Xinjiang friends, your relatives are at home waiting for you

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 28(Greenpost) — At a press conference held on December 9, the Information Office of the State Council, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Autonomous Region Chairman Xuekelai Zakr announced that all the students who have participated in the studies aiming at eradicating extremist ideas and getting vocational skills education and training have graduated now.

However, some people who are overseas have recently announced on foreign social media that their so-called “relatives” and “friends” in Xinjiang are currently silent and have no trace of them. To answer these questions, Global Times sent out two journalists to Xinjiang to find these “relatives ” and “friends” and they found them in their home.

Global Times reporters sorted out the so-called "person-seeking posts" posted on dozens of accounts on various social platforms abroad, verified the information of the so-called "lost contact" personnel with relevant Xinjiang authorities, and went to Xinjiang to interview a number of missing parties. It was found that many so-called "lost contact" people lived happy and stable lives in their hometowns.

In addition, the reporter also found that the so-called "tracing post" was actually initiated by many overseas "East Turkistan" elements in an attempt to slander and attack the policy of governing 
Xinjiang again. Rusian Abbas, Arslan Idayetti, the initiator of the "Uyghur Movement", and Harim Tila Uygur, the initiator of the "I am also a Uyghur", are members of the "East Turkistan" organization. These "East Turkistan" elements are responsible for posting and fabricating information and pictures of various so-called "lost contacts" to create public opinion. Some anti-China non-governmental organizations such as "Human Rights Watch" and some media and scholars have contributed to overseas social platforms.  

Graduates have a happy life, asking why my brother is lying

Just like what happened before, some overseas people have used  official information to fabricate many stories on foreign social media that "those students are still missing and lost contact", including 23-year-old Ruze Maimai Ti Atawola. His overseas brother Methito Atiwola declared that Ruzie Maeti Attawala, who had studied at the training center, had no news after graduation. What is the current situation of Maimai Atavula? When a Global Times reporter saw him at a shoe factory in Hetian County, Xinjiang on the 18th, he was working in front of a sewing machine, and the eyebrows raised from time to time showed his seriousness and focus. In 2017, Rzemai Mai Atwula went to the education center for learning because of extreme thoughts. After finishing last year, he went to work in this factory. Mai Mai Atavola told the Global Times reporter that his classmates have all graduated and have found a job. When he was studying at the training center, Abulaiti was at the same house Factory work. Now, Rzemai Maiatwola, who works 8 hours a day, can earn 2,500 yuan a month. "I have to work harder. If I do more work, I should get 3,000 yuan."(equivalent purchasing power of 15000 kronor or even more in Sweden because the local price is much lower.)
Ruze Mai Maiti Atawola and his family lived in a house built by the government. Ruze Mai Maiti Atawola took a reporter from Global Times to visit his home. The 80-square-meter house was spacious and clean, and there were sheephouse, cowsheds and a few acres of land behind. The third elder brother of Maimaiti Atavola, Abdug McGatt Atawula, told reporters that there are 7 acres of land in the home. They grew tomatoes, white radish, cabbage and grapes this year and earned 16,000 yuan.

Just the day before the reporter came to interview, Ruze maimaiti Atavola had just married with his girlfriend who had known him for many years. Preparing for the wedding became the busiest work but it was the happiest thing for him. Ruze Maimaiti Atavula, who turned from a boyfriend into a husband, showed the Global Times reporter a marriage certificate and a photo of his wife. 

"For the wedding, I also bought a western suit, and we went to make a good-looking wedding photo. "

Mentioned newlyweds, Ruze Mai Maiti Atawola, looked a little shy, but the smile on his face showed the joy from his heart.

For this happy family, the elder brother Matito Totti Atavola is a pain that everyone does not want to bring up. A Global Times reporter learned from relevant departments that Metotoh Attawura left the country in September 2018, frequently smeared Xinjiang on foreign social media. Recently, he declared on foreign social media that Ruze Maimaiti Atavola was “missing”.

More than 2 months ago, Abdul McGee Attawola and Methito Hetti Atta Wola were on the phone, and this was the last time the whole family contacted their eldest brother. Abdugmadji Atawula said, “The elder brother asked Rutmemaiat Atawula at the time. I told him that his brother had already graduated and now he was working. I do n’t know why he tells lies. “

In fact, during the study at the training center, Ruze maimaiti Atavola and other students have never had so-called "lost contact" or "missing". They can go home and contact their families normally. The White Paper on Vocational and Technical Education and Training in Xinjiang released on August 16 this year mentioned that the personal freedom of trainees in the training center is guaranteed in accordance with law. The education and training center implements boarding system management. Students can go home regularly, take leave on occasion, and have freedom of communication.

"Brother, you said that you went abroad to study, but you are colluding with foreign separatist forces and attacking our country's good policies. I don't know why you lie." Ruzhe Maimaiti Atavula asked in an interview, I couldn't restrain my sorrow. Now our lives are getting better and better. With a new house, we built a sheepfold and raised cattle and sheep." 

