Xinjiang Official says the trainees graduated in Xinjiang the west has exaggerated it too much

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 9 (Greenpost) — Xinjiang governor Zhakeer said this morning at a press conference in Beijing that all the students who have been educated in the education center have graduated and found jobs. The education center will be an open training place continuing to serve as a school or training center for those local people who need it.

Zhakeer said western media has far exaggerated the number of people who had been received education in order to get rid of their extremism ideas and teach them Chinese language and a skill that they choose. This education has paved the way for them to get a job.

Three years ago, from 1990 to 2016, thousands of violent cases took place including the July 5, 2009 attack in Urumqi where 197 people were killed by violence. Several cases of attacking police in southern Xinjiang also took place.

The worst one was in Kunming railway station, 6 people were stabbed to death. A car was driven to the Tiananmen Square on October 28, 2013 and the car was exploded.

These violence and attacks shocked the Chinese people and government. This was a wave of terrorist attacks by people with terrorist ideas and spreaded by ISIS or Islamic extremists.

After thorough investigation by anti terrorists experts, Xinjiang government opened the education center and let those who were suspected of having extremism ideas, uneducated violent young people and trouble makers come to the center to learn about Chinese laws, Chinese languages and a skill.

This was accused by the western media as brain wash. But this brain wash is for the good sake. It is to wash away their strange ideas. For example, some muslims thought that those who were not muslim were dirty and did not allow them to go to their shop or restaurant. Some thought that it was not wrong to attach the police and thought the police were doomed to death.

These ideas were typical islamic fundamentalist ideas. After education, many of them realized that what they did or thought were wrong. And through the education which was quite practical by training them also singing or dancing and speaking Chinese and be able to communicate with others.

It has been a great measure that change Xinjiang to a completely peaceful and safe area now. Meanwhile, Chinese government invested a lot to develop the area.

Zhakeer gave a lot of numbers concerning the tourists and economic growth. More importantly, many Xinjiang people feel Xinjiang is safe and prosperous now.

The US has recently passed a bill on Xinjiang too after it passed a bill on Hong Kong. This has really shown how the US was desperate to put pressure on China even though the latter did the right thing.

Afterall, where the terrorism came from? It came from the American big stick when it bombed Yugosavia, fought with Russia, Bombed Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq. These also attraced terrorist attack against America such as suicide car bombing in American Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

Later the attack on the twin towers aroused the Bush Administration of attacking Iraq even if the UN inspectors didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction.

America has gone too far on the wrong path leaving it notorious around the world. Then when Trump came to power, he wanted to withdraw. That was the right decision, because the US cannot afford to fight too many wars. But now it launched trade wars with the world. With this war, it began to support violent protestors in Hong Kong despite the majority suffered from the violence there.

The terrorists came from the hatred against America and then hatred against anyone. It came from blood shed.

It is just hoped that China and US can reach some kind of agreement which will not lead to further violence or instability. When the big brother or world police cannot do the right thing, the small devils will do the same.

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