Analysis: Is China’s Donations or Supplies of Masks a Game?

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

On Page 14 of Swedish Daily DN’s World page, there was a documentary called China and the Game around the Czeck’s masks. A Green Post reader also mentioned that Swedish Radio talking about China’s donation of medical goods to the western world as a kind of game.

Someone called it diplomacy, I am not opposed it. But call it a game, it is with a kind of negative mentality in it. I think it is exactly this problem that we need to learn from each other about how we thought and why we did what we had done.

Suppose China weren’t attacked by cover-19 and had a lot of medical goods and they donated the suffering Europe, then you could suspect if China was sincere or selfless because they didn’t suffer anything.

But now the fact is that China had suffered from this virus themselves severely. But they worked so hard that they finally controlled the spreading of the virus. And with the breakout in Europe, many students flew back to China and about 45 new cases took place among the returned people from abroad. Most of them were Chinese.

We should feel good that China now can resume to work and produce more medical goods. While Wuhan was severely attacked by the virus, many other areas were much less attacked because of the isolation policy. Therefore resumption of production took place in most of northern areas and Guangdong province, Zhejiang province and Jiangsu province and Henan province.

While the big industrial cities such as Dalian produce masks production machines, many factories in the south produce masks.

There are many kinds of masks. One is common masks, ordinary people can use them for several times. The other kind is daily used or single use surgical masks. That is used for doctors in normal cases. And N95 or KN95 are used for treatment or taking care of covid-19 patients.

In China, they even tried the robot to send food to the patients in order to avoid contact. But in light symptom treatment place, the patients got a lot of extra care such as singing or dancing or playing Taiji or Baduanjin.

The report about buying and selling of masks is like this. At beginning, when China suddenly on Spring Festival issued such a call to need N95 masks or gloves and other protective material, it was like an order or a strong call in which overseas Chinese immediately collected money from their own purse and then bought the masks and tried all means to send them to China with various efforts to save lives.

It was quite understandable that they did that. And with such an effort China stopped spreading of virus. Now Europe needed the masks because we knew that a lot of them were bought by Chinese, so China either donate or sell back to European countries.

At beginning they also bought everything from here, so now they will sell back. Donation also happens so that people understand what kind of products they need and whether it will be accepted by people. With Swedish experts and media talking a lot about wearing mask useless, people didn’t have a desire to buy it and I heard the doctor said even they wanted to buy, they could not get it because the apotek ran out of masks.

As for the price, it is negotiable. The price went with the demand. The goods are some for donation and some for selling, everything should be under negotiation.

When needed, the government should allocate resources to protect the doctors and nurses. The market should also allow the apotek to import some ordinary masks so that those who need them can buy from the apotek.

To say it is a game, it is too much. Many Chinese felt Swedish acted slowly but cannot help thinking of helping. On the other hand, without your consent, it is difficult to act. With all the negative news, it is hard for Chinese to act. Should they really donate? or should they keep silent and do nothing? All the sharp words made people think whether they should take action or not.

Also about the mentioning of certain areas people, it will raise the issue of discrimination. Actually Qingtian people are good business people and they have been serving as a bridge between China and European countries.

It is difficult to do business with governments, they began to do business among themselves and surrounding people.

China intended to help European countries especially which are friendly.

Meanwhile, recently there were also reports about the quality. I like to say that it showed another difference between Chinese and westerners. In China for some people they also tested three times. Only by three times negative, that would be negative. Some people could not be tested as positive, Chinese doctors thought their infection was not serious. While in the west, one said it was quality problem immediately. But the truth was that those people didn’t use them properly.

I think we should trust China because it didn’t make mistake by purpose. They always have good intentions. It was the west who always had such critics all the time against China.

Analysis: Has China Hidden Anything about Covid-19?

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

China spent all its efforts to isolate covid-19 and informed the World Health Organization every day as a way to inform the whole world since January 3. With a big sacrifice, China delayed about two months for covid-19 to break out all over the world.

Now when the US began to test, they found they had large number of people infected. Trump blamed China to have hidden information about it. Has China hidden anything about Covid-19? No. It is unfair to blame China only.

