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Turning point against COVID-19 has not come yet, says China

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, Feb. 22(Greenpost) — Today a news was spreading around the wechat circle. That was Academician Zhong Nanshan smiled. Dr. Zhong was considered as a hero in anti-SARS campaign in 2003 because he was one of the first who declared this was a serious epidemic and caused attention from the government.

Dr. Zhong Nanshan Smiles

Donations from Swedish Chinese and Chinese business to send out

This time Dr. Zhong was also the most authoritative voice saying that the corona virus could spread from person to person and at a faster speed.

When he was interviewed before, he was very serious and looked a bit tired and stressed. He almost cried when he was interviewed for the first time when he mentioned that Wuhan people sang the national song through the windows in the evening after the order was issued that Wuhan city was closed and all the people should stay at home.

Donations from Sweden received.

It was indeed very moving and respectful for Wuhan people because in front of the sudden attack of the virus and the determined order of closing a city which has a population of 14 million. It was not an easy decision because even after the decision, Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xingwang was still saying that this was historic and if anything wrong with it, he would like to shoulder the responsibility.

Some people thought he should have closed Wuhan even earlier, but it is indeed understandable that the decision needed scientific evaluation which took time and efforts.

Dr. Li Wenliang was infected.

Dr. Zhong was 84 years old and he was very respectful. Both leaders and people really listen to him and thus a lot of notices were issued or advised with his name. But when mentioned Dr. Li Wenliang who first issued the news in his Wechat circle among friends and colleagues but got infected and died at age of 34, Dr. Zhong said Li was a hero and he should be respected too. At that moment, tears also sheded from his eyes.

But yesterday at a press conference in Guangzhou, he took off his mask and smiled. This smile implied a relief that the COVID-19 had been under control. The newly infected cases have decreased for a consecutive 16 days outside Hubei province. He did not say the turning point has come. He said Wuhan is still the heavily infected area. But the trend is in positive direction.

According to news from CDC China the newly diagnosed cases reached to 397 while the new death cases reached to 109 with accumulated cases reaching to 76288 and death toll 2345 and recovered cases 20659. Recovered number goes beyond 20 thousand.

Yesterday they also lifted observation for 26441 people. Accumulated close contacts were 618915 people and 113564 of them are still on observation.

Hubei has 366 newly diagnosed infected cases while 1767 cases were recovered yesterday. 106 people including 90 from Wuhan died. Total death accumulated to 2345 people.

47647 people in Hubei have been identified as infected and Hubei’s beds in hospital also almost reached 40 thousand. Thus those who are in need can possibly get a bed. 10892 people are severely infected. 13557 people have recovered and left hospital so far in Hubei province.

During the campaign against the COVID-19, Chinese medicine exerted a great role. Dr. Zhong Nanshan said Chinese medicine can exert a role in alleviating the symptom.

Many Chinese medicine doctors used many kinds of herbal medicine to clear the lung and improve the immune system so that the patients can have more strength to fight against the virus.

The theory is that Chinese medicine is used to improve patients’ immune systems while the western medicine theory is to combat the virus and reduce infections but the side effect is very serious.

Chinese medicine doctors even teach the patients to play Baduanjin, a kind of Taiji exercise. They treat each patient with personal treatment and the result was quite good. The Chinese medicine is used to treat the light infected patients and prevented them from getting worse.

China’s control of the COVID-19 is seen as effective because it avoided large scale infection around the world. By closing down the big city and controlling spread of virus, many people believe this could only be done in China under the leadership of the CPC. Chinese government under the leadership of President Xi and CPC have taken stronger measures to control the spreading with the leading role played by respected doctors and nurses and party members.

China has exerted its advantage and tradition of helping each other among all provinces, for example 16 provinces provided help with their capacity to Hubei province and overseas Chinese also gave donations of masks from the beginning to Hubei provinces hospitals. Two years ago when I was in Xinjiang, they said they were grateful for 19 brotherly provinces to support them. Now when Hubei suffers from COVID-19, sister areas in Xinjiang donated a lot of apples to Hubei showing the Chinese culture of helping each other when in need.

It is worthwhile to mention that there was one city in Hubei province closed its city a week earlier and the infection was substantially reduced. Sichuan province and Henan Province were also very strict in preventing the virus from spreading and very effective.

Zhejiang province got second most infections since it has close relations with Hubei province. But Zhejiang province took even more strict measures in controlling the spreading of the virus and put it under control sooner.

Zhang Jixian who found 7 cases and reported to CDC first.

So far, many provinces have resumed production and workers in western China were sent back to eastern regions with chartered airplanes or chartered fast trains since the traffic became rare during the Chinese Spring Festival.

Many Chinese said this spring festival was very special, but it was also normal because this year all the families must stay at home and children don’t need to go back to school so soon.

Many feel panic and worried while many others use the chance to study or do something more interesting in addition to dance and exercise at home.

With Wechat, people can share information and encourage each other or help each other.

Chinese humor also appeared during the anti virus campaign. For example love was sent through the message and the answer can be “lets not meet now.”

