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South Korean Martial Arts Jump warmly welcomed in Stockholm

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, June 19(Greenpost)–South Korean Martial Arts Jump has been performed in Stockholm and warmly welcomed by the Swedish and Korean audience recently.

“There are nine characters in the group and it is about a big family whose members are all good at Taekwondo  or South Korean Martial arts. The story is about their dealings with thieves.” said Producer Kyeong-Ah Han in an interview with Greenpost before the performance.

June-Sang Lee is art director (right)

Art Director June-Sang Lee said the story is taken a style of Taikwondo or South Korean Martial Arts with funny actions. Taikwondo has been very popular in South Korea since it has been put into the school curriculum. It is a national sport.

“The performance is mainly funny actions, thus was loved by audience and we have performed in many countries in the world including the US and Japan. This time we came to Europe to show South Korean culture,” said  Lee.

Hyeran Ahn is one of the two actresses and performs a  mother in Jump.

“I am 30 years old and have performed  for five years. I studied sports first and then I studied performance subject. At the beginning I was a little worried because I was performing with boys. But as I am familiar with it, I enjoy it very much. ”

The middle three, from left to right, is Art Director Lee, Actress Ahn and the Producer Han. The woman in red is the journalist Xuefei Chen Axelsson. The very left is one of the actors.

This was the first appearance of the actress Ahn at the very beginning.  The two in the back were also very funny during the performance.

South Korean Ambassador Nan Gwan-pyo and President of Swedish South Korean Association also among the 600 audience full in the Maxim Theatre.

Most interestingly is that Jump began with an old man with white clothes and a walking stick walking towards the Ambassador and at the beginning, we thought it was a mistake. But the ambassador obediently went out with him and the old man even asked the ambassador to take him on the back  to the stage! and the Ambassador cooperated! So it was the beginning of the show! Such a mutual movement with the audience.

Every movement and every action got a funny sound to accompany. Thus the show gave people such a good audio and video effect! People can’t help bursting into laughter!

Even at the beginning the Ambassador said” it is very funny!”

At the later parts there were mutual actions with the audience too, both Korean and Swedish audience.

An interview with the ambassador Nam Gwan-pyo. Shot by Jan Peter Axelsson 。

Ambassador Nam Gwan-pyo told reporter that the performance is very good. One can feel it from the applauses and laughters from the audience.

“Indeed it was influenced by Martial arts master Jacky Chan. They love him and the performance is really wonderful, you see that. ”

The Jump performance was sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Culture and the South Korean Embassy in Sweden aiming at letting Swedish audience to know more about South Korean culture.

The 600 seat theatre was full of people including the second floor.

Text and Photo by Xuefei Chen Axelsson and Jan Peter Axelsson.



Stockholm International Film Festival arranges this year’s Summer Cinema the 16th to 20th of August in Rålambshovsparken in Stockholm. This year’s theme is the 80s.

The annual Stockholm Film Festival Summer Cinema attracts thousands of people to Rålambshovsparken every year. Five 80s films will be screened: two american, two european and one Japanese.

– Stockholm Film Festival Summer Cinema is our gift to Stockholm and our lovely audience, says Git Scheynius, Festival Director.

During the Summer Cinema, the Stockholm Consumer Association will throw a food waste and recycling party for visitors. On-site, Coop’s food creator will offer pizza made from leftover raw materials from Coop stores in the area. In addition, Fanta® will host a digital festival for young people, which will end during the Stockholm film festival Sommarbio.

The Summer Cinema is free of charge but membership cards can be purchased by those who wants to support Stockholm Film Festival. The membership card grants access to cheaper tickets during the Stockholm Film Festival in November and free access to ten previews.

This year’s program:

Wednesday the 16th of August: Do the right thing (Spike Lee 1989)

Spike Lee has not only directed, produced and written this revolutionary film, but also participated in front of the camera. The film was nominated for two Oscars and aroused a debate on race-related relationships and has later been upheld as a masterpiece. In 2015 Lee was awarded an honorary Oscar for his efforts as an indie filmmaker.

Thursday the 17th of August: My Neighbor Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki 1988) 

The film about the girl Mei och forest spirit Totoro is Miyazaki’s most famous and beloved production. Miyazaki has won several awards for his animated films, including an Academy Honorary Award, and is often referred to as the premier animation creator in the world.

