British film The Selfish Giant very striking

British film The Selfish Giant very striking

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson
STOCKHOLM, Oct. 29(SCBR)–The Selfish Giant directed
by Clio Barnard is about two working class boys hired by
a scrap dealer to steal valuable copper wire.
The horrible life experienced by the two boys and their
naughtiness and misconduct lead to the death of the big
boy Swifty and it became such a shock for the young
boy and the whole family.

With anger at the beginning, it ended up very sad and
miserable feelings. It is very much thought provoking.

Arbor and Swifty beat other classmates. So they were
expelled from school which seems to be in the industrialized

They went to a metal recycling place and later stole copper
wire from the public property.

In the end, Swifty promised to do it just once and last time,
the wire exploded and he was killed.

So the crimes were naturally punished. But the psychological
shock for Arbor was very strong too. It was very sad in the
end and stimulated people to think about our school,
the working class and the whole society.