One of humor was very interesting and here I translated it as the following:

Wuhan has made eight contributions to the world:

  1. Hong Kong demonstrators stopped demonstration.
  2. Macaos casino was closed for the first time in history.
  3. 60 weeks demonstration in France stopped due to a woman from Wuhan arriving there.
  4. Middle East war fairs are somewhat decreasing.
  5. All the outside school courses have stopped. Education ministry could not stop it, but Wuhan did it.
  6. The large scale eating and drinking life style stopped overnight. Even Chinese disciplinary committee could not stop it before.
  7. Most of the Chinese families became united and harmonious because the husband and wife have to be at home day and night.
  8. During these days, even the thieves stopped stealing because if they go to the street, there are no people and if they visit homes, all family members are there.

In addition, writers, artists and educators are also working at home. Many teachers began online teaching or live broadcast. Many home business started and many innovative ideas came out and actions taken at home with internet.

During the campaign, postmen were very busy and they job quardruppled. Many restaurants were severely affected, but the fast food somewhat better survived.

During the first week people relied on their stored food for the week long spring festival. But after two weeks, people have to go out to buy food and in some area, the practice was that every three days one family can send out one person to buy all the groceries.

The market supply is still there and many provinces donated things they have such as vegetables, apples, cabbage and rice. At beginning, Wuhan gave the vegetables to the market, but after the donor questioned about it, people stopped that action, but it also appeared that the vegetables got rotten because short of personnel to deliver it. Thus, I think it is not a bad idea to send these vegetables to the market sellers either donate or with low cost. Because it is hard for the Red Cross to redistribute these vegetables to every family or hospital or other units. Let market function is not a bad idea.

During the first week, it was somewhat panic because all over the world, the overseas Chinese said they donated goods, but due to the closedown of traffic and many countries stopped airlines, it took longer time for the good to arrive in Wuhan or Hubei, some took two or three weeks.

Due to the panic mentality, there have been some episodes of the news or communication driven by social media to lead to people’s sadness such as Dr. Li Wenliang’s death, the poetic and friendship words on donation packages from Japan aroused a big discussion. Some people said the Japanese are more educated than Chinese who only know to say Cheer up Hubei, Wuhan, or God Bless China. But as more patients were cured and more hospitals were built, the desperate mentality has been cured.

Huoshenshan Hospital was built with 10 days showing Chinese speed.

At the very beginning, China also stunned the world by building a Huoshenshan hospital and a Leishenshan hospital by about ten days. Huoshenshan means God of fire mountain and Leishenshan means God of thunder mountain. The hope is that the fire and thunder will definitely kill the virus with their power or magic working like holy spirits.

In addition to two new hospitals, many Noah Ark like hospitals were also built to host more than 40 thousand patients infected by COVID-19.

It seemed to me that in China, with the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and its 89 million party members, the government gives orders, the enterprises cooperate in keeping supply lines and the society echoed all the calls. So the government, enterprises and society united much better than normal times in front of the disasters.

In this sense, I would like to give the credit to the party members because while in dangerous situation, it was always the party members should step forward and face the danger first.

For example, during this anti virus campaign, over 30 thousand doctors and nurses voluntarily answered the call and went to Wuhan to work in those new hospitals. Most of them are party members and many of them who are not would like to join the party on site. This spirit was really moving.

According to reports, due to the uncertainty before the closedown of Wuhan and later with overload of work and stress, by February 11, 3019 doctors and nurses were infected by COVID-19 virus and 1716 cases were confirmed. Among them, 1502 cases were from Hubei province.

During this campaign, nine doctors including two professor doctors, one hospital president died at work. They have become a martyr for us all.

Yesterday I watched the Oct. 18 201 event simulation meeting organized by Johns Hopkins Health Security Center, World Economic Forum and Bill and Melanda Gates Foundation which discussed a lot about how to deal with such kind of serious virus epidemic or pandemic. This show actually caused a lot of conspiracy views which thought America has known this. But I think the discussion mainly focuses on a scenario that the government and business are difficult to form a partnership and the individualism ideas make people difficult to follow the information or guidance.

Indeed there were many rumours and fake news coming out mainly from anti China chinese in America. For example they smear the Wuhan P4 lab for leaking the virus. But as I interviewed Professor Duan from Karolinska Hospital, it is impossible to a P4 lab to leak anything out. It is a very scientifically built lab which has negative pressure which guarantee for the security. As for the scientists, it is also impossible for scientists to have such a low level ethics or break their ethical bottom line.

Some Chinese in America who suffered a setback during Chinas anti corruption campaign or Falungong related people, they only spread their hatrad, presumptions or fabrications plus their imaginations.

It is not difficult to imagine that Chinese hospitals would be extremely busy even during the normal time, let alone under the current situation.

In my opinion, Chinese system is actually functioning well because it is more centralized and the government answered the call of the people quickly and whole heartedly. Under the principle of putting the people’s lives in the center, Chinese economy is definitely affected.

But I think just because it is Spring Festival time, many production stopped anyway, the most damaged industry is tourism and restaurants and hotels. Thus, this effect is felt not only in China, but also many other countries including nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland.

Now since the virus is somewhat under control, it was reported that about 95 percent of production business began to resume.

For example, workers from Xinjiang were sent to Hunan by chartered airplanes with preventive measures. Slowly workers are on the working places now. So far only the students are still at home to enjoy their holidays.

Nowadays schools open earlier than 30 years ago when I was at university. Then the opening of schools was on March first. Nowadays it was usually after the Spring Festival holiday. Due to COVID-19, students can relax a little bit.

