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“China landscape in Swedish Eyes” Photo Exhibition opens in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 16(Greenpost)– China Landscape in Swedish Eyes Photo Exhibiton opens on Saturday in Stockholm Cultural Center. 

Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Gui Congyou attended the opening ceremony.

“I have looked at the photos and feel quite excited to see China’s spectacular landscape through Swedish lens. In the exhibition one can see Kanas lake and Yadan landscape in Xinjiang and the spectacular mountains in Zhangjiajie, as well as the beautiful River Li.”

Ambassador Gui said this exhibition, jointly held by Green Post, a web multi-media and Kamera & Bild Magazine is a positive communication between China and Sweden.

“This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and China has experienced a lot of changes and living standards have improved a lot. We welcome Swedish friends to China to have a look. ”

Web newspaper Green Post editor Xuefei Chen Axelsson also spoke at the opening ceremony.

She said that she went to Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in western China in Aug. 24-31 this year together with 14 journalists from 13 countries along the silk road countries to see Xinjiang’s development in tourism industry. The project goes along with the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping. She visited Urumqi, Changji, Burqin, Altay and Kanas where there are rich tourism resources. The landscape includes Gobi, forests, Mountains and lakes. The Yadan landscape was formed by wind but the name was given by Swedish explorer Sven Hedin. The trip is worthwhile and the purpose was to wake some interest for both industries and tourists.

Claes Grundsten said that Magazine Kamera & Bild arranged this trip with many competent photographers with travel bureau Zoom.

He said the group visited the Great Wall, the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, National Park Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province in Central China and the beautiful longji in River Li in Guilin city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in South China.

“It was the first time I went to China, ….It was a very good trip, we are very satisfied with the trip.”

Journalists, Photographers and Photograph lovers:

Claes Grundsten         Johan Wessel             Charlie Malmqvist

Lena Weilandt             Patrik Brolin                Kitty Eide Larsson

Anna Bernström          Eva Pettersson            Hans-Åke Olsson

Anders Petersson        Leif Lundin

Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Curator: Anders Nylen

A total of 120 people including friends and colleagues of the photographers attended the opening ceremony.


In future, only charges provided by law could be collected from clients of health and social services

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 14(Greenpost)–The Government is proposing a new Act on Client Charges in Health and Social Services that would apply to health and social services organised by counties. In future, only service charges provided by the Act on Client Charges in Health and Social Services could be collected from clients.

The aim is that the service charges would be reasonable and not prevent people from using the health and social services they need.

The client’s own county would charge the client. Counties could also charge less than the maximum fee, or let their residents use services free of charge. The client would always pay the same sum for the same service organised by the county, irrespective of who provided the service. The county would use the same client charges for services provided by the county itself and for services bought from other service providers against the client’s health and social services voucher or personal budget. The service provider would be allowed to charge for unattended appointments that had not been cancelled.

As before, there would fixed client charges and client charges based on the client’s ability to pay (income-related charges). When determining income-related charges, only the clients’ continuous, regular income would be taken into account, not their property. Regulations concerning forest income would remain unchanged.

Scope of application of payment ceiling becomes broader

The aim is not to change the level of the current annual payment ceiling (EUR 683). In future, the following costs would be included when calculating whether the client’s total costs reach the payment ceiling: appointment and processing charges for oral health services, charges for temporary home nursing and hospital at home, charges for prehospital emergency medical services, and charges paid from the person’s income support.

Providers would be allowed to charge the same sums for distance services as for services received during traditional appointments. Charges for distance services would be included in the client’s costs for the payment ceiling. Payment practices in primary services and specialised services would be harmonised. In future, each appointment to a doctor, nurse or therapist would be charged separately, as well as each appointment for serial treatment.

The obligation to monitor when the client reaches the payment ceiling would be transferred from the client to the county.

The provision obliging to reduce or waive a charge would be made more effective and the provision would be extended to cover even the charges for short-term institutional healthcare. Clients should be informed about the possibility to apply for payment reduction. Payment reduction would be preferred rather than granting income support.

Free-of-charge health services to minors and for preventive purposes

In future, health services to minors would always be free of charge. The change would also apply to institutional healthcare and specialised medical care.

