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Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Editor, reporter for Green Post and director of Sweden-China Bridge

Green Post

A web media focuses on greener news, features and anything

that concerns life and death like sustainability issues. It is under Sweden-China Bridge.  Sweden-China Bridge is a company that is engaged in building bridge between China and Sweden in environment protection, green tech, new energy and healthy society as well as cultural events.  It has helped dozens of Chinese delegations to visit Sweden to learn from Sweden in small town construction, environment, water treatment, waste recycling, new energy and many others. It also serves as interpretor,  guide, translator, language expert and produce photo, radio and video programs about Sweden and Chinese in Sweden.

It is non-profitable and  if you like it, you are welcome

to donate a little bit so that the maintenance and update

can be done.



Drejargatan 1

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Telephone: 00 46 708261336

email: chenxuefei7@hotmail.com

wechat: chenxuefei7

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