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从2016年2月1日起,议员的月工资是6407欧元,服务12年后,月工资将增长到6887欧元。 议会议长月工资是11792欧元, 副议长月工资是9830欧元。议员的工资都是税前工资。议会议长专门成立一个三人小组委员会决定议员工资。




Ministerial pay and allowances and ministers’ private interests

Ministerial pay and allowances are defined in the act on the Members of Parliament’s salary. A minister’s salary equals that paid to the deputy speaker of Parliament minus five per cent. The salary paid to the prime minister equals that of the speaker of Parliament minus five per cent.
Act on the Member of Parliament’s salary – Finlex (in Finnish and Swedish only)
Act on Ministers’ Pay and Allowances – Finlex 

Ministers serving as Members of Parliament are also entitled to Member of Parliament’s salary and expense allowance. However, Members of Parliament appointed as ministers forfeit half of the salary and expense allowance they receive from Parliament.
Member of Parliament’s salary – Parliament 

Ministerial salaries

Currently, ministers receive EUR 9 102,84 per month and the prime minister EUR 10 920,06 per month. Ministerial salary is subject to tax.

MPs’ salaries and pensions

From 1st of February 2016 Members of Parliament are paid a salary of 6,407 euros a month, with the figure rising to 6,887 euros after 12 years of service. The Speaker receives 11,792 euros and the Deputy Speakers 9,830 euros a month. MPs’ pay is taxable income. A three-person remuneration committee appointed by the Speakers decides on MPs’ pay.


Supplement for chairs

In addition to their salary as MPs, committee chairs receive a monthly supplement of 720 euros. The figure for the chairs of the Grand Committee, the Constitutional Law Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee,  the Finance Committee and the Audit Committee is 1,188 euros. Within the Finance Committee the chair of the Subcommittee for Tax Affairs and Subcommittee for Administration och Security receives a monthly supplement of 720 euros and the other subcommittee chairs receive 475 euros. This supplement is not paid if a subcommittee chair is entitled to a committee chair´s supplement.

Parliamentary group chairs receive a monthly supplement of 1,188 euros if the group has 16 or more members and 720 euros if it has 3-15 members. No supplement is paid if a group has only one or two members.

Separate remuneration is not paid for attending committee meetings, nor do evening and weekend sessions increase MP´s earnings.

Compensation for expenses

In addition to salary, MPs receive compensation for expenses ranging from 990 to 1,810 euros a month, depending on where they live and whether they have a second home in the Helsinki metropolitan area.


MPs are entitled to travel free of charge by rail, scheduled flight and coach in Finland and by taxi in the Helsinki metropolitan area for purposes related to legislative work.

The Remuneration Committee sets the pay of MPs

The chair and two members of the Remuneration Committee, none of whom may be an MP or a parliamentary civil servant, are elected for a four-year term by the Speakers of Parliament.

The chair convenes the Committee, which is quorate when all of its members are present. The Speakers may issue supplementary orders concerning the actions of the Committee.

The Speakers of Parliament have appointed a Remuneration Committee for the period 1 Jan 2013 – 31 Dec 2016. It is chaired by Jouni Ekuri and the members are Riitta-Leena Paunio and Seppo Junttila. The Remuneration Committee appointed Erkki Kurikka as its secretary.

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