As before, preventive services would mainly be free of charge. Appointments to outpatient care services relating to mental health and substance abuse problems would be free of charge.

Charging criteria for home care, service housing and institutional care will be harmonised

The Act on Client Charges in Health and Social Services would lay down charges for long-term service housing. In the same connection, the principles for income-related charges for long-term or continuous and regular services would be harmonised.

Continuous and regular home care would be comparable to ordinary long-term service housing because both arrangements bring services to the clients’ homes and the clients do not need services 24 hours a day. The income limits for home care charges would be raised.

Long-term service housing with 24-h assistance would be considered equal to long-term institutional care as both service arrangements provide clients with intensive 24-hour care. The Act would require that a client shall have at least EUR 160 at his or her personal disposal in service housing with 24-h assistance. In institutional care, the sum is EUR 108.

The Act is scheduled to enter into force on 1 January 2021.


北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 12月9日,全球36个中国文化中心首个古琴培训班在斯德哥尔摩圆满落下帷幕。


















北欧绿色邮报网报道(特约报道员王一加)-12月8日,2018年诺贝尔物理学奖、化学奖及经济学奖得主们在瑞典斯德哥尔摩大学Aula Magna礼堂向瑞典学生呈现了一场生动有趣并且振奋人心的演讲。


8日的报告会由诺贝尔物理学奖、化学奖及经济学奖评选委员会瑞典皇家科学院负责人主持开幕。这位主持嘉宾提到,“虽然作为一个生物学家,我很遗憾阿尔弗雷德·诺贝尔没有为生物设立一个奖项,但我很高兴看到今年诺贝尔物理学奖和化学奖的研究成果都对生物和医学领域有巨大的影响。所有的学科分支其实最终都是遵循大自然中最基本的法则,并且以一种超乎我们想象的方式紧密交织联系着。”随后,2018年诺贝尔物理学奖得主Arthur AshkinGérard MourouDonna Strickland,化学奖得主George P. SmithSir Gregory P. WinterFrances H. Arnold,以及经济学奖得主William D. NordhausPaul M. Romer都分别针对他们的研究成果对现场以及收看网络视频直播的观众做出了十分精彩并且深入浅出的演讲报告。

值得一提的是,今年的诺贝尔物理学奖得主Arthur Ashkin是历届诺奖获得者中年纪最大的一位,96岁高龄的他由于身体不便没能到现场,但他通过一个短视频向大家传达了问候,并表示他的好朋友René-Jean Essiambre会代替他做演讲,希望大家能喜欢。除了Arthur Ashkin,今天两位女性获奖者的报告尤为出众,并不单单是因为女性获奖者在所有诺奖获得者中所占比例较低,最主要的是因为她们今天的演讲新颖活泼、浅显易懂。除了有坚实的实验数据作支撑,这两位女性获奖者都采用了视频动画的形式将原本深奥难懂的科学原理展现得惟妙惟肖,也根据现实生活中人人能懂的例子向大家解释了她们的发现和发明。比如, Donna教授将不同颜色的光波比喻成身高不同的篮球运动员,Frances教授则将生命密码比喻成贝多芬的交响曲。观众席上时不时传出阵阵笑声和掌声,很多非专业领域的观众都表示对她们两位的演讲印象深刻,也能大致理解她们的研究成果及其所带来的深远影响。除此之外,经济学奖的两位获奖者则就气候变暖等环境变化同人类经济行为之间存在的紧密联系等方面做了相关讲解和探讨。

昨日,今年诺比尔生理医学奖得主James P. Allison和Tasuku Honjo也在瑞典卡罗林斯卡医学院Aula Medica礼堂做了关于肿瘤免疫治疗方面的演讲报告。他们表示,越来越多的研究表明,很多癌症均可通过免疫疗法治疗,预计到2030年,免疫疗法将会占所有癌症治疗方式的90%。“癌症变成一种慢性病指日可待,未完待续”。



So many accidents, do you think Americans are stupid?

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Since Iraq war I decided not to speak about politics because the real politics was power politics. But politics often comes to you and you have to think a little bit.

