Better care with 6-hour workday in Gothenburg

 Av Xuefei Chen Axelsson
STOCKHOLM, Oct. 19 (Greenpost)--Six-hour workday has so far proved to be a good policy for Svartedalen elder care home in Gothenburg, according to a press release from Gothenburg.

Fewer sick leaves, improved continuity and less stressed employees are the effects of 6-hour workday in Gothenburg. These are the findings in the first partial research report of the 6-hour workday project at Svartedalen elder care home.

Even the elders at Svartedalen feel like they get a better care and more time with the staff. In interviews they describe the staff as more alert and happier. They also feel that they have more time for activities and greater autonomy. Councillor Daniel Bernmar (Left Party) is not surprised about the positive results.

– Already in the spring, we could meet a happier and less stressed group of staff. They talked about how they gave a better care to the elders and got more time for their families, he says.

Bernmar also argues that the project shows that Gothenburg is open to innovations in working life and dare to try new approaches.

– We run this project to show that it is possible to reduce the working hours with good results and to share best practices, he says.

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