China was hit by covid-19 as a sudden attack. Many people were busy celebrating the New Year’s Day and preparing for the important Chinese Spring Festival in December and January. However, unfortunately some people got infected in December already.

China’s CDC sent two investigation teams to investigate it and wanted to find out whether it was a large scale pandemic, epidemic or just individual cases.

It was similar to 2003’s SARS when there were just six or seven cases, people didn’t feel it was serious compared with politics when US invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, the focus of the world followed American rythme then. In 2019, people were also driven by news such as assasination of Iranian military leader Sulemani with no man airplane, for the first time in history, a modern weapon no man driven airplane was used to kill a man some one considered as their enemy. And then Iran shot down an airplane with more than 100 passengers including their own citizens by mistake. The world was in a tense situation during this dramatic period.

In China due to the large population, especially Wuhan which was a huge city with the population more than that of the whole Sweden, 14 million while Sweden has 10 million.

I guess they must have struggled for some time too to inform everybody that this was a pandemic or epidemic or it was just individual cases. Thus, it was a back and forth process recognize it as an epidemic. And it was decided with the inspection and judgement of the World Health Organisation.

Chinese doctors realized that the virus infected people through people, thus it declared to take the most strict method to control covid-19.

China took it as a campaign to fight against the virus, control it by isolation and treatment. Many people sacrifice their freedom and stay at home since January 24th. Both the Chinese and western medicine doctors joined the war against the covid-19.

The Chinese theory was to strengthen people’s immunity to endure the virus while in western medicine we haven’t found any effective medicine yet. The patients mainly relied on breathing machine. The Chinese tried some medicine too, but none of them can be effective enough. They combined both Chinese and western method to deal with cases, but the death toll was still over 3000 people.

The main lesson was that due to the quick spreading of the virus, suddenly more people were inffected and the hospital capacity could not cope with the patients. The almost collapse of the hospital caused the delay of care for patients. When the central government found this problem, they immediately decided to enlarge the coping capacity.

Two new temporary hospitals with negative pressure were built within ten days and a dozen other type of temporary hospitals for light symptom patients were built.

Four thousand doctors and nurses from the military and 20 thousand from other provinces were called to help.

Day by day China opened press conferences and published the numbers of total infected, suspected cases and the death toll. As a way of preventing from virus spreading, China took the measure to cremate the corpses immediately. They were put in well sealed plastic bags.

News came out not only through public media CGTN, but also new media with the call for people to stay at home and isolate the virus.

Meanwhile a lot of workers and volunteers were called to help buying things for people. It was sad that this happened right on Spring Festival. But it was also fortunate because people have accumulated a lot of food for at least a week. Therefore, when the city was closedown, there was a little time delay for food worries. But it also happened very quickly with the assistance from other provinces, the vegetables, rice and other things were also transported to Wuhan.

At beginning, Doctor Zhong Nanshan, the focal person during this campaign, in which a lot of advices were issued with his name, estimated that it would be two weeks to reach the peak, but then it took another two weeks to reach the peak. The potential time for the virus to explode could be 28 days. And with the progress of the campaign, people realised that the healing time could be four weeks or five weeks.

During the first week, all the villages were even sealed off. But after a week, goods transportation was somewhat resumed with special order. The supermarket has been opening all the time. People were allowed to go out to buy food every three days.

There were suspicion that the air could help spread the virus too. Those who were infected but showed no symptoms could also spread the virus. That was why it was somewhat very scary with this virus.

And it was not without confusion during this compaign. The social media constantly spread conspiracy news which confused people whether this was a natural disaster or man made mistake.

But China was concentrated in fighting against the virus by increasing the bonus for medical staff and allocated more staff from other provinces and cities. China even changed the old currency to replace them with new ones so that it avoided the virus spreading by touching it.

What happened then with the US, Germany and Sweden? Just a couple of days of closedown, the US sent an airplane to fetch American citizens back and declared to close down the customs to ban Chinese from going to America, which I didn’t think it was wrong in terms of self protection. But in addition to that, there were no other measures taken, but watching.

First, the Danish cartoonist paint virus on Chinese National flag, second American Secretary of Commerce Roth said this would help jobs to go back to America.