Recently Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou was arrested by Canadian police.  It happened just before or after Trump and Xi meeting. Some people said it was a coincidence.

If I remember clearly, when Xi visited Trump in the latter’s home garden in Florida, just before they began to talk, Trump told Xi that he had just sent a very advanced bomb to Syria.

And Xi was like when Liu Bei met Cao Cao. When Cao Cao said to  Liu Bei, do you know who are the heros in this world? Liu Bei said I don’t know. Cao Cao said, only you and I are heros in this world. Liu Bei was shocked while outside there was a thunderstorm.  Liu said oh, I am sorry, I was afraid of the thunderstorm.

Some people think it was just an accident that Trump wanted to give this gift to Xi. And Xi said oh, Trump, I understand your meaning.  Then they began to talk again.

Long time ago in 1999 when Clinton administration was in power, America went to Kosovo and bombed Yugoslavia. By the way they also bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Three people were killed.  And they were two journalists and one family member.  Afterwards the American side said it was a mistake. They used a wrong map.

In 2002 when I visited Las Vigas, I met a group of American men and they said to me it was an accident, right? I said, yes, it is an accident.

But Chinese wisdom is that anything cannot repeat three times.  If it repeats three times or more, it means something serious. So I like to ask that, Are Americans so stupid to have such many accidents?









我到办公室一看,灯火通明,王国庆主任也来了。播音员原能刚从楼上下来。我一看时间已经6点30多了。大家都很高兴,甚至是很兴奋地谈论着,英语部再次进行直播,插播新闻Breaking News. 这是我上班四个月以来从来没有见过的。




其实,我这个职务是新闻班中最低的一个,也是最后一关,其实也是非常重要的一关,叫PE就是program editor.

PE 就负责写节目单,搞清楚先对美东海岸,西海岸,然后是澳新。晚上对欧洲时我就不用管了。但是,这么简单的工作,如果弄混了,也会犯及其严重的错误。另外,在高度紧张的情况下,你还能不能沉着的录音也是个问题。有的人关键时刻手发抖了。因此,很快,其他人都到时效差一些的报道和专题部去了。只有我留在了这里。我的导师金梅芬是一个比较苛刻的人,但是,对我却是十分的和蔼。她说,小陈行!我受到鼓励,就屁颠屁颠地努力工作。尽力认真做好每一项任务。尽管是地位最低的,但是,我们必须从最低的做起。更低的是糊信封。













今日头条:冰岛庆祝独立100周年 芬兰发去贺信

北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 历史上的今天是冰岛一个只有大约35万人口的小国独立100周年纪念日。冰岛是1918年从挪威和丹麦统治下独立的。到1944年建立的共和国。




Iceland is celebrating the centenary of its independence and sovereignty on Saturday 1 December. Prime Minister Juha Sipilä has congratulated Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir on Iceland’s 100th anniversary.

In his congratulatory letter, Sipilä affirmed Finland’s commitment to the further development of the excellent relations between the two countries and wished Iceland continued success in the future.

Finland will also mark Iceland’s centenary by flying the national flag and illuminating the seaside façade of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ main building. The Ministry of the Interior has issued an order on flying the national flag at the Government Palace and Parliament in honour of the 100th anniversary of Iceland’s independence. Flags are to be raised at 8.00 and lowered at 16.00. The Ministry of the Interior recommends that the national flag be flown throughout the country.

The Ministry for Foreign affairs will celebrate Iceland’s anniversary by illuminating the seaside façade of its main building, Merikasarmi in the Katajanokka district of Helsinki. The illumination of Merikasarmi will also mark Romania’s centenary. The Merikasarmi façade will be lit up from Friday evening through Sunday morning. The illumination is also a part of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ own 100-year celebration.


Australian Chinese Professor Bai Xuemei receives her Volvo Environment Prize Today

Australian Chinese Professor Bai Xuemei receives her Volvo Environment Prize Today nov. 28, 2018 in Stockholm.

New -Delhi _1800px

New Delhi is one of the megacities in the Global South with a metropolitan population of 26 million.

