Chinese telecom giant eyes age of “superphone”

SINGAPORE, Nov. 12 (Greenpost) — China’s telecommunication giant Huawei said here Thursday that the next-generation mobile phone, which is called “superphone”, will emerge around 2020 and open up a new era in which physical and digital realities are fused.
Shao Yang, President of Strategy Marketing, Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG), shared Huawei’s vision of how the “superphone” will take mankind closer to a world where the physical and digital realities will be further integrated.
At the Huawei Innovation Day Asia, Shao said the advent of the “superphone” will eventually build a new world of all things digital, all things connected, seamless intelligence integration, and merging intelligence.
“Through evolution and adaptation, the ‘superphone’ will be more intelligent, enhancing and even transforming our perceptions, enabling humans to go further than ever before.”
Shao said that with the evolvement and adaptation of the “superphone”, the physical world will be reconstructed through digitalization.
To embrace this new era, Huawei has entered into a number of strategic partnerships with major automobile brands, including Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Audi, and has been pursuing the development of cloud services, according to Shao.
The company has also established a partnership with the University of Manchester to explore ways of using graphene’s applications in consumer electronics and mobile communication devices, said Shao.  Enditem




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