Arctic Circle Assembly discusses climate and economic issues

Arctic Circle Assembly discusses climate and economic issues

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson
STOCKHOLM, Oct. 13(SCBR)– For the first time of its kind,
Arctic Circle assembly is being held in Reykjavik to discuss
climate change, economic development and new shipping
routes, according to a statement reaching SCBR from
About 900 participants from over 40 countries are attending
the three day events from 12 to 14 of October.UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has sent video messages
to the arctic meeting with such a large scale.

The Arctic is now playing a significant role in issues such as
globalization, economic development, energy exploration,
environmental protection and international security. Plans for
resource use and new sea routes linking Asia to Europe and
America have led to an increased focus on the region, the
statement said.
“Up to now, most Arctic conferences had been rather small
and specialized,” President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson of Iceland
told reporters. “But the issues they talked about are all
interrelated in important ways. There is therefore a need to
create a forum where all the different constituencies —
whether they were policy, experts or business constituencies
— are able to come together.”
The president said that If the Arctic future is going to be successful,
it has to be more science driven and knowledge driven than
many other international issues and it needs to be more open and
The mission of the Arctic Circle is to facilitate dialogue and
build relationships to address rapid changes in the Arctic.
The Assembly will strengthen the decision-making process
by bringing together international partners to interact under
one large “open tent.” This is a new mechanism for existing
institutions to reach a global audience in an efficient way.
The programs involve in a wide range of issues such as
business investment outlook, climate action plan, North Sea
Routes, Energy cooperation, Law of the Sea, Arctic tourism
The rights of indigenous peoples, Geopolitics, Globel weather
Arctic Lessons for the Himalayan/ Third Pole Region, Alaska,
Korea, Russia and Singapore in the Arctic, etc.
About the Chinese delegates are participating in the circle.
Yao Tandong, Director of Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research of
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yunpeng Li, President of China Ocean
Shipping(Group) CO.(COSCO Group) and Gao Jie General
Manager CTS Shanghai Private Overseas Affairs Co. Ltd have
spoken or are going to speak at the conference.
The assembly will conclude on Monday.

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