Please raise more chicken to deal with locusts

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 17(Greenpost) — It is reported that 40 billion locusts are flying from Kenya to Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and India. Of course they are on the way, but I like to warn people in Pakistan and India to raise more chickens, rosters, cocks and when the locusts come, eat them.

Locusts can be of a lot of proteins too. When I was small, we children often go to the mountains and hills to pick up locusts and put them into the bottle and they were indeed very strong and could hop up very quickly. But the chicken can chase them and get them easily.

Thus I am not joking, truly raise more chickens or organize the chicken farmers to set free their chicken to the field when the locusts come. It might be a great way to deal with the locust disaster.

People use natural enemies to deal with each other. For example hire the sheep to eat the grass. It is an ecological way to cut the grass saving the labor.

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