Finally about the COVID-19, it is a new kind of virus which was similar to SARS or MERs but not as deadly as those, but it spread faster. It can also spread to other people before you really have symptoms such as coughing, fever and fatigue. Those who are over 80 years old, the infection rate is 14.8%. The younger people are less likely infected. Those who died are mostly having other diseases such as cardiological problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The main prevention method is to isolate yourself, often wash your hand, don’t touch your face. It can spread by sneeze or spit. So Dr. Zhong adviced people to even pay attention to your shoes. Try to avoid stepping on any spit.

Where in the world comes the virus from?

So far it is still not clear where the virus comes from. According to early first seven cases, four persons came from a seafood and wildlife trading market, but three others didn’t come from there. The latest research from Yunnan branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that the virus does not come from that market because their samples show that it is the same as the other three.

Some people suspect that this virus might be the same as the American flu, or another version of the American flu.

But to be honest, no one knows where and when exactly it came from. It can be estimated that the very first spreading of the virus can be on November 27th. Someone said it might start on mid October, but due to the favorable climate, it didn’t break then. Due to the shrewdness of the virus, it can have longer incubation period of 24 days.

Maybe the cold and wet weather in Wuhan just provides the bed for the virus, it is hard to say. We have to wait and see how the scientists and researchers find out through autopsy and sample studies.

Text by Xuefei Chen Axelsson. Photos from web.

今日头条:瑞典华人科学家段茂利教授应邀出席第九届 世界听神经病大会并作主旨演讲

北欧绿色邮报网、北欧中华网联合报道(记者陈雪霏 查正富)—11月20日,应世界听神经病鼻祖-美国加州大学Arnold Starr教授的邀请,瑞典皇家卡罗林斯卡Karolinska医科大学医院耳鼻咽喉头颈外科专家段茂利出席了第九届 “Annual  Arnold Starr Lecture & Art Exhibition”大会,并做了题为《听神经病的发现历史、发病机制、治疗现状及基因/干细胞治疗听神经病的探索》的精彩报告。这是目前世界上首位华人科学家站在此领域最高讲台作学术报告,刷新了听神经病领域未有华人科学家在此登台“献艺”的空白。

世界听神经病大会每年举办一次,由听神经病之父Arnold Starr教授命名,其突出特点与其他学术会议不同的是,此会议只安排一位科学家作主旨报告,因此入选的条件和门槛要求很高。大会筹委会对照规定的标准和条件,综合各方面因素,每年在全球范围内精选出一位杰出的听神经病、神经科学及耳鼻咽喉科学家作主旨报告。今年段茂利教授有幸作为第九届会议报告嘉宾登台作主旨演讲。


演讲期间,段茂利教授从Arnold Starr教授绘制的不同奇妙耳科彩色图画入题,以“弹钢琴”作为比喻,通过科学研究与艺术表现相结合形式,形象生动地描述了如何通过各种颜色来观察耳部结构和接受声音时的变化规律,详细阐述了常规听神经病变、特殊听神经病变和其他情况的修复和临床治疗方法。整场报告条理分明、论点鲜明、论据充分、观念新颖,得到了与会嘉宾一致肯定,赢得了热烈的掌声 。


记者:段教授您好!欣悉您这次参加第九届“Annual Arnold Starr Lecture & Art Exhibition” 大会并作主旨演讲,我们已仔细观看了您当天演讲同步直播的全过程,非常精彩及惟妙惟肖,我们代表北欧绿色邮报网、北欧中华网对您表示祝贺! 请问这次国际会议在世界医学领域具有怎样的重要地位呢?

Dr Duan:谢谢!在听神经病研究领域,每年的Starr会议对于业内人士来说非常重要,世界各国的听神经病科学家也极为重视。Starr教授于1996年首次提出了听神经病这一医学概念。人的听力不好或下降,是因为耳朵里的某段神经出了问题,不能将听到的信息输送到大脑,从而大脑不能总结获得的信息,造成病人能听到声音但不能理解你到底在说什么。Starr教授通过对一名患者多年反复观察与追踪,并经过多年的潜心研究,发现并总结了这一问题。同时他还发现内毛细胞丢失也是病理机制之一,最终把这种病命名为听神经病。Starr理论提出后,在世界耳鼻咽喉头颈外科、神经科学领域引起了极大轰动,并得了国际医学界的一致认可。为了纪念Starr教授对人类作出的突出贡献,美国加州大学在Starr教授退休的时候,以其名字设立了基金会并决定在全球范围内,每年遴选一位在该领域成就突出的科学家做一次专题报告。今年我十分荣幸地被选中,这既是基金会对我个人的信任,也是对我多年来研究成果的认可,更是对我今后研究和临床工作的鼓励。