Ruze Mai Maiti choked and said, "I hope you don't collude with the separatist forces. Dad is getting older, and our whole family misses you very much."

          Abdullah Klimu Abdullah is at home safe and sound
For those who have colluded with the "three forces" overseas and are constantly "spilling dirty water" in Xinjiang, using photos and information that they do not know how to obtain, they have fabricated what they call "relatives" and "friends" in Xinjiang. The story of "oppression" and "imprisonment" is a common tactic. 47-year-old Abdullah Klimu Abdullah lived a peaceful life in Urumqi. It was not until he was told by a Global Times reporter that his photos and personal information were being used as anti-China tool.
When Global Times reporter came to Abdul Klimu Abdul Rey's house, he was watering the flowers and plants he raised on the balcony. Planting flowers is also his greatest hobby. Abdullah's home is decorated in a typical Uyghur style with exquisite wallpapers on the walls and floral carpets on the floor. Because of his vision loss a few years ago, Abdullah Klimu Abdullah chose to retire early from the bus company. Now he can receive more than 2,000 yuan per month as pension. Then he is also allowed to work as a cleaner in a company. "I can get 3,800 yuan a month. The staff in the community are very concerned about me, and often come home to ask if there are any difficulties that need to be resolved," said Abdu Klimu Abdurayi. His 19-year-old son will soon get a computer major Of secondary school diploma. Abdullah Klimu Abdullah told the Global Times reporter that he has no relatives and friends outside China, and no one knows who made the rumor. He is "missing." Our lives and work are normal, and we are living a happy life, so don't disturb us anymore. "

“Some people say I’m missing, but I’m doing well here. These are rumors that have ruined our lives and slandered Xinjiang. ” Taier Ablaiti, who was also used to make rumors about “missing”, told Global Times reporter in an interview.

Taier Abreti, 26, is an ordinary villager in Alali Township, Shule County, Kashgar, working in a restaurant in the town. When a Global Times reporter came to interview, he was serving the guests.

Taier Ablait led the reporter to visit this restaurant named “Bright Star”. Traditional Xinjiang cuisine is served on the first floor, and lamb skewers are grilling on the shelves at the door. The second floor is a western food area opened by the restaurant owner on the advice of Tail Abletti, which is new to local villagers.

Global Times reporter saw that the wall on the second floor was affixed with a wallpaper printed with a starry pattern. There was a red sofa near the table and a coffee machine on the counter. “We can make burgers, pizzas, and young people and children alike.” Speaking of his own Western food area, Taier Ablaiti looked particularly excited. With regard to his current job and a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan, Taier Ablaiti is very satisfied and plans to save some more money to open his own restaurant in the mainland.

“My younger brother is studying accounting in Xi’an,” said Taier Abletti. If possible, it would be better to open a restaurant in Xi’an to take care of his younger brother while earning money.

Daughter rumors parents are missing, family hopes to correct evil

Also missing on foreign social media were an old couple who lived in Kuqa County, Aksu Prefecture, 63-year-old Aziz Niyazi and 55-year-old Maiye Yiyi. Aizizi, who had been working in the Kuche River Water Management Bureau of the Kuche Water Resources Bureau, retired in July this year.

Now he lives with his eldest son, Yusupu, to help take care of the young grandson and enjoy the happy family life. When the Global Times reporter came to Aziz Niyaz’s house, he was playing with his grandson with a toy car. “The child is more than 3 years old and is ready to go to kindergarten. He can now count to 30. He has also learned a few English words with his father.” Mentioning his grandchildren, Ai Zezi, like all the elderly people, cannot help smiling all the time.

Ai Zezi lives a simple and regular life after retirement. He gets up at 7 o’clock every morning, goes downstairs to do morning exercises, and then goes home to take over his son-in-law to take care of his little grandson.

In addition, Ai Zezi likes watching news programs. “Our country is developing very fast now. I ’m a farmer. I used to have a hard time. I relied on livestock to grow mechanized farms.” Aiziz told the Global Times reporter about the good days now.

“My retirement pension is more than 5,300 yuan per month. The state’s various policies for benefiting the people in Xinjiang involve all aspects of life, medical care, pensions, road transportation, and 15-year compulsory education from birth. We don’t have to worry about it. ” The Aziz Niyaz couple had three children, all of whom studied medicine. After his eldest son, Yusup Aiziz graduated from Xinjiang Medical University with a master’s degree, he has been working in Kuqa County People’s Hospital since 2015. Aiziz Niyazi told the Global Times reporter that the eldest daughter Ma Yiremu went to Canada to study, and the youngest daughter Buaguier has gone to school in France. They have not contacted us for 2 years.

“How are you doing, I hope they can come back early to reunite. ” Yusupu told the Global Times reporter that parents often miss two younger sisters, especially their mother, and whenever they mention them, they cannot help crying.

Source: Translated from Global Times Chinese version. by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

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