“Sustainability will be won or lost in cities”

Professor Xuemei Bai, a leading expert and thought leader on urbanization and sustainability, receives the Volvo Environment Prize 2018. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and the trend keeps growing at an unprecedented rate. In future we will need drastically different ways of planning, building and governing cities, says Xuemei Bai.

Cities have been the cradles and powerhouses of new ideas and movements from time immemorial. They still are – from the industrial revolution in Birmingham in the 18th century to the breakneck speed of economic growth in Bangalore, India, today.

The lure of a better life attracts millions of people to the cities of the world. For the first time in history more people are living in cities than in rural areas. And this way of living is set to continue: by 2050 more than two thirds of the world population will live in urban areas.

– Urbanization is arguably one of the biggest social transformations of our time says Xuemei Bai, professor in Urban Environment and Human Ecology at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Born and raised in China, living in Japan for many years and now an Australian citizen, she is a leading expert on how to make rapidly growing cities more liveable, sustainable and resilient. Her focus is on Asia and the global South. For while cities in the North try – and sometimes succeed – in becoming smart, green and carbon-neutral, cities such as Lagos, Nigeria, have grown 100-fold and are environmental nightmares. In just two generations, Lagos went from a population of 200,000 to nearly 20 million. It is wealthy in parts, but largely chaotic and with many residents living in slums not connected to water or sanitation systems, and with momentous traffic congestion and air full of fumes. Projections show that if Nigeria’s population continues to grow, Lagos could become the world’s largest metropolis, home to perhaps 85 million people, with drastic environmental consequences.

Xuemei -Bai -picture -3-MF_1039_1800px

But other megacities are growing at an even faster rate, such as Guangzhou and Beijing in China and Kinshasa in Democratic Republic of the Congo. In fact all of the top 10 fastest growing megacities are in Asia or Africa. Says Xuemei Bai:

– It is sometimes said that sustainability will be won or lost in cities. I would go one step further and say that sustainability will be won or lost in cities in the Global South.

Nowhere in the world has the scale and speed of urbanization been more overwhelming than in China, with possibly the fastest and largest migration of a human population in history. In just 30 years, nearly 500 million people have moved from rural areas into China’s major cities. This is how China grew its economy at a stunning pace, but it has also resulted in polluted air and contaminated rivers and soil. The Chinese authorities are trying to rectify some of the mistakes but the task will probably take generations.

At the core of Xuemei Bai’s research is how to do the right things when new urban areas are built. Cities have a huge impact, with about 75 % of CO2-emissions from energy use traceable back to cities. Making cities sustainable will mean aiming for processes similar to those in natural ecosystems, reducing input and output and making material and energy use more circular.

– We need to approach cities as a human-dominant complex ecosystem and manage them as such. If we do that I believe there is a bright future for humans and their cities.


北欧绿色邮报网北欧中华网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 中国驻瑞典大使桂从友27日晚在斯德哥尔摩看望了来瑞典学习考察的合肥市优秀企业家境外培训班全体学员。








北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 11月19日,桂从友大使在使馆与瑞典隆德大学东亚协会的16名学生座谈。





芬兰:言论有自由但言论也要有规范 仇恨和欺凌的言论不要

A broad working group established to consider actions against hate speech and online bullying

Ministry of Education and Culture Ministry of Justice Ministry of the Interior 27.11.2018 14.01
Press release 138/2018

Actions against hate speech and online bullying will be intensified through cooperation between an expert working group and public officials. The Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education and Culture have together established a project to prepare proposals for more efficiently preventing hate speech punishable under the Criminal Code of Finland and harassment prohibited by law and for promoting a discussion culture that takes other people into consideration.

The working group is chaired by archbishop emeritus Kari Mäkinen. The expert working group also has representatives from the Office of the Prosecutor General, the Council for Mass Media, Helsinki Police Department, the Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations and the Union of Local Youth Councils, for example.

Humiliation, threatening and insulting, for example, have increased in online discussion in the last few years. At its extreme, the trend will increase the feeling of insecurity and prevent people from exercising their freedom of speech, which is secured in the Constitution of Finland, due to fear of becoming subject to hate speech or hate campaigns.

