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SCT:Experience Chinese Embassy Open House in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM, June 13(Greenpost, Chineseonline)– Chinese Embassy in Sweden held Open House in Stockholm on Sunday.

Chinese Ambassador Gui Congyou and his wife Madame Song Jingli who leads Sunshine class at the Embassy and the whole Embassy staff welcomed over 100 guests from Stockholm Future School and Stockholm University. The following video shows a glance of the Open House.

Filmed and produced by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Ambassador Gui Congyou Meets with Members of the Professional Foreign Correspondents Association

 STOCKHOLM, May 30(Greenpost)–On 23 May, Ambassador Gui Congyou met with foreign journalists in Sweden from the Professional Foreign Correspondents Association (PROFOCA), including its Chairperson Ms. Chen Xuefei and Secretary General Mr. Wasserman, at the Embassy. Political Counsellor Zhang Biao attended the meeting.

Ambassador Gui spoke positively of the interest PROFOCA gives to China. He said that China, since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, has made remarkable achievements and captured the interest of more and more media outlets. With China becoming increasingly open, it is hoped that foreign journalists will have a deeper understanding of China and report the stories of China objectively and truthfully, so as to play a positive role in improving the understanding of China by Sweden and other countries in the world.

The foreign journalists in Sweden said that the development of China has attracted broad attention from the international community. China’s innovation and technological achievements, such as mobile payment and high-speed rail, have taken the lead in the world. They will go to China more often to conduct field interviews and introduce the real China to Sweden and the world, on the basis of the principle of objective and balanced reporting.

Source: Chinese Embassy

   SCEA and China-Sweden Startup Forum encourage young entrepreneurs to come to China

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, May 29 (Greenpost) – Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association sponsored China-Sweden Startup Forum has encouraged Swedish young people to come to China to establish their businesses.

Being held in Stockholm’s KTH on May 25, over a hundred Swedish students and overseas Chinese students attended a forum titled Dragon Slide meaning that people are afraid of going to Chinese market, but the Chinese Dragon will actually bring a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Zhang Qiaozhen, President of Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association opened the forum and explained the mission of her association.

Zhang Qiaozhen said her association has held various summit between China and Sweden. For example, they held Nordic exhibition gallery during China International Cultural Fairs in Shenzhen in early May. In November they will participate in the China International Technology Achievement Fair (High-tech Fair) and host Nordic exhibition gallery to build up bridges in science and culture between Nordic countries and China. She called on young entrepreneurs to participate in her Nordic exhibition gallery in November this year.

She said under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, China has lowered its development speed and sought for high quality and efficiency. China is stepping on the green and low carbon and sustainable development road. This will not only be conducive to Chinese people but also contribute to the global development. Sweden has a lot of good experience worthwhile for China to learn.

Zhang Qiaozhen’s speech won a lot of response from the young entrepreneurs.

Juan Mauritz, founder of Swedish Startup Forum and SISP Chinese regional director Ulf Borbos also introduced their responsibilities at the opening of the forum.

Daigang, Counselor of Science and Technology of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden also attended the forum. He discussed the startups with Zhang Qiaozhen during the forum.

During the forum, Swedish entrepreneurs and professionals explained why people should go to China to develop with their own experiences and the difficulties and lessons.

The forum also arranged a program called Explore China meaning that they will arrange students to visit China and 777 students registered. Finally 16 were selected to have the chance to go to China to visit enterprises.

Many people are interested in exploring China, but they have language and cultural difficulties and that is what Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association likes to serve for them.

The forum attracted one than a hundred students and young entrepreneurs and they also commended the forum is very interesting and informative.

Text/Xuefei Chen Axelsson,

Photo/ provided by Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association.

Editor/ Xuefei Chen Axelsson


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