Swedish Chinese Protest about DN’s Story Kinesisk hämnd on Nov.7

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 12(Greenpost) — It is well-known that the western media often report negative news about China with the pretext that good news is not news, bad news is news.

When the 19th National Congress of Communist Party of China opened,  all the world media were reporting the opening of this important conference which decides the future of 1.3 billion people as well as the world situation, DN used the whole page talked about China’s production of jeans.  Anyway it is about China.

Then on Nov. 7,  there is a small old story about a Chinese cook Cheng. The title is Kinesisk Hämnd.  Those who read Swedish can understand that this story is a joke about the Chinese cook.  This time it stimulated a protest among Chinese, especially among those who are engaged in restaurant business and other businesses.

It is also well known that most Chinese in Sweden are engaged in restaurant businesses.  This story ridiculed the Chinese cook, even though it is an old Canadian story,  the Chinese cooks felt very angry about it because they felt it will bring negative side effect to their business, to the image of the Chinese people. They think it is an insult.

James Wang, Director of the Swedish Chinese Assistance Center and President of Swedish Chinese Federation of Industry and Commerce said this was a strong disrespect of Chinese people. In particular, it ridiculed the pronunciation of  the southern Chinese accent, it is rasist.

Lydia Liu, director of CSBC also thinks this is rasist action, she has written a protesting email to the editor of DN in Swedish.

Peter Liu, Manager of Restaurant China, also wrote email in Swedish to the editor of DN.

Zhou Yueyou, Ji Zhanyou and Wu Junbo who are  Directors of Chinese Cuisine Associations in Sweden also voiced their protests against DN’s report thinking that is very bias.

Some Chinese propose to hire lawyers to reserve the right of resorting to legal procedures if DN continues to have non-objective negative reports about Chinese in Sweden.

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