Chinese Embassy Spokesperson: Ideological Attacks Only Leads to Self-damage

In his article published in SVD, Johan Lagerkvist denigrated China’s efforts to fight COVID-19, and proceeded from ideological prejudice to attribute the epidemic to China’s political system, which runs against the facts, common sense and basic morality.

We solemnly inform him that the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China and the institutional strengths are China’s most effective weapons to overcome the disease. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have fully leveraged the institutional strengths of the Party’s leadership and the mobilization system, always prioritized people’s safety and health, mobilized resources across the country in a fast and comprehensive manner and formed strong synergy. Thanks to these efforts, China has effectively contained the epidemic, gained valuable time for and made significant contribution to the world. This once again illustrates the strengths of China’s system, which is in line with the fundamental interests of the Chinese people. In fact, many countries are learning China’s successful experience in tackling and containing the virus.

An epidemic may occur at any time in any country or region, and the virus is the common enemy of all mankind. Facing the severe situation, every country, every government, every organization and every individual should proceed from their own condition and shoulder due responsibility, and contribute their part to the fight against the disease. Using an epidemic for political purpose, waging an ideological attack and spreading lies in the name of “freedom of speech” will only lead to self-damage. It is like lifting a rock only to have one’s own toes squashed. Nor will it lend any help to easing the epidemic situation in countries around the world, including Sweden.

Source Chinese Embassy

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