Dr Duan:从客观上讲,可能是因为我长期在瑞典卡罗林斯卡大学医院工作,该院的国际地位和国际实力是众所周知的,加上我在基因干细胞研究领域的贡献及自身又是耳鼻咽喉头颈外科专家,同时我又是多个国际性医学杂志的编委及审稿人, 在欧美许多国家著名的大学演讲及交流的经历,  以及这么多年在行业积累的良好口碑,可能也是加分因素之一。从主观上讲,我在听神经病基因干细胞治疗耳聋方面的研究成果得到了国际同行的认可,尤其是创新研究了基因干细胞治疗耳聋,这一疗法既符合Starr教授的研究方向,也是对现有理论成果的进一步探索与挖掘。Starr教授发现了听神经病的一个基因后,医学界发现大量的同类疾病不同的基因。在该病发现之前,人们并不太清楚这种疾病发病的机制,而且在发现的早期,为解除病人痛苦,只是采用助听器进行辅助治疗,没有更科学的医疗手段。因此,我主攻的基因干细胞修复疗法既是学术研究的连续,更是为将来临床实践带来希望。当然,以上纯粹是我个人不成熟的推测,重要的是Starr基金会按照他们的标准和要求来进行挑选的。

记者:两年前Starr教授在斯德哥尔摩(Karolinska Nobel Forum)诺贝尔演讲厅的研讨会上用艺术彩色图形来展示耳部神经系统,您今年这次演讲似乎也很倾向艺术化啊!

Dr Duan:是的。参加这次大会的嘉宾中,他们大都是行业内有名望的科学家,在自身研究领域内取得了突出的成就,我在前面也已经介绍过了。但你们可能没有想到的是,这些嘉宾中很大一部分人也是艺术界的佼佼者,是名副其实的艺术家。因此,本次会议的名称除了第九届Starr学术会议主题外,另还冠名了艺术展览和艺术表演。因此,这次大会两个突出的与众不同之处就是:一是一个人做主旨演讲,另一个是学术报告与艺术同台展现。


Dr Duan:说起这个话题就很长了,在八十年代,大学生毕业的岗位是由组织统一安排的。我大学毕业后被分配到安徽省立医院耳鼻咽喉头颈外科工作,其实当时我对耳鼻咽喉头颈外科并不是十分感兴趣,觉得它是小科,我当时心仪的岗位是心脑血管科,但最终没能如愿。在耳鼻咽喉头颈外科岗位工作时间长了,我感觉到耳科研究很有趣味,人的耳朵其实是很美丽且复杂的,不是当初我想象的那么简单枯燥,后来我慢慢地热爱上了这个学科。其实人体的很多病症也都能从耳廓中体现出来,千万不要小看自己的耳朵、鼻子、咽喉甚至是牙齿。如果它们有不健康的症状,也是身体某个对应器官疾病的先兆,因此要引起足够的重视。中华医学博大精深,古代中医学家绘制的全身疾病在耳廓上的穴位图是中华医学发展的一块灿烂明珠。


Dr Duan:谢谢!无论做什么事情,在哪个岗位工作,我认为最重要的一点就是兴趣,从事科学研究的也是一样。要时常怀有好奇心,一旦对某项东西感兴趣了,你就会拥有一种动力而深入研究下去。其二,从事科学研究要富有挑战精神,不能拘泥于现有,也不能完全迷信权威,要时刻有 “鸡蛋里挑骨头” 的韧性和 “打破沙锅问到底” 的执拗,敢于打破常规,勇于接受挑战,在挑战中创新,在逆境中突破,这样就会有新的发现。再者,要博览群书,只有积累了一定厚度的知识,研究中才能有力量支撑,才能容易打通瓶颈,做任何事情都要做到干一行爱一行,干一行精一行。

记者:谢谢段教授! 非常感谢您在百忙之中抽出时间接受我们的采访。

Ma Jianzhong, Chairman of WFCMS leading a delegation Visits Sweden

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 20(Greenpost)– Ma Jianzhong, Chairman of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) led a large delegation of over 30 members to visit Sweden in order to make academic exchanges and field study on November 13th.

This was right after they attended the 16th World Congress of Chinese Medicine which was successfully held in Budapest, Capital of Hungary. The delegation includes leading experts and specialists in the field of Chinese medicine.

       At 10:30 in the morning, Chairman Ma Jianzhong, former Vice Minister of Health, Professor She Jing, who was also founding Chairman of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and Professor Li Zhenji, Vice founding Chairman and Secretary-General of WFCMS and other six people came to the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm at the invitation of Chinese Ambassador Gui Cuiyou.

They were warmly welcomed and Ambassador Gui made extensive talks on the development of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion in Sweden, and further explored how to further promote Chinese medicine culture and relieve the suffering of the Swedish people and overseas Chinese.

Counselor Dai Gang of Science and Technology at the Embassy and President Yang Chungui of the Swedish Society of Chinese Medicine gave a detailed introduction about the operation of Swedish traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinics and the exchanges and cooperation with Western doctors such as those from Karolinska Hospital.

Jiemei, a lawyer at Guohao Law Firm, introduced the work of promoting acupuncture legislation in Sweden. After the talks, the Embassy arranged a lunch for all the guests.

After thorough inspection by the leaders of the World Federation of China and the friendly consultation between the two sides, they jointly decided that the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Professional Level Recognition Department and the Swedish Society of Chinese Medicine will sign a cooperation framework agreement on the “Cooperation on the clinical superiority technology transfer of traditional Chinese medicine and the evaluation of professional titles of international Chinese medicine”.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, under the witnesses of the WFCMS’ leaders and Guo Hao law Firm’s lawyer Jiemei, Professor Zheng Yuexian, the chief expert of the WFCMS and President of the Swedish Association of Chinese Medicine, Yang Chungui signed this important agreement.