The Wall Street Journal even published a commentary calling Chinese ‘the patients in Asia’ which deeply hurt the Chinese emotions because it reminded Chinese of their humiliated history before the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

In Swedish TV, immediately there was a negative report about Xinjiang and said the source was from Germany.

A leading writer Magnusson even wrote an article calling China ‘a political prison’ because of people staying at home?

On those days, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t think we need to demand apologies because these remarks were inhuman and evil and deserved no response. Of course many others didn’t think the same as I.

Overall, neither the US nor European countries thought this was a common disaster, it could spread to ourselves. They thought that was China’s problem and since they were busy dealing with disaster and had no time to respond, we just hit them politically. When the virus spread to Italy, Spain and Iran, some people think it was because they have close relations with China. Innocently it didn’t prevent the Swedes or others to continue to have holidays in Germany, Italy, Spain and Iran.

All the way, the ideological thinking drove people to think the virus had nothing to do with them and they were not afraid. They criticised panic, which was partly right, but partly neglected the severity of the virus.

China didn’t hide any information but tried to inform all they could including inviting the WHO delegation including American experts to China to inspect. By doing all China could, the virus was somewhat blocked for two months time before other areas broke out. But instead of preparing for the war against virus, they all put the fire on China.

Even when the US tested a few cases and found infections, Trump always said there was no problem. It was under control. The US didn’t test the virus early or thoroughly. There were reports saying that they tested long time ago, but then dropped the test. They called it the flu. Even the CDC official admitted that there were cases of covid-19 among flu infectors.

The right way is to pay attention to the war against cover-19 with all your national strength to save lives and more importantly protect the people.

If you don’t take measures, Event 201 gave a wonderful simulation on this virus, it predicted that 65 million people would die and all the business would stop.

Event 201 simulation was done by Johns Hopkins Health Security Center together with World Economic Forum and Melanda and Bill Gates Foundation with a kind of corona virus they called CAPS and that spread from Brazil and then spread to the US and China.

If you haven’t read that, you can just google Event 201 and you can see the scenario which was almost the same as what happened in the world now. Only that when it was in Wuhan, China did what exactly the simulation suggested and thus got the spreading slow down.

It suggested that the government, business and NGOs should all unite and combat this war against the virus. It didn’t suggest the suspension of cargo circulation because it was needed. Tourism was definitely down, but goods transportation should go on so that each country can have the supply of medical resources and other materials.

The conclusion is that China didn’t hide any information, but because they were not certain the scale of the virus and how shrewd the virus was, but as time went by, they took the measures to sacrifice the short term economy and save lives and prevent the virus from spreading. China used the isolation and putting on masks to prevent it. Since no other ways really cure, you can only avoid catching it.

In fact, there should be further studies because it was reported that the virus were not the same and changed a lot as it spread further.

It is unavoidable that the campaign against virus will cause a slowdown of economy, even recession because people stayed at home and limit consumption. The US allocated a lot of money to rescue the market. But the stock market didn’t function as how much money you put on, it functions more on confidence. The crisis cycle is coming and people don’t have confidence for near future, thus in my opinion, we have to bear for certain period of time of bad luck. Any recovery will happen after the end of this virus spreading in the world.





Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: Ideological Attacks Only Leads to Self-damage

In his article published in SVD, Johan Lagerkvist denigrated China’s efforts to fight COVID-19, and proceeded from ideological prejudice to attribute the epidemic to China’s political system, which runs against the facts, common sense and basic morality.

We solemnly inform him that the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China and the institutional strengths are China’s most effective weapons to overcome the disease. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have fully leveraged the institutional strengths of the Party’s leadership and the mobilization system, always prioritized people’s safety and health, mobilized resources across the country in a fast and comprehensive manner and formed strong synergy. Thanks to these efforts, China has effectively contained the epidemic, gained valuable time for and made significant contribution to the world. This once again illustrates the strengths of China’s system, which is in line with the fundamental interests of the Chinese people. In fact, many countries are learning China’s successful experience in tackling and containing the virus.