Friday the 18th of August: Dirty Dancing (Emile Ardolino 1987)

In Emile Ardino’s romantic drama film from 1987, we meet the 17-year-old Baby and the dancer Jhonny who falls in love. The film is strongly associated with the song (I’ve had) The Time of My Life which resulted in an Oscar award for the best song. The film is a world-class love story, just as sweet today as when it had its premiere 20 years ago.

Lördagen den 19 augusti: Det stora blå (Luc Besson 1988)

In Besson’s classic film, based on the famous free diver Jacques Mayolo’s life, we are invited to the beautiful Greek island Amorgos and get to know the rivals Jacques and Enzo. They both have a boundless and lifelong love for the ocean. Besson was awarded the Academy Award; One of France’s most prestigious prices, for ‘The Great Blue’.

Sunday the 20th of August: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Pedro Almodóvar 1988) 

This black comedy, with Carmen Maura and Antonio Banderas in the leading roles, gave Almodóvar extensive international attention and a number of prizes. The story is inspired by Jean Cocteau’s play ’The Human Voice’ and revolves around a love affair where a woman desperately tries to find out why she has been dumped.

Where: Rålambshovsparken.

When: August 16-20, we will open all activities at 6 PM and the films will start at 9PM.

How: Bring friends and family, a picnic and a blanket to sit on.

Price: Free entrance.

Swedish Bahr awarded a Cristal highest accolade at Annecy in France

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, June 18(Greenpost)–Niki Lindroth von Bahr has been awarded a Cristal, the highest accolade at Annecy in France, the world’s leading animation festival, for her animated short film, The Burden.

  The Annecy International Animated Film Festival is number one in the animation world, and hence the competition is world class. Over the course of the week, I have received a great deal of positive feedback about The Burden, proof that it has made a strong impression. Being awarded the top prize is a great success for Niki, and hopefully it can inspire the Swedish film world to delve even deeper into the field of animation,’ stated Anna Serner, CEO of the Swedish Film Institute.

– I am so incredibly happy! I hope this type of recognition enables me to work with longer format films in the future. For my next project, I would like to make an animated horror film set in the finance world,’ Niki Lindroth von Bahr explains.

 Just a month ago, Niki Lindroth von Bahr attended Cannes, where The Burden was competing in the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs section. Screened earlier this year at the Gothenburg Film Festival, where it won the Best Swedish Short Award (Startsladden), The Burden was also voted the audience favourite in the short film category.


The Burden was produced by Kalle Wettre of Malade Aktiebolag, with support from the Swedish Film Institute’s prior short-film commissioner Andreas Fock.

Niki Lindroth von Bahr, born in 1984, is a trained scenographer and creates the props for her own films.  She has previously directed short films One Night in Moscow (2008), Tord and Tord (2010) and Bath House (2014). Her films have been screened at festivals such as Sundance, Berlin and Annecy and she has received awards for her shorts at film festivals in Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Brussels, Abu Dhabi, Fredrikstad and Baden, among others. In addition, she created the puppets for Johannes Nyholm’s Las Palmas, which screened at Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in 2011.

Source  Swedish Film Institute

Min börda vinner finaste animationspriset Cristal

kväll tilldelades Niki Lindroth von Bahrs animerade kortfilm Min börda en Cristal – det finaste priset på världens främsta animationsfestival Annecy i Frankrike.


Annecy filmfestival är det största i animationsvärlden, och därmed är konkurrensen i världsklass. Under veckan har jag hört många positiva ord om Min börda, det är uppenbart att den har gjort stort intryck. Att den belönas med det finaste priset är en enorm framgång för Niki och kan också förhoppningsvis inspirera den svenska filmvärlden att utforska animation än mer, säger Anna Serner, vd Filminstitutet.

– Jag är så otroligt glad! Jag hoppas att den här typen av erkännande kan ge mig möjlighet att även få jobba i längre format framöver. Som nästa projekt vill jag göra en animerad skräckfilm som utspelar sig i finansvärlden, säger Niki Lindroth von Bahr.

Niki Lindroth von Bahr var bara för en månad sedan i Cannes där Min Börda tävlade i sektionen Quinzaine des Réalisateurs. Filmen har tidigare i år visats på Göteborgs filmfestival och vann då kortfilmspriset Startsladden och blev framröstad som publikens val för Bästa kortfilm.

Min börda är producerad av Kalle Wettre, Malade Aktiebolag, med stöd av Filminstitutets tidigare kortfilmskonsulent Andreas Fock.

