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今日头条:冰岛庆祝独立100周年 芬兰发去贺信

北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 历史上的今天是冰岛一个只有大约35万人口的小国独立100周年纪念日。冰岛是1918年从挪威和丹麦统治下独立的。到1944年建立的共和国。




Iceland is celebrating the centenary of its independence and sovereignty on Saturday 1 December. Prime Minister Juha Sipilä has congratulated Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir on Iceland’s 100th anniversary.

In his congratulatory letter, Sipilä affirmed Finland’s commitment to the further development of the excellent relations between the two countries and wished Iceland continued success in the future.

Finland will also mark Iceland’s centenary by flying the national flag and illuminating the seaside façade of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ main building. The Ministry of the Interior has issued an order on flying the national flag at the Government Palace and Parliament in honour of the 100th anniversary of Iceland’s independence. Flags are to be raised at 8.00 and lowered at 16.00. The Ministry of the Interior recommends that the national flag be flown throughout the country.

The Ministry for Foreign affairs will celebrate Iceland’s anniversary by illuminating the seaside façade of its main building, Merikasarmi in the Katajanokka district of Helsinki. The illumination of Merikasarmi will also mark Romania’s centenary. The Merikasarmi façade will be lit up from Friday evening through Sunday morning. The illumination is also a part of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ own 100-year celebration.