China becomes 1st largest industrial robot market worldwide

BEIJING, Oct. 16 (Xinhua) — China sold 57,000 sets of industrial robots in 2014, up 55 percent year on year, said Xu Xiaolan, the executive member of China Economic and Social Council on Friday.
The number accounted for one quarter of the total sales number in the world, indicating that China has become the first largest industrial robot market globally for two consecutive years. Enditem

Special conference on Belt and Road concludes in Beijing

BEIJING, Oct. 16 (Xinhua) — A special conference of Asian political parties concluded in Beijing Friday, with participants voicing support for China’s Belt and Road initiative.
Hosted by the Communist Party of China, the Asian Political Parties’ Special Conference on the Silk Road opened on Wednesday. Delegates of over 60 political parties and organizations from more than 30 countries on four continents attended the conference.
According to a document titled “Beijing Initiative” announced during the concluding meeting of the conference, China’s Belt and Road Initiative is warmly welcomed and supported by leaders and representatives of the political parties and organizations.
The leaders and representatives believe that the Belt and Road Initiative offers a new opportunity for countries along the Silk Road to attain common development on a mutually beneficial basis, and brings new hope for countries to “overcome temporary difficulties.”
They called on relevant countries to participate in, plan and build the Belt and Road projects together, thereby turning the initiative’s grand vision into reality, according to the “Beijing Initiative.”
Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao said at the concluding meeting that the conference has achieved significant results. He called on political parties, industrial and commercial circles as well as media organizations to make joint efforts to push forward construction of the Belt and Road.
Earlier on Friday, Li met with guests from Thailand and Sudan who were attending the conference.  Enditem






Better care with 6-hour workday in Gothenburg

 Av Xuefei Chen Axelsson
STOCKHOLM, Oct. 19 (Greenpost)--Six-hour workday has so far proved to be a good policy for Svartedalen elder care home in Gothenburg, according to a press release from Gothenburg.

Fewer sick leaves, improved continuity and less stressed employees are the effects of 6-hour workday in Gothenburg. These are the findings in the first partial research report of the 6-hour workday project at Svartedalen elder care home.

Even the elders at Svartedalen feel like they get a better care and more time with the staff. In interviews they describe the staff as more alert and happier. They also feel that they have more time for activities and greater autonomy. Councillor Daniel Bernmar (Left Party) is not surprised about the positive results.

– Already in the spring, we could meet a happier and less stressed group of staff. They talked about how they gave a better care to the elders and got more time for their families, he says.

Bernmar also argues that the project shows that Gothenburg is open to innovations in working life and dare to try new approaches.

– We run this project to show that it is possible to reduce the working hours with good results and to share best practices, he says.