Stockholm ranks 11th in tourism in European cities

STOCKHOLM, June 10th(Greenpost)–Stockholm has one of the highest growth rates in Europe when one considers the number of guest nights.

This year, Stockholm has climbed up two places in the rankings, from 13th to 11thplace, on the International ECM Benchmarking Report’s list that measures the growth of tourism in European cities.

“Stockholm is one of Europe’s fastest growing cities and we are regularly ranked one of the best cities in the world to live and work. We work with the Stockholm brand from a long-term perspective, so that it stands out internationally,” commented  Karin Wanngård, (S), Mayor of Stockholm.

“Therefore, it is extremely gratifying to see the great results we have been seeing.”

Even for guest night statistics from a global perspective, Stockholm climbs up the list from 22nd place to 21st place. And of the top 25 cities, Stockholm has the highest rate of growth, a considerable 13.8%.

“Stockholm is all about openness, diversity and sustainability, with a strong international vibe. Our city is a hub for innovation within the music, tech and creative industries,” says Karin Mäntymäki, acting CEO of Visit Stockholm.

The ECM Benchmarking Report is produced by European Cities Marketing.

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