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Green Post is founded by Xuefei Chen Axelsson and is a sub  company of Sweden-China Bridge.


Green Post is a web media aiming at text, audio and video content in sustainability field as well as Chinese circle in Nordic Countries and most important news in the world.

It pays great attention to China-Sweden relations and all related news, reports and features.

Green Post insists on sustainable business ideas and independent and objective reports for the public interest.  The funding should come from content providing and donations.

Xuefei Chen Axelsson

wechat: chenxuefei7



11342 Stockholm

bankgiro: 840-7157

Xuefei Chen Axelsson. Born, Dec. 18, 1966. Dizangsi, Banjita, Liaoning, China.
Married, husband Jan Peter Axelsson and Daughter Annie Xue Axelsson
1974-1979 Banjita and Dizangsi Primary School
1979-1982 Banjita Middle School
1982-1984 Jianxian Secondary Middle School in Linghai City
1984-1988 English, Liaoning University in Shenyang
1988-1990 International Relations and World Politics at Renmin University of China, Beijing
2003-2004 Canterbury University of New Zealand Visiting Scholar
2004-2005 Middlesex University of Britain, Master for Leadership in Sustainable Deverlopment, with Forum for the Future and LEAD International
Work experience:
1990-1994: Newsroom in English Department of China Radio International
1994-1998: Current Affair in English Service China Radio International
1995-1996: Radio 2ch in Sydney Australia as script writer for Easy FM.
1998-2000: Zimbabwe’s Harare as correspondent of CRI covering southern African 14 countries. During this period interviewed President Nelson Mandela, Robert Mugabe, Nujoma and Chissano.
2000-2003: Newsroom as producer or desk editor for half a year, current affairs for a year covering NPC congress for two years.
Covering Iraq War, Sars, China’s winning of 2008 Olympics, Shanghai Expo and WTO.
2005– intern at Geneva in intergovernmental organizations for a month.
2006, 1-4, People’s Daily Online in Beijing.
2006,4-2010, freelance journalist for People’s Daily Online, Stockholm interview Stadsminister Reinfeldt.
2009-2012, reporter for Xinhua News Agency , Stockholm bureau
2012–now founded Sweden-China Bridge, freelance for CRI again.
陈雪霏,女,1966. 摩羯座,满族,出生在辽宁省凌海市,班吉塔镇,地藏寺村。兄弟姐妹6个当中最中间的一个。和二哥一样是全科人,就是哥姐弟妹都有,幸福感很强。万能血型,很容易打交道。喜欢高大上,但同情弱者,追求平等,公平正义,善良,是环保主义者,提倡节俭,从不浪费一粒粮食。创立瑞中桥绿色科技文化公司就是为中瑞绿色科技文化牵线搭桥。
2006-2010 人民网驻斯德哥尔摩特约记者。
2010-2012 新华社斯德哥尔摩报道员

2012年注册瑞中桥科技文化交流公司。Sweden-China Bridge

中欧对话网主编创始人,, wechat: chenxuefei7, facebook: chenxuefei7

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