Jiangxi’s Vice Governor Zhu Hong attends tourism promotion fair in Stockholm

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, June 25(Greenpost)–Vice Governor Zhu Hong of Jiangxi Provice, East China has attended the tourism promotion fair in Brommavik Hotel in Stockholm.



(Front left, Mr Liu Shaohui, manager of Brommavik Hotel and President of Stockholm Chinese Association, right, Magnus Gustafsson from Karmmar, behind standing: Zhu Hong, Vice governor of Jiangxi Province)

He spoke at the meeting about Jiangxi’s beautiful scenery.

“Jiangxi’s scenery is very special because it has many special mountains and rivers. The landscape is really spectacular.” said Zhu Hong.

The famous revolutionary site Jinggangshan mountain is one of them. The Lushan Mountain is also a famous conference resort. Chairman Mao used to have meeting there.

The Tengwang Pavillion is another famous tourist site even famous since Tang Dynasty when famous poet Wang Bo wrote his famous prose  the Preface of Tengwang Pavillion.


(Right, Wang Jianrong exhibits Dala Horse to Zhu Hong, middle.)

Wang Jianrong, President of Swedish Chinese Federation of Industry and Commerce expressed welcome to Zhu Hong.



(Left: Guo Yanhang talks with Zhu Hong.    Photo by Xuefei Chen Axelsson)

Guo Yanhang, couselor at the Chinese Embassy in Sweden also spoke at the fair.

“I think talking about Jiangxi, man cannot help thinking of Jingdezhen town where famous China came from. Jiangxi is China’s name card due to its fine china. I used to visit Jiangxi and it was really beautiful and impressed me so much.” Guo said.



IMG_7709During the meeting, the two sides signed a couple of agreements for future cooperation.

About 40 people from various Chinese associations or companies including China-Europe Cultural Association and Green Post attended the meeting.

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