 On the morning of the 14th, the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies experts visited Karolinska Institutet. The former Nobel Prize jury chair Professor Silas introduced the Karolinska Institute and Nobel Prize evaluation process to the delegation.

In the afternoon, the delegation concluded the intense academic study tour and flew back to China with Air China.

The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies is an international academic organization approved by the Chinese State Council and a member of the World Health Organization. It’s a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). 

(Translated and edited by Xuefei Chen Axelsson )



    中国互联网协会理事长尚冰在2019(第五届)中国互联网法治大会上致辞。 钟欣 摄








  工业和信息化部政策法规司司长梁志峰表示,数字经济已成为中国国民经济的重要组成部分,成为推动经济发展的新动能。让互联网在法治轨道上健康运行,一是要加强基础问题研究,为网络领域法治建设提供理论支撑;二是要完善互联网监管体系,优化数字经济发展环境;三是要加快推进电信法等进重点立法,完善互联网基础管理制度。(来源:中新网/ 记者 刘育英 )



    2006年诺贝尔化学奖得主、世界顶尖科学家协会主席罗杰·科恩伯格当日在开幕式致辞。作者 张亨伟

  北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社( 记者 李姝徵 )报道:第二届世界顶尖科学家论坛29日在中国(上海)自由贸易试验区临港新片区(以下简称临港新片区)开幕。


第二届世界顶尖科学家论坛29日在中国(上海)自由贸易试验区临港新片区开幕。作者 张亨伟

第二届世界顶尖科学家论坛29日在中国(上海)自由贸易试验区临港新片区开幕。作者 张亨伟



图为当日现场。作者 张亨伟

图为当日现场。作者 张亨伟


  相较首届世界顶尖科学家论坛,本届论坛参与科学家人数较上一年更多。包括44位诺贝尔奖获得者、21位图灵奖、沃尔夫奖、拉斯克奖、菲尔兹奖得主在内的65位世界顶尖科学家,与100多位中国科学院院士、中国工程院院士和青年科学家齐聚临港新片区,共赴“智慧盛宴”。( 责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)

雪龙号整装启航前往南极 “双龙探极”将成新常态


    “雪龙号”即将离开极地科考码头,开启第三十六次科学考察任务。 陈超 摄



外高桥边检站民警登上“雪龙号” 办理出境检查手续。 陈超 摄

外高桥边检站民警登上“雪龙号” 办理出境检查手续。 陈超 摄



外高桥边检站开辟“绿色通道”,快速为该轮和科考人员办理了边防检查手续,助其顺利出境。 陈超 摄

外高桥边检站开辟“绿色通道”,快速为该轮和科考人员办理了边防检查手续,助其顺利出境。 陈超 摄

  当日,外高桥边检站开辟“绿色通道”,快速为该轮和科考人员办理了边防检查手续,助其顺利出境。外高桥边检站方面向记者介绍,本次考察队由446名队员组成。“雪龙”号极地科考船从上海母港出发后,将经停澳大利亚、新西兰、智利等国家前往南极考察,预计2020年4月中旬返回上海港。(来源:中新网/记者陈静 陈超 )


北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社(记者 孙自法)报道:“2019年度人类社会发展十大科学问题”16日在北京举行的首届世界科技与发展论坛上正式发布,这十大科学问题涵盖健康、环境、能源三大领域,其中就包括如何解决人类未来能源的问题。
  据了解,最新发布的这十大科学问题是围绕联合国2030年可持续发展议程提出的17项目标,聚焦人类可持续发展中最迫切、最基本、最具挑战性的需求,根据Scopus数据库相关科学研究热门关键词的检索结果,由中外知名科技期刊的编委、高端战略科学家反复讨论提出候选问题,并通过广泛的网络评选,经中国科协九届常委会学术交流专门委员会终审确定。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)     

国际货币基金组织:对抗气候变迁 碳税是最强效方法









  但IMF研究人员承认,此举将造成令人却步、不均等的代价。调高碳税至每吨75美元,将使煤炭价格超过现有的3倍。加拿大电力价格将迅速上升超过30%,澳大利亚电价飙涨70%至90%。根据这份报告内容,大部分国家汽油价格将上涨5%至15%。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)


 北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社(记者 李弘宇)报道:北京时间10月7日下午,诺贝尔生理学或医学奖获奖人名单率先被揭晓:威廉·凯林(William G. Kaelin Jr),彼得·拉特克利夫(Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe)以及格雷格·塞门扎(Gregg L. Semenza)获得这一奖项。获奖理由为“发现细胞如何感知和适应氧气供应”。











  “删除测试” 成评选标准

































  据诺贝尔奖官方消息,在得悉自己获奖时,托马斯•聚德霍夫的第一反应是,“真的假的?!”而兰迪•谢克曼则不断惊呼“我的天啊”,甚至还跳了一段“胜利之舞”。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)


北欧绿色邮报网援引中新网报道: 据中国探月工程官方微信消息,嫦娥四号着陆器完成第十月昼的科学探测工作,于10月5日19时30分进入第十月夜。第十月昼工作期间,着陆器工况正常,能量平衡,有效载荷月球中子及辐射剂量探测仪、低频射电谱仪按计划开展有效探测工作,地面接收科学探测数据正常。




  在国庆节前后,嫦娥四号着陆器和“玉兔二号”巡视器突破十个月球日工作期,远远超出设计寿命,以出色完成科学探测任务向祖国70华诞献礼。目前,地面科研团队正在对各科学载荷获取的第一手探测数据进行处理分析,在已取得的科研成果基础上深入开展研究。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)



北欧绿色邮报网援引 澎湃新闻 (记者 贺梨萍 )报道:2019年诺贝尔奖揭晓之前,长期关注的一个问题重新引发外界期待:女性和非白种人在今年的这项大奖角逐中能否有所斩获?