In this project, hate speech means all forms of expression that spread, urge, promote or justify ethnic hate, xenophobism, antisemitism or other hate that is based on intolerance. Hate speech also relates to other means of influence, such as disinformation and fake news.

More efficient cooperation with civil society

The purpose of the working group is to gather together ongoing actions for preventing hate speech and propose new short- and long-term actions. The working group must ensure that the actions implemented by the authorities and civil society against hate speech and online bullying, and the exchange of information, are better coordinated and consistent in the future.

It will also prepare proposals for promoting a respectful discussion culture that takes other people into consideration. This should also include measures for determining how information on hate speech, online bullying and their effects and consequences can be disseminated among citizens.

”We must promote a discussion culture that respects everybody’s human dignity and parity, which in part promotes the realisation of freedom of speech,” says Kai Mykkänen, Minister of the Interior.

”Free discussion, freedom of speech and the freedom to criticise are all part of democracy. They should all be promoted in Finland. However, a broad freedom of speech does not protect actions whose intention is to insult others. All of us have the obligation to promote a constructive social atmosphere,” says Antti Häkkänen, Minister of Justice.

”Schools and homes have an important role to bring up broad-minded, caring people who respect others. Hate speech can be recognised through multiliteracy, which is needed by adults and young people alike. By promoting multiliteracy, we want to ensure capabilities to strengthen democratic values, awareness of human rights and experience about involvement, says Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, Minister of Education.


北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)–  “瑞典人眼中的中国”摄影展将于12月15日-22日在斯德哥尔摩中国文化中心举行。

瑞典人眼中的中国“ 图片展

2018 北京、张家界、桂林和新疆图片展

“瑞典人眼中的中国”图片展是由北欧绿色邮报网(Green Post)和瑞典照相机与图片杂志(Kamera & Bild)联合举办的。我们一起联合举办此次展览的目的就是要展示中国的文化和自然景观是那么的丰富多彩。希望我们的展览能给您留下更深刻的印象。



瑞典照相机与图片杂志(Kamera & Bild)和Zoom旅游局一起安排了到世界各地进行摄影旅游的项目。今年11月,瑞典著名景观摄影师卡拉斯.基石(Claes Grundsten)和杂志摄影记者约翰.维塞尔率领15人组成的摄影爱好者旅游团到中国去摄影旅游。他们去了北京的长城,著名的景点虎跳峡,张家界国家公园和素有桂林山水甲天下之美誉的桂林漓江等令人瞠目的著名景点。

展出地点:斯德哥尔摩中国文化中心,Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2, Stockholm.




















Info:”China‘s Landscape in Swedish Eyes” Photo Exhibition to be held in Chinese Cultural Center in Stockholm on Dec 15-22

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

A special Photo Exhibition on China’s beautiful landscape in Beijing, Zhangjiajie, Guilin and Xinjiang Autonomous Region  will be held in Chinese Cultural Center in Stockholm on Dec 15-22.

                “China’s  landscape in Swedish Eyes” Photo Exhibition

2018 Photo Exhibition of Beijing, Zhangjiajie, Lijiang and Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

The exhibition is jointly held by Green Post, a webb newspaper and multi-media and Kamera & Bild Magazine.

China is a multifaceted country with large variety of landscape and places with many different kinds of cultures meeting. Tourism has a great future in China both for Chinese and foreigners. There is a lot to see here! Here we show you the photos from two different tours.

Web newspaper Green Post editor Xuefei Chen Axelsson went to Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in western China in Aug. 24-31 this year together with 14 journalists from 13 countries along the silk road countries to see Xinjiang’s development in tourism industry. The project goes along with the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping. She visited Urumqi, Changji, Burqin, Altay and Kanas where there are rich tourism resources. The landscape includes Gobi, forests, Mountains and lakes. The Yadan landscape was formed by wind but the name was given by Swedish explorer Sven Hedin. The trip is worthwhile and the purpose was to wake some interest for both industries and tourists.

Magazine Kamera & Bild arranges various photo trips to various parts of the world regularly with travel bureau Zoom. In November this year, a group of 15 photo enthusiasts led by Swedish famous landscape photographer Claes Grundsten and photo journalist Johan Wessel. The group visited Beijing and Great Wall, the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge, National Park Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province in Central China and the beautiful longji in River Li in Guilin city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in South China.

