I Hope the World Becomes A Village: Nobel Laureate Mo Yan

I Hope the World Becomes A Village: Nobel Laureate Mo Yan

2012-12-10 13:37:27    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Hai Peng

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Mo Yan talks about his mother, hometown and controversy surrounding his selection as a Nobel winner on Friday. [Photo: Agencies]
By CRI’s Chen Xuefei

2012 Nobel Laureate in Literature Mo Yan said that he hopes language will not hinder communication.
“I have always been an optimist. I feel, after hundreds or a thousand years, the borders between countries on earth will be more obscure, the links between ethnic groups will be weaker, mankind will create a more tolerant and more harmonious culture, so that our earth will really become a village. Then, I think, when we come to Sweden, we won’t need to bring interpreter. Maybe by then, people can invent a device that can facilitate communication without any language barriers.”
He made the remarks at a lunch reception held by the Overseas Chinese Federation of Industry and Commerce on Saturday in Stockholm.
He hopes overseas Chinese will help invent such a device so that the Chinese who cannot speak a foreign language can use it.
Mo also praised overseas Chinese for their contribution to both the Chinese motherland and the countries in which they live.
“I used to say that there are places in the world where the birds cannot fly, but there is no place in this world where there is no Chinese. Whether it is in South Pole, the tribes of Africa or small islands in the Pacific Ocean, one can always find Chinese footprints.”
Mo said overseas Chinese go abroad to open a new life. They also create a new culture and make contributions to the local community.
He stressed that going abroad is both an economic activity and a cultural one; it is a kind of progress symbolizing the future of mankind.
“With the rapid progress of science and technology, our globe is becoming smaller and smaller. No matter where you are abroad, you can always hear the Chinese voice and see Chinese or Asian faces.”
Chinese Ambassador to Sweden Lan Lijun congratulated Mo Yo at the reception.
“Mr. Mo Yan has published 11 novels and other novellas. His works are rooted in people’s lives and tradition, close to life and close to the people,” Lan said.
“Mo Yan’s works witnessed great changes in contemporary Chinese society. His winning of Nobel Prize is worthwhile. He deserves it. This is an embodiment of the progress made in Chinese literature, Chinese comprehensive strength and international influence,” Lan said. Lan said this also shows that China has made great progress in economic fields and in literature.
James Wang, Chairman of Swedish Chinese Federation of Industry and Commerce also spoke at the reception.
“As you know, this is also one of the former residences of Alfred Nobel. He might not have imagined that one day we would hold a grand party to celebrate the Nobel Prize in Literature for a Chinese writer,” Wang began.
“Mo Yan’s winning of Nobel Prize is a source of pride. It is also our Chinese people’s pride, also the pride of all the people who have the Chinese language as mother tongue. We would like to hear more stories from Mo Yan, and we also look forward to more Chinese winning Nobel Prizes in various fields,” Wang said.
About 100 overseas Chinese attended the celebration.
On Monday, Mo will receive the Nobel Prize from the hands of the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf in the Concert Hall together with eight other laureates in Physiology or Medicine, Physics, Chemistry and Economics in memory of Alfred Nobel.
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