Progress made in Bandy and Hockey exchange between China and Sweden

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson and Perka Holmström

STOCKHOLM, Aug. 31(Greenpost)– Progress has been made in Bandy and Hockey cooperation and exchange between China and Sweden recently, said Perka Holmström,  one of the driving forces for cooperation between Sweden and China in Bandy and Hockey. 

Match i Vilda Väsby - med Shouting Zhang (1)” We made a “Pioneer Journey” for China’s Bandy and Hockey delegation from Harbin Sports University to a large part of our skating sports unique roots,” said Holmström. 

The Chinese  delegation consists of Harbin Sports University’s Sports Director Li Bindong who basically is responsible for all Olympic Medal Candidates – 3 World Cup Bandy and Ice Hockey Women, Xiao Jinqui (China Team Captain a copy of Salming), Zhang Huiri (14 year old), Du Yuchen 11 years (which became world famous with the song “Welcome to Beijing”) … Yue Qingshang, (Double Olympic Curling Medal) …and also the Sport Director for Qiqihaer University Zhang Shousheng.” said Holmström.  The following is a vivid and interesting travel log with important information about the Swedish-Chinese communication and exchange:

Bandyskridskor och Summering i Arlanda“Thursday – As our main base was in Vällingby (The first modern suburb in Sweden build 1950) … We started with Hässelby Kälvestas hockey training for 04 or where Daniel’s younger brother Leo Zhang guided three Chinese Women’s World Cup players … We also spent time with Värmdö J18 and Gustavsberg Bandy in the Archepelago… where it became the most physics as the ice unit took the day off. It was almost like in China, but we could show how to sharpen skates for both Bandy and Hockey – and also got an sharpener with us … so thanks to Värmdö Hockey and Gustavsberg Bandy.”

China group in ABB Arena Friday became Rink Bandy training, with Hammarby’s Women on the Classic Zinken … and then we saw Daniel Zhangs debut for Värmdö J18 in Ice Hockey, a game in the “Wild Väsby Ice Rink” … Yes it became a victory 4-1 for Daniels new team, and the China Bandy Captain approaching Ice Hockey World Championship too.

Saturday offered a visit to the historic Västerås. Nowadays it is named ABB Arena but for us mortals, it is – Rocklunda Forever. VSK Bandy with Legend “Lillis” Jonsson took care of us and we could both “Train Bandy with Mr Hans Johansson and Lillis” and then see the Elite teams VSK and Tellus, make the season premiere game, where the profile Pelle Fosshag, now the Somali National coach suddenly appeared and kept us company in the stands … On the way out of the hall, we met up with Jens Nielsen .. the Danish hockey legend rooted in Leksand, that has promised to lead a Danish Bandy Team in the World Cup 3 February against Iceland… He is now responsible for Leksands J20 in Ice Hockey, so he invited us to watch the match Västerås vs Leksand …. Unfortunately, the judges never showed up, so after 45 minutes we had to leave Rocklunda …

image001  On Sunday and Monday our “King” a little figuratively stepped into the game with visits to Drottningholm and Slottet..Of course also Operakällaren, Cafe Opera and the famous Fungus at Stureplan came in place … where FIBs Leif Klingborg and Hasse Johansson together with Bandy friend Göran Gezelius meet up with Vanessa and the Taishan Group Crew for the Classic “Kräftfest”… Yue Qingshang, could also conclude that there was no ice in Sundbyberg Curling Hall ..