Through our pictures, together we like to show you some Chinese rich culture and beautiful natural landscape. We hope to give you some deeper impression about China.


Journalists, Photographers and Photograph lovers:

Claes Grundsten         Johan Wessel             Charlie Malmqvist

Lena Weilandt             Patrik Brolin                Kitty Eide Larsson

Anna Bernström          Eva Pettersson            Hans-Åke Olsson

Liz Löfstrand               Anders Petersson        Leif Lundin

Xuefei Chen Axelsson


The time for the exhibition will be from Dec. 15 to 22.  13:00-18:00. open to public.

Guided tour: 14:00,   16:00.

The opening ceremony will be held at 11:30 Dec. 15.(by invitation)

And closing ceremony will be held at 16:30 -17:30 on Dec. 21.

That will be a celebration of the fourth anniversary of China-Europe Cultural Association and the Christmas and New Year celebration concert!

Organizer: Green Post,  Kamera & Bild Magazine.

Address: China Cultural Center  in Stockholm.

Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2,  Kungsträdgården,  Stockholm.

Free Entry!


今日头条: 2018人工智能峰会在斯德哥尔摩成功举办

北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)–  2018人工智能峰会19日在瑞典皇家理工学院成功举办。中国驻瑞典大使桂从友19日出席在瑞典皇家理工学院举办的2018人工智能论坛并致辞。瑞典创新署署长伊萨克松和住房与数字发展部国务秘书卡尔松和使馆科技处戴钢参赞也出席了人工智能峰会。

2018Al峰会由AI Hub, IT&Telekomföretagen and Teknikföretagen联合组织召开的。峰会由AI Hub创始人程颖博士和Michael Collaros主持。程颖博士说,AI Hub的目的就是为AI人才和公司进行交流互通的平台。

瑞典皇家理工学院教授Leif Handberg 首先致开幕词。他很自豪地说,这里曾经是瑞典最早的核反应堆的旧址。1982年消除了核辐射,改装成了音乐室、舞蹈室和会议室,人们可以看到角落里还有钢琴,四周的布置都是通过各种灯光影响来营造一个温馨良好的会议氛围。这也是瑞典积极推广的科学要与艺术相结合。他欢迎大家来参加AI大会。

Anna-Karin Hatt, Almega总裁是瑞典前国家信息能源部部长。Almega是瑞典最大的和在政界、工业界最具影响力的企业联盟集团。瑞典所有的大公司(ABB, Volvo等)都属于其成员,总共有超过11000多公司成员,雇佣50多万人就业。她说,瑞典信息产业一直发展很好,名列前茅,但是,越是在这个时候,越要小心,不要不以为然,不知不觉被人超越。因此,瑞典必须在数字化,数字化养老等多方面继续加强研发和应用,更好地服务大众。她在强调发展人工智能的同时,一定要注意人工智能的积极正面发展,防止负面发展,她欢迎大家积极讨论这个问题。







林雪平大学副教授Fredrik Heintz介绍了瑞典人工智能政策和欧盟政策及投入情况。同时,他也强调,瑞典可以在人工智能应用方面继续加大力度。

据程颖介绍, AI Hub的成立就是大家互相联系的结果,在瑞典大家有互相请喝茶的习惯,喝着茶或咖啡,大家进行头脑风暴,然后就碰撞出富有创意的火花来。

论坛召开之前,他们也带领瑞典人工智能方面的公司到中国杭州和南京去,结果反响非常好,双方都很乐意合作。AI Hub也是一个为AI公司和人士提供交流的平台。



首先是瑞典著名大公司ÅF商务部经理Martin Kwasniewski介绍数字双胞胎概念的价值。

然后是IBM商务开发部,智能与识别技术负责人Patrick Counch介绍了IBM的人工智能未来计划。


爱立信公司机器智能和自动化研发主任Elena Fersman介绍了爱立信的人工智能创新情况。

最后是浙江大学人工智能研究所主任吴飞教授通过skype 介绍了中国人工智能教育和创新的未来。