An epidemic may occur at any time in any country or region, and the virus is the common enemy of all mankind. Facing the severe situation, every country, every government, every organization and every individual should proceed from their own condition and shoulder due responsibility, and contribute their part to the fight against the disease. Using an epidemic for political purpose, waging an ideological attack and spreading lies in the name of “freedom of speech” will only lead to self-damage. It is like lifting a rock only to have one’s own toes squashed. Nor will it lend any help to easing the epidemic situation in countries around the world, including Sweden.

Source Chinese Embassy


北欧绿色邮报网报道: “自由世界智库”的赫克马克在媒体对中国污名化攻击,宣扬“中国道歉论”,我们予以强烈谴责,对《快报》刊登这样的谬论坚决反对。














北欧绿色绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 据中国国际科技交流中心报道:

瑞方15位科学家包括:卡罗林斯卡医学院副校长安德斯·古斯塔夫森(Anders Gustafsson),卡罗林斯卡医学院临床病毒学和传染病教授安德斯·桑纳伯格(Anders Sonnerborg),卡罗林斯卡医学院教授、中国工程院外籍院士、北欧致公协会会长曹义海,卡罗林斯卡医学院儿科副教授、顾问,儿童妇女健康部部长(附属医院儿童妇女健康科主任)Petter Brodin,卡罗林斯卡医学院微生物、肿瘤与细胞生物学系教授、瑞典国家 生命科学实验室微生物菌群转化医学中心主任Lars Engstrand, 卡罗林斯卡医学院教授Per-Johan Jakobsson, 卡罗林斯卡医学院分子医学中心资深教授 Lars Klareskog, 卡罗林斯卡医学院高级研究员Fredrik Lanner ,卡罗林斯卡医学院感染医学中心教授Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren,卡罗林斯卡医学院高级研究员Fredrik Lanner,卡罗林斯卡医学院副教授Ali Mirazimi,卡罗林斯卡医学院病毒学副教授Ujjwal Neogi,卡罗林斯卡医学院临床免疫学教授Qiang Pan Hammarström,卡罗林斯卡医学院医学系教授Paolo Parini,卡罗林斯卡医学院生理学和药物学研究系教授Eddie Weitzberg。



另据朋友圈孟博士报道,3月27日,由南京医科大学副校长鲁翔教授领衔的专家团队从湖北黄石与瑞典卡罗琳斯卡大学医院副院长Annika Tibell女士带领的十余位专家医生通过视频会议直接交流抗疫经验。鲁院长和卡罗琳斯卡医院医务科主任Filippa Nyberg女士分别简要介绍了国内与瑞典的疫情和防控情况,随后双方展开了长的一个多小时的自由讨论,话题集中于一线治疗的技术细节,包括ICU管理,病人用药,医护防护,和病人预后等细节。鲁院长为首的中国专家将抗疫一线所积累的宝贵经验和盘托出,知无不言,为卡罗琳斯卡大学医院对COVID-19病人的救治提供了一线资料。会后,卡罗琳斯卡大学医院国际处主任Anna Sahlstöm女士专门来信感谢,表示会议解决了实际问题,瑞方邀请中方专家在会后建立邮件联系,以便咨询更多问题。


北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 瑞典1177 网站发布3月27日,西约特兰省新冠肺炎感染有进一步扩大的风险。瑞典新冠肺炎防控升级不许50人以上集会。瑞典首相勒文昨天召开新闻发布会宣布提升防控建议,不许50人以上集会。专家指出,这个措施比500人的控制有所进步,但是,力度还是不够。




















让我们携手同行,互相帮助,共同度过难关。希望老天在保佑中国的同时,也要保佑瑞典! 两边都是家。





北欧绿色邮报网时评 陈雪霏





























北欧绿色邮报网报道(记者陈雪霏)– 3月24日,瑞典华人总会在活动群发起紧急捐赠口罩活动。在瑞典华人总会执行主席叶沛群的带领下,瑞青中文学校校长王梅霜总协调,短短三小时半内,通过爱心群友筹齐第一笔用于购买口罩的紧急爱心款共计30425元人民币。善款立刻用于购置FFP2防护口罩1277个,全部捐赠给瑞典卡罗林斯卡医学院Huddinge重症定点医院。3月25日上午11时,瑞典华人总会副秘书长伍王令、中国侨联青年委员徐力亲自把口罩送到卡罗林斯卡医学院急诊部。


瑞典是我们的第二故乡,大疫当前,瑞典医疗资源已严重不足,其医疗系统岌岌可危。我们不希望看到我们赖以生存的国家面临医护人员被感染、患者无人可救。保护医护人员不受感染就是保护瑞典医疗系统的良性运转,就是保护瑞典社会的安全稳定,就是保护我们自己。这也是我们融入当地社会愿望体现。希望我们这些医疗物资可以救瑞典于水火,希望瑞典这片我们生活的热土疫情早点过去 ,让我们早日恢复到正常生活中去!

