Chinese Pianist Wang Yujia will perform in Stockholm in August

By Xuefei Chen Axlesson

STOCKHOLM, March 14(Greenpost)– World famous pianist Lang lang has just played in Stockholm with a great success.  Then Chinese Pianist Wang Yujia is scheduled to play in Berwaldhallen in Stockholm in August during the Baltic Sea Festival.



Michael Tyden, General Manager of the Baltic Sea Festival said the Baltic Sea started in 2003 at the launching ceremony on Monday.

“It was ten years after the war and we decide to have a festival and since then we did it every year.” said Tyden.

DSC_7988Tyden said the Baltic countries include nine countries and 90-100 million people, even though it is not as many as Chinese, any how it is a lot of people.

DSC_7986Being asked about inviting Chinese pianist Wang Yujia to perform at the opening concert, Tyden said China has so many fantastic pianists. Lang Lang has played in Stockholm many times. He just played in the Concert Hall on Sunday with all the tickets sold out.

DSC_8002Tyden said Wang Yujia is an amazing pianist. She has been in Sweden several times too.

Tyden said the themes also involve environmental issues and welfare issues because the Baltic Sea was very polluted and needed more attention.

DSC_8006Tyden said the festival will begin with a newly written opera about the hospital activity.

The host of the festival will be Berwaldhallen Concert Hall and Radio Sweden.

DSC_8010The participating performers include Swedish Radio’s symphony orchestra and orchestra from Finland,  Lativia, Poland and Sweden.




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