Premier Li draws a comprehensive blueprint, action plan for China

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Beijing, March.5(Greenpost)–China’s Premier Li Keqiang made a very comprehensive and down to earth blueprint and action plan to China for the next five years and this year.

This year marks the beginning of the 13th five year plan period for China. China has set up a goal of realising the comprehensive wealthy and healthy society by 2020.

“We shall eradicate poverty all over the country by 2020,” said Premier Li.

He stressed economic development again as the first important task, but he also emphasised the importance of environment and the balance of structure.

He said China must restructure its economy so that it can be sustainable.

Li said the important task in the following five years will be to treat the filthy air pollution and water pollution. In 2015 China has outdated 1.26 million vehicles and it plans to outdate three million in the following five years.

He also emphasised the equal treatment between the state-owned enterprises and private sectors.  The government will further reduce tax for industries.

Modern agriculture is encouraged to help eradicate poverty.

Li stressed the completion of social security so that all the people in China can benefit from the social security.

He almost mentioned all the areas that need to be done in the country which draws a very promising picture for China.

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