  毕竟,在过去的2018年,加拿大科学家唐娜·斯特里克兰(Donna Stricklan)是继玛丽·居里(居里夫人)和玛丽亚·格佩特-梅耶(梅耶夫人)之后的历史上第三名女性物理诺奖得主。美国科学家弗朗西斯·阿诺德(Frances H. Arnold)也是继居里夫人、伊雷娜·约里奥-居里(玛丽居里的女儿)、多萝西·玛丽·霍奇金和阿达·约纳特之后第五位获得诺贝尔化学奖的女性。



  据国际顶级学术期刊《自然》(Nature)官网报道,日前,《自然》采访了瑞典皇家科学院秘书长、生物医学科学家戈兰·汉森(Göran Hansson),谈及这些措施产生的影响。





  不过,瑞典皇家科学院仍致力于在种族方面进一步平衡。诺贝尔奖创始人阿尔弗雷德·诺贝尔(Alfred Bernhard Nobel)曾明确表示,颁奖时不应考虑国籍。永远不会对国家、种族或性别实行配额制度。“重要的是,获得诺贝尔奖的人是因为她或他是最有价值的获奖者,这是毫无疑问的”。



  “我们希望更多的国家能发展科学。而科学是一项昂贵的活动,也需要稳定的环境,所以在世界不同的地方,机会差别很大。我们希望这种情况会逐渐改变,这样更多国家的人就会有更多的机会从事科学事业,从而有更多的科学发现”。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)

Shenzhen Promotion and Communication Presentation held in Stockholm

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 24 (Greenpost) — Shenzhen Promotion and Communication Presentation was held in Stockholm on Tuesday.

Zhang Qiaozhen, President of the General Chamber of Commerce, Cao Diefeng, Counsular of Education at the Chinese Embassy, Fan Kun, Vice President of Shenzhen Overseas Communication Association and dozens of masters or Phd students from universities in Stockholm attended the presentation.

President Zhang congratulated the presentation. She explained that the goal of her Nordic-Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce is to promote the communication between Shenzhen and Nordic countries. We have helped nordic enterprises to go to Shenzhen and Guangzhou to attend trade and high tech fairs as well as cultural exhibitions。Today we have Shenzhen delegation coming to Sweden to present Shenzhen to you. Let’s welcome Fan Kun, Vice President of Shenzhen Overseas Communication Association.

Fan Kun said Shenzhen used to be a small fishing village with a population of only 30 thousand. Now it is one of the most innovative cities all over China.

Shenzhen aims to become a roll model for Chinese cities by 2030 and 2049 and it can even be the world’s model city. Shenzhen has wonderful environment with the lowest in PM 2.5. The city is very young and vital. It is very good for young talented people to work in Shenzhen. The treatment is very good if you can have good project or achievement, said Fan.

Cao Diefeng in the middle

Counsular Cao encouraged the students to go to Shenzhen to work saying that they can have a good communication to take this opportunity.

Liu Huadian from Shenzhen Overseas Communication Association said the average age in Shenzhen is just 33 years old. So the city is the youngest one in China. The net increase of population reached by half a million to over 13 million . There are many volunteers in Shenzhen and people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan reached 150 thousand by the end of last year. Shenzhen is very open and all the information about talented people from overseas are published on website.

They also answered questions from the students.

Shenzhen has become an admirable city for talented people. The exchange and promotion seminar was organized by Shenzhen Overseas Communication Association.

Nordic-Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce Established in Stockholm

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 24(Greenpost) — Upon the forthcoming 70th anniversary of Chinese National Day, Nordic-Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce was established in Stockholm on Tuesday and a grand ceremony has been held in the Chinese Cultural Center in Stockholm.

Chinese Ambassador Gui Congyou and Fan Kun Vice President of Shenzhen Overseas Communication Association granted the plaque of the Chamber of Commerce to Zhang Qiaozhen, President of the Nordic-Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce.

Ambassador Gui expressed his sincere congratulations to the establishment of the General Chamber of Commerce and hopes that it will make further contributions to cooperation between China’s Shenzhen and Nordic countries.

Fan Kun, Vice President of Shenzhen Overseas Communication Association, made a speech about Shenzhen.

“Shenzhen’s Per capita GDP is very high in China and science and innovation level is also very high while the average age in Shenzhen is very low or the lowest in China with an average of 30 years old and the PM 2.5 is the lowest in China,” said Fan.

“That means Shenzhen is a city that is very good for young talented people to realize their dreams.” said Fan.

Han Xiaodong, Counsular of Commerce at the Chinese Embassy talked about bilateral trade and investment.

