An 18 year old boy shot dead nine in Munich

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, July 26(Greenpost)–When the deadly shooting happened, I was in a Bible Camping with 200 adults and 200 children.

That was July 22, a day people are easily to remember because in 2011, the same day almost the same time, Anders Breivik bombed the Oslo City Hall first and then drove to an island where about 200 youths are having meetings and kind of camping. He shot dead 77 people and finally was arrested by the police and ended up in prison.

Now on July 22, just shortly after my friend entered her hotel in central Munich, in Germany, police car horn began hooting and for several hours.

According to the, the handgun shooter is David Ali whose parents are from Iran. David was born in Germany. That was why he kept on shouting I am a German.

His father is a driver and his mother is a saleswoman in a department store.  He is a student among many immigrants in Munich.

When the shooting was happening, a lot of messages spread online. Some said it was three persons shooting. But afterwards, it proved that David was shooting the running three.

He pretended to be a girl in Facebook and summoned “friends” to go to McDonald’s restaurant and he went there with a handgun which is a Glore 17, the same type Breivik used in 2011 and he also shot people in the Olympiad Shopping Mall.

Nine people were confirmed dead and 30 others wounded. Police stopped all the subways and trains on 22nd evening. They finally found David shot himself to death.

The next day reports say that David was a quiet boy in the eyes of friends and neighbors. He liked to watch video and he doesn’t talk much with other people.

This reminds me of many shootings by young people. For example, in 1996, a 27 year old man shot dead 36 people in a bar in Tasmania Island in South Australia.

Many students in America shot dead peers at the campus due to psychological problems.

In Breivik’s case, it was too much immigrants that caused Breivik’s narrow minded failure thinking.

In David’s case, he himself is an immigrant background, but he doesn’t like to be treated as an immigrant. He emphasized that he is a German. Thus he wanted an equal treatment. He wanted to be as equal as a German.

In Europe, the Europeans, namely the German, the Belgian, French, British and even Swedish, they show great sympathy to those immigrants and felt they came from conflict areas and they need help.

But on the other hand, the inferior feelings of these people, especially the young people can be a big problem.

This is an issue that needs to be addressed and talked about.


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