Niki Lindroth von Bahr, född 1984, är utbildad scenograf och gör rekvisitan till sina egna filmer. Hon har tidigare regisserat kortfilmerna En natt i Moskva (2008), GuldbaggenomineradeTord och Tord (2010) och Simhallen (2014). För sina kortfilmer har hon tagit emot priser på filmfestivaler i Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Bryssel, Abu Dhabi, Fredrikstad och Baden. Hon stod också för rekvisitan till Johannes Nyholms Las Palmas som visades i Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2011.


北欧绿色邮报网北欧中华网报道(记者陈雪霏)–中国非遗文化周  聚焦山东开幕式15日在斯德哥尔摩中国文化中心举行。












清华大学与欧华妇联总会联合举办 欧洲华人华侨妇女国际研修班开课

北欧绿色邮报网驻荷兰特约记者张卓辉跟踪报道——由清华大学继续教育学院和欧洲华人华侨妇女联合总会(下称“欧华妇联总会”)合作举办的“欧洲华人华侨妇女国际研修班” 于今年6月9日在清华大学继续教育学院开课。

图一 开班仪式合影




图二 高策理院长(中)致欢迎词




图三 欧华妇联总会会长,荷兰著名侨领熊国秀


熊国秀代表欧华妇联总会对清华大学的精心组织和安排表示衷心感谢,希望各位学员能珍惜本次学习机会,同时也感谢社会各界对于欧华妇联总会的支持和帮助,希望能够通过重走丝绸之路和此次研修活动,不断提高自身素质, 讲好中国故事,为“一带一路”发展作贡献,做中欧友好交流的桥梁。

图四 欧华妇联总会会长熊国秀(右)代表总会向清华大学继续教育学院赠送纪念品




图五 欧华妇联总会第五届理事会主席叶玉兰(右)将总会大印转交给第六届理事会主席熊国秀

(欧洲华人华侨妇女联合总会  供稿/图)



















Homeward bound: Manufacturing in Sweden expands through automation

STOCKHOLM, June 10(Greenpost)–A recent report proves that regionalisation is on the rise and has brought about a new automation and robotics offensive. Klas Ericson at Business Sweden maps the progress.

klas_ericson1.jpgOut of 600 international companies, nearly half have expanded their manufacturing in Sweden in the past three years. A majority of these investments have gone into automation and robotics as a way of bringing operations closer to European markets.

The findings were made in a recent survey on current trends in the manufacturing industry commissioned by Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council. The results also show that a third of all investments have been made in direct competition with low-cost countries.

“We are witnessing a global pattern of regionalisation, or re-shoring, as it is sometimes called. Companies are increasingly locating manufacturing operations closer to home in order to enhance deliveries to European markets. This also brings opportunities to streamline and automate certain aspects of production”, says Klas Ericson, Senior Investment Manager, Manufacturing, Business Sweden.

The survey is a main feature of the report “Why we manufacture in Sweden”, or “Därför tillverkar vi i Sverige” in the original title, which was recently published. It focuses on companies that have at least 20 employees and at least one division in a foreign country. Notable participants included Atlas Copco, ABB, Husqvarna and AstraZeneca.

According to Ericson, who is also one of the co-authors of the report, a positive future lies in store for Swedish industry. Nonetheless, he calls for a range of strategic improvements.

“The fact that a growing number of manufacturers are investing in automation and optimisation right now has to do with the widespread adoption of technology in Sweden. This is partly due to the historically high cost of labour but is also a result of a long tradition of available IT expertise. Consequently, taking the next step in production automation has proven to be easier than in other countries,“ Ericson explains.

“That said, many companies are stressing the need for more automation and greater efficiency in order for them to stay competitive.”

What are the advantages of developing automation locally compared with outsourced manufacturing in low-cost countries?

“Among the largest benefits is that companies have greater control of the production process. They can make continuous improvements and adapt more quickly to customer requirements. Acquired expertise is also kept within the organisation. A third plus point is that the flow of goods is reduced which enables major cost savings on storage and transport.”

What can be done to ensure that more companies expand their manufacturing in Sweden using automation and robotics?

“A large challenge for increasing the use of automation and robotics in the future is fixing the skills gap. Manufacturers in Sweden are sending a clear message that they’re having difficulties finding people with suitable skills. As technologies become more advanced, the educational system has to pay closer attention and renew itself in order to match demand. Deeper integration between manufacturers and the educational system is one way to go, and there are others too.”