“In fact, in recent two years, Sweden enjoys surplus in export to China and China’s investment to Sweden increased substantially. This is a good trend because it indicates that the consumption level in China is increasing and investment level also increased.” said Han.

He congratulated the establishment of the General Chamber of Commerce and hopes that it will contribute more to bilateral exchange in trade and investment as well as other areas.

President Zhang Qiaozhen has said that she will do her best to promote bilateral trade and investment as well as science and technology exchange and innovation. She has helped Nordic companies to go to Shenzhen and Guangzhou and other places to participate in trade fair or exhibitions. They also received delegations from those areas to nordic countries.

Zhang said that they also announced the branches in Danmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway and issued plates to them.

Meanwhile, two strategic agreements have been signed between Zhang Qiaozhen and Tian Yubiao and another Swedish company for future cooperation.


Zhu Peiyuan, senior founder of Chinese restaurant in Sweden, Yang Liran, Founder of Ruijing Chinese School, Zhou Hua, President of Nordic Chinese Association, Xia Yu, Executive President of Swedish Chinese Friendship Association, Tian yubiao, President of Nordic Chinese Medicine Center, Fan Xiulan, Founder of Biyun Academy and Professor Cao Yihai from Karolinska Institutet were among the over 100 guests at the ceremony.

Zhang Qiaozhen said Nordic Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce is another important platform for Shenzhen to go abroad. They focus a lot on high tech, high tech industries, IT, Internet and R &D and help introduce enterprises with high potential and innovative enterprises. They will provide good services and commercial model design, legal matters consultation and one to one or P to P service. They also established an incubator to realise the scientific achievements and provide a bridge between nordic innovative enterprises with Chinese market.

We shall become an effective bridge between China’s Shenzhen and nordic countries and help Shenzhen enterprises to go abroad and Swedish or Nordic enterprises to Shenzhen, said Zhang.

Right after the ceremony, a meeting on promoting Shenzhen was also held with participation of Chinese students from different universities in Stockholm.

Photo and Text by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Chinese Ambassador Gui Congyou on China’s Achievements and Challenges

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

October 1 marks the 70th anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. Upon this date, Xuefei Chen Axelsson had an exclusive interview with Ambassador Gui Congyou on Sept. 14, 2019.

Stockholm, Sept. 16(Greenpost) – Chinese Ambassador Gui Congyou has said that Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, CPC, through unremitting efforts and hard work of the past 70 years, have experienced profound economic and social transformation from a poor and weak China to a relatively healthy wealthy society。This is a historic leap forward towards our goal of realizing the great rejuvenation  of China. 

Ambassador Gui made this remark during an exclusive interview with Xuefei Chen Axelsson, chief editor and founder of Green Post( , a Swedish Chinese media aiming at promoting sustainable development in Sweden and building bridge between China and Sweden. 

“Over the past 70 years, especially over the past 40 years of development, over 1.3 billion people have all used mobile phones and internet in addition to having enough food and clothes.  China’s contribution to world economic development surpasses 30 percent.  China continues to be the second largest destination of foreign direct investment. China becomes more open minded and more confident than before. Such a China will create more opportunities for the world. ” said Gui. 

A series of figures show that Chinese people’s disposable per capita income has increased nearly 60 times more than that in 1949, 20 times more than that in 1978. China’s average life expectancy reaches  77 years old and over 800 million people have been lifted out of poverty. 

“China has been a good member in safeguarding the world peace, a good peace builder, development contributor and international order keeper.” 

Gui said that China has planned to completely eliminate absolute poverty by 2020 and realize modernization by 2035 and basically reach the middle developed countries level by 2050 and followed this road map to go forward step by step. 

He said during this process, China also initiated the Belt and Road initiative and helped those countries who like to join this initiative and shared Chinese technologies and innovations, for example the Beidou Navigation system. 

Talking about challenges ahead, Gui said the Chinese average GDP has not reached ten thousand dollars yet, which is less than 20 percent of the Swedish average GDP. Chinese development is not very balanced and western regions still need further development while eastern regions have developed much better. 

By the end of next year, China still needs to eradicate the absolute poverty by 10 million people(which is equivalent  almost the whole Swedish population). 

Gui said China still faces the challenge of enjoying a better environment in some areas in China. But Chinese people are determined to solve its problems and challenges while developing further with higher quality. Through 70 years of development experiences, Chinese people are confident that they will realize their development goal along with achieving the United Nations 2030 development goals. 

On Sino-Swedish relations,  Ambassador Gui spoke highly of bilateral relations. 

“About 260 years ago, Swedish Gothenburg Boat sailed to China and opened a marine route to China. Sweden became the first western country to establish diplomatic relations with China and signed technical cooperation agreements with China.”

During the new development era, China and Sweden have become the largest trade partners with each other between Nordic countries and Asia. 

So far there are 9000 Chinese students studying in Sweden and becoming the largest number of overseas students group.  In addition to Air China, Eastern Airline also opened direct flight between Stockholm and Shanghai coping with the increasing number of tourists.  China EU express also opened its maiden voyage with Swedish timber export to China last year. 

About his impression on Sweden, Ambassador Gui said that Swedish King Carl Gustav VXI told him to visit all over Sweden and have a good look when he met the King.  And he did visit up north to the countryside, down to the south and east and west of Sweden. He felt Sweden is really beautiful. 

