DayMe Home AB Participates in Maison Object in Paris

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, Sept. 5(Greenpost)-As a home design company in Sweden, DayMe Home AB are participating in Maison Object in Paris for the first time and its environmentally friendly home products are welcomed by many dealers at the ongoing exhibition.

image1DayMe Home AB pays great attention to Chinese market development and cooperation. Last year, its CEO Jasper Zhang began to try to combine the Swedish design with Chinese traditional dyeing technology to realise mass production with modern technology and provide the public with many environmentally-friendly home products.

sdr”C’est tres jolie! C’est beau!” It’s really beautiful! Many French people exclaimed when they saw the children’s clothes and touched them gently.

The staff of DayMe felt very proud to tell the dealers that babies can ”eat” these clothes without any worries of chemicals.


During the exhibition, DayMe’s children and home products characterised by environmentally-friendly concept and fashion design attracted a lot of dealers from many countries including Danmark,  France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Russia, South Korea, Spain and the United States.

sdrJanice Liang, Operation Manager of DayMe explained to Green Post in a written interview that the cotton used to make these clothes is 100 percent natural and organic from the field. It has won GOTS certificates.


”The dyeing process uses natural plants-extracted dyeing material and even its additives are extracted from plants and minerals,” said Janice.

”Those who are familiar with textile industry call it an environmental technology revolution in textile industry. China’s traditional herbs Radix is an important component in dyeing material. Different colors are extracted from different plants, but almost all the dyeing materials use radix, thus it not only has no heavy metal, fragrances, formaldehyde or fluorescent agents, but also can somewhat resist bacteria,” said Janice.


”The virtue of our plant dyeing technology is obvious. First, it avoids the discharge of poisonous waste water because it uses supersonic vibration technology in dyeing process. It substantially reduced the environmental impact from the production process and in a way protects the earth we all rely on. Due to the use of radix and turmeric herbs as dyeing material, the products can resist bacteria to certain degrees, ” said Janice.

”I thought only Chinese people knew that some herbs can resist bacteria. But when I talked with many dealers from various countries, I found they all have recognised that some herbs have the function of resisting bacteria. Mothers don’t need to worry about their babies ’eating’ the clothes because there is no chemicals in it,” Liang said it with a kind of pride.

”Secondly, it’s also a blessing for allergic children because it doesn’t have any source to cause allergy,” said Liang.

image2 (1)

Liang said from the design perspective, it has the Nordic style of being simple, practical and taking users’ experience into consideration.

”Sweden is a country that pays great attention to environmental protection. As a Nordic brand of children clothes and home products, to be environmentally friendly and comfortable are our priorities, and maybe that’s why many dealers pay attention to us at Maison Object exhibition,” said Liang.


Janice Liang shows dyeing process with natural dyeing material in Stockholm exhibition.   Photo by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Earlier this year, DayMe Home products aroused great attention from Swedish industries when it participated in the Formex exhibition in Stockholm.

And now it is participating in the Maison Object exhibition in Paris to introduce its new technology and products to its European dealers for the first time.

Maison Object  in Paris is a famous home products exhibition in the world and has a long history.

Photos provided by Janice Liang.


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