“Several successful initiatives are now supporting developments in robotics and automation. One of these is THINGS in Stockholm which brings together international manufacturing companies and academia and stimulates an exchange of expertise and know-how. In addition, it is important to work actively with international companies that already have operations in Sweden, with the aim of encouraging them to expand.”

What impact does digitalisation have on the investment climate and how is it affecting the image of Sweden’s industry?

“Digitalisation will benefit Sweden’s competitiveness in manufacturing. But other countries have shown to have a faster pace of development as well as national strategies supporting the process. Sweden has everything to gain by politically engaging with manufacturers and increasing their possibilities to adopt new application areas within the Industrial Internet. There is also a need for increased R&D funding within production systems, digitalisation and processing technologies.”

Ericson maintains that the image of Sweden as a successful manufacturing country must be conveyed in a stronger way.

“Many citizens in Sweden are under the impression that the national manufacturing industry is fading, which is not true,” he says.

“Not only does increased connectivity broaden the horizon for what industry can entail in the future, digitalisation and automation have also brought about exciting possibilities for attracting skilled, young generations to the industry workplace.”

Klas Ericson is Senior Investment Advisor, Manufacturing within the investment group at Business Sweden, which is co-owned by the Swedish government and private entities. The organisation’s official assignment is to promote Swedish exports and to stimulate companies abroad to locate and expand their business operations in Sweden.

Editor xuefei chen axelsson


北欧绿色邮报网北欧中华网报道(记者陈雪霏 ):6月3日上午至6日晨,黑龙江省省长陆昊率团访问瑞典,在斯德哥尔摩举行经贸合作交流会,会见有关地方政府、跨国公司、瑞典华人华侨社团负责人,考察“哈马碧”环保城和卡罗林斯卡医学院、医院及科学园。










文字来源 黑龙江日报



今日头条: 陆昊说,在“一带一路” 框架下黑龙江和瑞典会有更多合作

今日头条:黑龙江省省长陆昊说,在“一带一路” 框架下黑龙江和瑞典会有更多合作




1985.09–1989.08 北京大学经济管理系国民经济管理学专业学习,北京大学学生会主席、系学生党支部书记

1989.08–1994.02 北京制呢厂职工、厂属金时代呢绒时装厂副厂长、厂长助理

1994.02–1995.11 北京制呢厂副厂长


1995.11–1998.12 北京制呢厂厂长、党委副书记

1998.12–1999.08 北京纺织控股(集团)有限责任公司党委常委、董事、副总经理

1999.08–1999.11 中关村科技园区管委会副主任、党组副书记

1999.11–2001.06 中关村科技园区管委会主任、党组书记,海淀区委副书记(2001.04)

2001.06–2003.01 中关村科技园区管委会党组书记、常务副主任,海淀区委副书记(其间:2001.09–2002.01中央党校进修部进修二班学习)

2003.01–2003.02 北京市副市长,中关村科技园区管委会党组书记、常务副主任

2003.02–2003.09 北京市副市长,市委工业工委书记、市经委主任


2003.09–2008.04 北京市副市长(其间:2007.10–2007.12国防大学省军级干部国防战略研究班学习)

2008.04–2013.03 共青团中央书记处第一书记(其间:2010.11–2011.01中央党校进修部省部级干部进修班学习)

2013.03–2013.06 黑龙江省委副书记、代省长,省政府党组书记

2013.06– 黑龙江省委副书记、省长,省政府党组书记



今日头条:黑龙江省省长陆昊说,在“一带一路” 框架下黑龙江和瑞典会有更多合作














5日下午,陆昊省长一行还参观了著名的卡罗林斯卡医学院新大楼,堪称具有世界最新理念的既生态环保,又极具效率和质量的医学研究和医疗大楼。此前,他还参观了斯德哥尔摩哈马比生态城, 学习了解了那里规划嵌入的垃圾分类抽吸系统和污水处理设施和技术。那也是国家主席习近平和政协主席俞正声等中外领导人曾参观过的生态城典范。










图片报道:Harbin’s Ice Festival-哈尔滨冰雪节

图片新闻:祖国山河一片美 美不胜收



北欧绿色邮报网和北欧中华网联合报道(记者陈雪霏)– 瑞典华人华侨侨领3日在首都斯德哥尔摩热情欢迎黑龙江省省长陆昊一行访问瑞典。

















视频: 2017北欧之春国际和平文化节陈雪霏朗诵迪伦的歌词




Jan Peter Axelsson录制。