Sveriges Kinesiska Riksförbundet donates masks to Karolinska Hospital

Stockholm, March 28, (Greenpost) — Sveriges Kinesiska Riksförbundet on Wednesday march 25th donated 1277 FFP 2 masks to Karolinska Institutet Hospital in Huddinge where the Covid-19 infected patients are being treated.

According to Wu Wangling, Vice Secretary of SKR, the donation campaign was launched by Executive Director of SKR Ye Peiqun and coordinated by Wang Meishuang on March 24th. Within hours, a total of over 30 thousand yuan or 40 thousand kronor were collected and a total of 1277 FFP 2 masks were bought.

Wu Wangling and Xu Li jointly sent these masks to the doctor in emergency in Karolinska Institutet Hospital.

“This was en emergency donation since Sweden also suffers from the covid-19. Sweden is our second home. We realised that there was shortage of protecting materials for doctors and nurses. To protect them is very important for the anti-virus campaign. That is also a way to protect ourselves. We hope this will be a bit useful for them and can help a little bit. ” said Wu.

The following is the Swedish version:

Med spridningen av den nya kronpneumoniepidemin runt om i världen har Sverige oundvikligen bröt ut. SKR donerade direkt till sjukhuset 1277 FFP2 masks vid denna tidpunkt för att stödja den medicinska personalen på det utsedda sjukhuset. 
 Sverige är vår andra hemstad. För tillfället av epidemin är de svenska medicinska resurserna starkt otillräckliga och dess medicinska system är i riskzonen. Vi vill inte se de länder vi är beroende av i ansiktet medicinsk personalinfektioner och patienter utan hjälp. Att skydda medicinsk personal från infektion är att skydda den sunda verksamheten i det svenska medicinska systemet, att skydda säkerheten och stabiliteten i det svenska samhället och att skydda oss själva. Detta återspeglar också vår önskan att integreras i det lokala samhället. Jag hoppas att våra medicinska leveranser kan rädda Sverige från farliga läget. Jag hoppas att den heta landepidemin i Sverige, som vi lever i, snart kommer att passera, så att vi kan återgå till det normala livet så snart som möjligt!  sa Wu och Ye, chef av SKR. 

中国暂停外国人非必要入境 钟南山称国内疫情不会二次暴发

北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社北京3月27日电    中国国家卫健委27日通报,26日全国新增确诊病例55例,其中境外输入54例,来自浙江的本土病例1例,为境外输入关联病例。

  进行医学观察的密切接触者一周增幅78%   中国暂停外国人非必要入境


  钟南山:国内疫情不会二次暴发  欧洲病例未来一周可能达到高峰


  穿山甲携带新冠近缘病毒   专家解析新冠肺炎死因


  前两月中国规模以上工业企业利润下降38.3%   中国多举措帮扶防止返贫


中国经济战“疫”录:减轻疫情冲击 专家探析中国应对政策

北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社北京3月27日电 (记者 陈溯)当前,新冠肺炎疫情已经给全球造成冲击,如何在抗击疫情的同时,减轻疫情对中国经济的影响?在26日举办的中国国际经济交流中心第126期“经济每月谈”上,多位专家进行了探讨。


北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社北京3月27日电 (记者 张蔚然)3月27日,中国国家主席习近平应约同美国总统特朗普通电话。此次通话是二十国集团(G20)领导人应对新冠肺炎特别峰会闭幕后中美元首进行的一次重要双边沟通。


北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社北京报道(记者陈雪霏)中新社北京3月27日电 全国人大外事委员会27日就美国所谓“2019年台北法案”签署成法发表声明,表示强烈不满和坚决反对。