Fujian Literary Federation official visits Sweden

Fujian Literary Federation official visits Sweden

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 20(SCBR) By Xuefei Chen Axelsson
Fujian Literary Federation delegation composed of Yang Shaoheng and Lin
Weiwen paid a visit to Swedish National Public Art Council on Jan. 14 to
exchange ideas on Swedish policies on public arts.
From left to right, Lin Weiwen, Magdelena Malm and Yang Shaoheng.
Malm receives a wood printing painting from Lin Weiwen. The printing
technology has been popular in Zhangzhou Fujian province for many
hundred years. The painting is called Zhangxian songzi meaning God
Zhang sends a son indicating good will to people.
“We have a big collection of works, in all state agencies in Sweden, from work
centers, to ministries and universities,” said Magdelena Malm, Director of
the Council.

“The other part is that we commission the work. We also have a new project that
we are commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to collaborate with ministries
so that our city is better integrated with art and design.”

“For example, we will collaborate with city planners, designers and engineers
and artists. That is basically what we do. “

Malm said that the arts here referred mainly to the contemporary visual art and
design and architecture. Even outside a prison, there are arts and design.

She said they will try to combine with music, audio and video in traditional

Folklore artist Lin Weiwen donated a painting of Zhangxian Songzi or
God Zhang sends a son to the Swedish council.

“I feel Sweden pays great attention to arts. I was so impressed that there
were many sculptures in the Vasa sank boat which showed that the
state paid great attention to it even 400 years ago,” said Yang.