Addicted to Iphone

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

I am addicted to iphone. I feel sad if I could not touch my phone. I feel lost if I do not touch my phone for two hours. And if it is with me, I will touch it every five minutes.

On the contrary my husband get alergic when he sees me touch the phone. He couldn’t help reminding me that I should not touch the phone in front of him. When I am with him, I should not touch the phone. And even we are listening to lectures, he will remind me that it is time to shut the phone and listen.

And maybe he touched my Achilles heel, I was more sensitive to his reminding. I became irritated and even very angry because it is as if he disclosed some secret of me. I felt horrible and shriek at him. So he turned himself and went away.

Can we survive without the phone? Can we stop thinking of someone from far away? Can we stop longing for something surprising which might never be?

There was a saying in Chinese, can we die for iphone? No we cannot, but we can become mad. And that is true. I became mad, irritated and unfocused. It is as if I wanted to have a drug.

What should I do?  Tell me, let me know and write to me emails to give me some advice.

In fact, I have another question to discuss too. Can serious journalism survive long in the current society?

Should I change and change for the society or should I stay as who I am? How can I survive in this new world?

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