Qingfeng Baozi(Dumplings) and Clinton Hotdogs

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Beijing, March 8(Greenpost) –While wandering around Jinsong in Southeastern Beijing, I saw Qingfeng Baozi or Qingfeng Dumplings outlet.

The headquarters of Qingfeng was in city proper Beijing in the downtown area. Due to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit, Qingfeng became very popular. Thus it expands quickly to many places.

Two years ago I visited Qingfeng Dumplings in city proper, I was impressed by the queue.

But this time it reminds me of a visit to Iceland two years ago.  Then we had lunch at a small boutique where a man was selling Clinton hotdogs. Why? Because Clinton ate that hotdog when he visited Iceland.

Qingfeng Dumplings became very popular just because Xi Jinping visited it.

The famous people’s effect. If only Xi went to many more places so many more places will be popular!



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