Magdelena Andersson elected as Swedish New Prime Minister

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, Nov. 24(Greenpost) Swedish Parliament held a meeting today to vote for Magdelena Andersson as Swedish first woman Prime Minister.

Andersson, 54, is Swedish Minister for Finance and was newly elected as the new Chairman of the Social Democratic Party after Stephen Lofven resigned as both party leader and Swedish Prime Minister.

Andersson got a pass by 117 votes support, 57 vote abstained and 174 votes against. One vote absent, likely Andersson herself.

Andersson got Environment Party fully support, Center party and green party abstained meaning pass, and one independent MP support. Moderate, Kristian Democratic party, Swedish Democratic party are against. Liberal also abstained.

In the afternoon, the parliament will have another round of heated discussion about budget.

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