Photos: Xinjiang Urumqi Golden Beach Holiday In

During October National Day Holiday, your reporter went to Urumqi to have an experience of life there and lived in Golden Beach Hotel. This is a place near Dawan and near Uygors majority residential areas. Amazingly the Golden Beach Holiday In attracted many people, mostly young people.

This was a medical treatment pool. People can buy a daily ticket of 118 yuan or just 99 yuan if you live in the hotel and stay there for the whole day and eat lunch and dinner buffet.

The service is excellent and you can enjoy the swimming or just the spa. It looks like a tropical area. A lot of children were there to play. A lot of young people went there to play. If you are tired, you can also rest in the sofa.

A 9 year old girl asked me whether I am alone or with someone, I said I was alone, she asked are you not lonely? How sad it is to be alone? Indeed, but at that time, I enjoyed the solitude and the loneliness.

The hotel price was 299 yuan per night. If you pay 399 yuan, all these swimming pool program and all the food will be included.

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