India doesn’t support belt and road initiative, so what?

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

India didn’t show up at the summit meeting in May what was held in Beijing. Some reports always mentioned this to show the differences between India and China.

China and India are neighbours and they need to have good relationships. But it doesn’t mean that they will agree with everything.

Belt and Road initiative is just an initiative and it is not an order in China. It is an initiative for all the countries who are interested in it to discuss how to cooperate and how to benefit from it.

Indeed China has a lot to offer such as high speed train technology and engineering teams. This high speed trains was criticised a lot at the beginning in China several years ago when it just began to operate. Some reports say it was only for the rich and far away from the city center and so on.

After several years operation, it proves to be a great success. It is so convenient to travel with Gaotie or G–lines. For example from June 20th to July 27th, I have traveled from Beijijng to Tianjin, from Tianjin to Shanghai and from Shanghai to Suzhou, from Suzhou to Beijing. From Bejing to Jinzhou, from Jinzhou to Shenyang, From Shenyang to Dalian and from Dalian to Jinzhou. I felt so happy to have chosen Gaotie or Chinese high speed train with 300 kilometer per hour speed.

The environment in the train is perfect and the short time of travelling between cities really make you happy. It is better than airplane and much better than car. It is very practical and comfortable.  Thus the High Speed Train now is almost full all the time, but it is still easy to buy the tickets.

If the world is connected with China’s High Speed train, I believe it will really benefit whichever country or province, or region to have it.  The condition is that it must be more than 200 kilometers distance.  If it is too short, then use the car or normal train.

China didn’t impose anybody or any country to take part in its initiative.  It is just a great proposal that quickly was recognized and highly praised by many countries.

In particular, Schiller Institute published a book to detailly describe their thoughts about the possible projects that can be constructed in the world at different points.

It is like the development in China. Those who didn’t have the chance to join in that stage, now they like to join China’s initiative and don’t want to miss this train this time.

Thus people should not always politicize the relations with economic development issue.

This time India rushed across the border to the Chinese side. It shows that India was extremely sensitive and wanted to show that they are strong enough to push Chinese back. But it seems there is such a big misunderstanding in the issue.  The question is Chinese soldiers were building road in their own border. But for courtesy, Chinese informed their other side.  It is like any Chinese neighbors who want to build their own house, but they also tell the neighbor that we are doing this, if it is too loud for you, excuse me.

Indian troops were stationed there because they wanted to protect Bhuttan, but Bhuttan didn’t really invite them to do so. They now also admit that that land is Chinese land, but not Bhuttan’s land, according to a report from Observer new media.

It quoted Chinese embassy people in India.  And Indian media now reported this news too.

I hope this issue can be solved immediately and Indian soldiers go back to your side.

China and India both belong to the ancient four great civilisation. Iraq has been demolished and Eqypt is facing a lot of challenges too.

Only China shows the best development since 1850. Now India is catching up. Chinese people respect India’s great culture and civilisation,  and Indian people also admire China’s development. Both enjoy the world’s largest population. I believe Indian population will grow faster than China’s because India didn’t implement any family planning policy.  India paid great attention to IT and other technology.

I think China and India should learn from Sweden and Norway, Sweden and Denmark, USA and Canada and Britain and France to negotiate their border and do not use the force to do it.

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