av världens ledande skiljedomsinstitut. Läs mer om Stockholms Handelskammare