Sweden Green Building Conference discusses how to save energy, reduce CO2

Sweden Green Building Conference discusses how to save energy, reduce CO2

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson
STOCKHOLM, Sept. 12(SCBR)–The two day long Sweden Green Building
Conference 2013 has been held in Stockholm with participants not only
from Sweden, but also from Norway, Denmark and other countries
discussing how to save energy and reduce CO2 in building industry.
Bengt Wanggren, Chairman of Sweden Green Building Council. Photo by
Xuefei Chen Axelsson
Bengt Wanggren, Chairman of Swedish Green Building Council said that
the purpose of the conference was to bring people together and discuss
sustainable buildings and take actions in saving energy and reducing CO2
when they go back.”For a long time, Sweden has been building very good buildings, sustainable
and energy efficient buildings with good indoor qualities and so forth,
but in the later, let’s say five or ten years, or even three or four years,
with the new certification schemes, that we use here, industries are
competing with making as good building as possible, so there are international investors, good customers here in Sweden that really want to buy those
kind of buildings and pay higher price for them.”

Wanggren said that Sweden is aiming at building more and more sustainable
and green buildings which has low environmental impact. That means low
energy consumption, good indoor air quality, and no hazardous substances.
In addition, there should be green transporation where if you can walk,
ride a bike or take a bus or train, you will not drive a car because car emission
can be a problem.
Paul King, President of World Green Building Council.
photo by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Paul King, President of World Green Building Council’s European Network
said to reduce emission through buildings has great potential.
”CO2 mitigation potential of buildings is twice as any other sector of
global economy, and that is why building is such an important place to
save energy and carbon dioxide in a cost effective way.”


Green roof and CO2 absorbing roof, concrete. photo by Xuefei
Chen Axelsson

During the conference, there were a lot of companies exhibiting their products relating to buildings such as low carbon dioxide concrete, co2 absorbing roof cover, green roof, good ventilation, use of heat exchanger and sustainable city planning as well as information exchanges in the process of building new cities or rebuilding the old cities.

Audio link: http://english.cri.cn/7146/2013/09/13/2361s787619.htm