China to make Silk Road documentary

China to make Silk Road documentary

BEIJING, June 3 (Greenpost) — China National Documentary Film Group (CNDF) announced on Wednesday that it will shoot a TV documentary about countries along the Silk Road.

The documentary, named “The Silk Road in a New Century”, will focus on history, culture and the economies of more than 10 countries along the ancient route.

A crew will set out in July to travel about 16,000 kilometers across Asia and reach its final destination of Italy in September.

“Cultures along the Silk Road are colorful, and economic potential in this region is great. I hope Chinese people can understand these countries better through a lens,” said CNDF board chairman Gao Feng.

In history, the Silk Road served as a business and cultural link between Asia and Europe. It has regained attention since Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed an economic belt of countries along the route in September 2013. Enditem

Source  Xinhua

Editor  Xuefei Chen Axelsson

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