China group in ABB Arena Tuesday early morning… Travel to Sandviken – Göransson Arena, Ice Time with Bandy  School… .Then quickly to Gävle and Brynäs for Hockey Training and Lunch … Back to Sandviken and Press Conference with World Cup organizer Magnus Roos and Wenche Yaman, FIBs Bo Nyman and Arne Anderstedt. Then SAIKs club director Per Söderlund took us on a regular team training with the A Team. We concluded with dinner with the Municipal Peter Kärnström and Ulf Gillström, Head of Culture and Leisure in Sandviken – We left the city with a Standard for twin town Chengde. Yes it was where  SAIK Bandy went for Winter Classic 2015 and where Women’s World Cup will take place in 2018, and hopefully also some Olympic Games will take place in Chengde 2022 – before a much needed night of sleep was offered on Högbo Bruk …

 Bo Nyman concluding meeting Sandviken

* Wednesday first a short trip to Sundborn – for the great Swedish Painter Carl Larssons Farm and after that Sports Ewa, where 4 pair of Bandy Skates was presented by CCM. Then the Bus took off to the Classic Edsbyn Bandy Club and first indoor Arena in Bandy, made in just wood… Edsbyn lined up with Elis and Siv Johansson, Ola Johansson and Keka Robertson for training with the A-Team … and where legend Magnus “Kuben” Olsson invited the ladies on a very own ride on the ice ….

image006Chinese delegation could also offer the Legendary Chinese “Welcome to Beijing” with Du Yuchen – inside the A Teams dressing room – almost a bit Bandy Music – before the trip returned us to Stockholm…Actually we were so fast that Legendary “Järven” just got us on telephone when we passed Bollnäs. Of course I then told the group the story of the Bandy Legend “Snoddas”… also some more Bandy Music… 

image009 Thursday … Offered Barkabys Outlet and an intensive search of the Ice Time and a Sharpener to do the Bandy Radie – before US Vice President, Joe Biden was in Stockholm… However, we received a contribution of 4 pair of Bandy Skates from Ekerö IK’s strongman Bertil Sundberg, in the small late hours, and I had time to thank for the loan of the bus for the journey from “Sweden’s Happiest Club” Ekerö IK started 1921 – the same year that Ice Hockey in Sweden also started… ..

image003 Friday .. We could conclude the “Testing of the new skates with 4 meter radie at Arlanda Wings Ice Rink, close to the Airport thanks to Club President Johan Karlsson… under the supervision of Bandy Pioneer and Sirius profile Janne Sjonemark who also work in the group around me and Hans Johansson for China Bandy …. Before they went home …

 Bo Nyman concluding meeting SandvikenFinally we meet Taishan who has been involved in several parts of the journey, an initiative by Vanessa Folkesson.. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of Sports Materials, just delivered mayor pieces to the Rio Olympics, they kindly asked to be involved in Bandys process to the Olympics 2022…

image010 Here are now also a number of projects they are interested in, developing both Bandy and Ice Hockey as well as other Winter Sports in skiing and skating – Perhaps we will see a “Developed Bandy Rink” already in the Bandy World Cup 13-16 October.

image007 China Bandy – Has 4 major important steps to take this Season….

image011*First Bandy School will start in Harbin Sport University already this season

*China Open Bandy Winter Classic in Chengde 30 December-1 January (Both Woman and Men)

*World Championship in Sandviken/Trollhättan 23-28 of January for Mens Team

*A blue print to the first University League with 5 Teams is in the process…

image004**In Ice Hockey – Kunlun Red Star will play their first KHL Game in Khabarovsk Thursday 1 september and we hope to see them play in Beijing 29 December 14.30 when meeting our Asia League competitor Amur from Khabarovsk…. Hopefully Nordic Vikings and Hokay will be back in Asia League next season…. , said Holmström.

image006 (1) * Thanks to Athletic Clubs in Sweden from Nordic Vikings … VSK, Hammarby, Sandviken, Edsbyn, Tellus, Brynäs Leksand, Väsby, Arlanda Wings, Värmdö, Gustavsberg, Hässelby Kälvesta .. Sandviken City and many major sporting personalities … Yes, in principle only the Ice Hockey Referees called absent on this trip….. But in total as an old Swedish Prime Minister once said in shoot notice “Our preparedness is good” …

On the other side in China, a lot of preparation for Bandy and Hockey are also going on. Please look at some of the photo records:












So Ying Da and his son are also involved in Bandy and Hockey!

All the photos are provided by Holmström.

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