He found Swedish people’s awareness of environmental protection and climate is high. And most of them are very friendly. 

“I think Sweden and China are mutually complementary in green tech cooperation and environmental protection. We can deepen the cooperation in this and other  fields. ” said Gui. 

About the question with media, Ambassador Gui said that media is a bridge between the two sides by expressing opinions and stances of the two sides. Only when he found some media facts were not correct, he would like to point out the facts which provide with true information.

“I found those incorrect information show that the writer has never been to China or get a full picture about China. China has really made great progress over the past years. With the rapid development of new technology, such as internet and high speed train,  China’s progress for the better also speeded up. Welcome Swedish media to visit China and have a good look. ” said Ambassador Gui. 

Full Chinese version please see the following link.

CPPCC Vice Chairman and CAST President Wan Gang Visits Sweden

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 9th(Greenpost)– Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and President of China Association for Science and Technology(CAST) has given a presentation about Science and Technology Development in China over the past 70 years during his ongoing visit to Sweden.

Wan Gang said during this visit, his main purpose is to push forward bilateral scientific cooperation, scientists and students exchanges and propose the cooperation and joint research in both South Pole and North Pole as well as the third pole, which is the Qinghai Tibet Plateau.

He said he was very concerned about the climate change in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau which could cause severe damage to the nature and the people.

He also made a presentation report about China’s Science and Technology Development over the past 70 years in China.

The report was presented at the IVA conference center and moderated by Magnus Breidne, Vice President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

“I am glad to have Wan Gang here. He is an old friend of us and he visited Sweden last year. He is Vice Chairman of CPPCC. He used to study in Germany and later went back to China to revolutionise China’s science and innovation. Today he will talk about China’s 70 years science and innovation”. said Breidne.

Professor Wan Gang got a Phd in engineering in Germany. He is Vice Chairman of the 13th National Committee of the CCPPC, President of the 9th National Committee of the China Association for Science and Technology and Chairman of the Central Committee of China Zhi Gong Party.

Wan Gang graduated with a bachelor degree from Northeast Forestry University in 1978 after which he joined its faculty. From 1979 to 1981, he was a postgraduate in experimental mechanics at the Structural Theories Research Institute of Tongji University,where he got his master’s degree in 1981 and served as a faculty member. Between 1985 and 1991, he studied and obtained doctorate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University Clausthal in Germany. From 1991 to 2001, he worked in Audi Corporation in Germany.

During his presentation, Wan Gang explained why he resigned from Audi and went back to China. It was the former Ministry of Science and Technology Zhu Lilan who visited Germany and met him and asked him about new energy automobile, whether it was suitable to develop in China and why. Wan Gang explained and he found it was such a mission that he could shoulder the responsibility. So in January 2001, he took the post as dean of the New Energy Automobile Engineering Center, Tongji University in Shanghai, China. He worked successively as Assistant to President of Tongji University from August 2001 to Vice President from June 2003 and President from July 2004. In November 2006, he was elected Vice President of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology. In December 2006, he became Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of China Zhi Gong Party and was elected Chairman in December 2007.

It means he is not a CPC party member. But he was promoted according to his capability. From April 2007 to March 2018, he served as Minister of Science and Technology for 11 years. From 2003, he served as member of the National Committee and its standing Committee of the 10th CPPCC, a political consultative conference working parallel with the National People’s Congress, the top legislative body. CPPCC functions as an advisor for NPC. A lot of large national projects were proposed by CPPCC members and then approved by NPC.

Wan Gang became Vice Chairman of the 11th CPPCC in March 2008 and successively that of the 12th and 13th CPPCC in March 2013 and March 2018 respectively. Since June 2016, Wan Gang was elected President of the 9th National Committee of CAST.

Established in 1958, CAST is a public organization for scientific and technological professionals, as well as the largest non profit science and technology organization in China. It consists of national-level learned societies, local associations for science and technology and grassroots organizations.

CAST is committed to serving science and technology professionals, promoting innovation-driven development, enhancing public scientific literary, and supporting the government’s policymaking concerning science and technology. It has also been dedicated to safeguarding the legal rights and interests of scientists, promoting academic exchange, organizing science and technology professions to push forward scientific and technological innovation, popularizing scientific and technological innovation, awakening young people’s enthusiasm for science and technology, commending excellent scientific and technological professionals and conducting international nongovernmental scientific and cultural exchanges.


Wan Gang said China is very open minded and likes to cooperate with all the countries in the world. So far it has cooperation with 160 countries and share scientific and technological achievement in many ways.

Wan Gang said for example China’s Beidou Navigation system, it can be used in the sea navigation system. So far about 50 thousand Chinese fishing boats installed Beidou Navigation system to avoid going across the borderline at sea. The system can also be used in the vast grassland to serve the farmers.

He said if the arctic organizations join the Belt and Road Initiative or initiate a cooperation mechanism with China, either with BRI or South Pole North Pole and the third Pole joint research projects, Beidou Navigation system can be shared and offer good navigation service for the boats at the sea and connected to the land too.

Over 100 scientists and students from both China and Sweden attended the presentation. Chinese Ambassador Gui Congyou also attended the presentation and welcomed Vice Chairman Wan Gang.

Wan Gang’s visit marks the highest level visit this year from China.