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Why were there only less than 4000 people died in the 1.4 billion people China ?

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, May 4(Greenpost) — For a long time I couldn’t understand why President Trump keeps on saying that China has hidden the corona virus disaster. After a long time of thinking I understood that he couldn’t believe why only less than 4000 people died from corona virus related disease in China. He simply couldn’t believe it because both in Europe and America there have been such a huge death toll.

He was shaken and he was angry. Thus he couldn’t believe China did so successfully in terms of lives saving. Thus he kept on saying China was hiding.

But the truth was that China didn’t hide. Even China hid, it was just about a few hundred. For example, when Chinese scientists published articles, they took 41 samples by January 10th. And then there were two weeks there were not many reports about the cases.

Then by Jan. 22 China found it has the danger of spreading from person to person. By then how many cases China had? I read the number it was about four hundred cases, at most one thousand infected because there was overload of patients in the hospitals. Then there was a panic and Academician Professor Zhong Nanshan, focal person for China’s antivirus campaign announced this news and together with other Chinese doctors they suggested Wuhan closed down so that the virus would not spread all over the country, even to the outside world.

From then on, China made use of big data to calculate the patients, using AI to identify those who have contacts with the patients. All the modern technology was used.

Most importantly, Chinese medicine was used to prevent people from getting worse.

From the beginning, Chinese traditional medicine doctors who are colleagues of Nobel Prize in medicine winner Tu Youyou were invited to go to Wuhan to participate in treatment. Zhang Boli, who used to be the boss of Tu Youyou and colleague who was also renowned for his advanced experiences in dealing with virus.

So we can say that traditional Chinese medicine played an important role while more and more people sacrifice their life and time and energy to take care of the patients. It was this kind of sacrifices spirit that have saved more lives in Wuhan, Hubei Province.

3000 doctors and nurses got infected and about 200 of them died during the campaign. China sacrificed a lot in terms of economy because the whole nation was closed for over a week and many provinces for two weeks. In Wuhan it was till April 8th.

During the inspection of the WHO, both experts and journalists seemed not to publicise Chinese medicine very much. As a result, in the west, people can only rely on the breathing machines or respirators, no other medicine. But in China, they used Chinese herbs to help patients to sleep, to get rid of fear and help patients to improve the immune system.

With the cooperation of western and Chinese medicine, it was a great practice. Of course, at the beginning Chinese people were not satisfied and many people thought still too many lives were cost.

But when the virus took place in Europe or in America, then we realised how the Chinese medicine or Chinese thinking or the whole hearted anti virus campaign actually worked not badly.

I don’t want to make comparison, but I can’t help. Chinese way is to put people in the center. China cost a lot of economy, but to prevent the virus from killing people, they can earn money later.

China doesn’t mean to keep itself what they did as a secret. China likes to share its experiences. But indeed, I have to say that kind of caring and generous method was hard to learn. And in the long run, whether there were psychological consequences or not, we didn’t know. I couldn’t imagine if there was because it was during the Spring Festival time and people should stay at home and reunited with the family any way.

Thus it was possible for many people to stay at home because staying outside, it was too dangerous during the first three months of this year.

China liked to help and share, but encountered a lot of misunderstanding and criticism. Only time will tell how China could be understood.

Analysis: Is China’s Donations or Supplies of Masks a Game?

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

On Page 14 of Swedish Daily DN’s World page, there was a documentary called China and the Game around the Czeck’s masks. A Green Post reader also mentioned that Swedish Radio talking about China’s donation of medical goods to the western world as a kind of game.

Someone called it diplomacy, I am not opposed it. But call it a game, it is with a kind of negative mentality in it. I think it is exactly this problem that we need to learn from each other about how we thought and why we did what we had done.

Suppose China weren’t attacked by cover-19 and had a lot of medical goods and they donated the suffering Europe, then you could suspect if China was sincere or selfless because they didn’t suffer anything.

But now the fact is that China had suffered from this virus themselves severely. But they worked so hard that they finally controlled the spreading of the virus. And with the breakout in Europe, many students flew back to China and about 45 new cases took place among the returned people from abroad. Most of them were Chinese.

We should feel good that China now can resume to work and produce more medical goods. While Wuhan was severely attacked by the virus, many other areas were much less attacked because of the isolation policy. Therefore resumption of production took place in most of northern areas and Guangdong province, Zhejiang province and Jiangsu province and Henan province.

While the big industrial cities such as Dalian produce masks production machines, many factories in the south produce masks.

There are many kinds of masks. One is common masks, ordinary people can use them for several times. The other kind is daily used or single use surgical masks. That is used for doctors in normal cases. And N95 or KN95 are used for treatment or taking care of covid-19 patients.

In China, they even tried the robot to send food to the patients in order to avoid contact. But in light symptom treatment place, the patients got a lot of extra care such as singing or dancing or playing Taiji or Baduanjin.

The report about buying and selling of masks is like this. At beginning, when China suddenly on Spring Festival issued such a call to need N95 masks or gloves and other protective material, it was like an order or a strong call in which overseas Chinese immediately collected money from their own purse and then bought the masks and tried all means to send them to China with various efforts to save lives.

It was quite understandable that they did that. And with such an effort China stopped spreading of virus. Now Europe needed the masks because we knew that a lot of them were bought by Chinese, so China either donate or sell back to European countries.

At beginning they also bought everything from here, so now they will sell back. Donation also happens so that people understand what kind of products they need and whether it will be accepted by people. With Swedish experts and media talking a lot about wearing mask useless, people didn’t have a desire to buy it and I heard the doctor said even they wanted to buy, they could not get it because the apotek ran out of masks.

As for the price, it is negotiable. The price went with the demand. The goods are some for donation and some for selling, everything should be under negotiation.

When needed, the government should allocate resources to protect the doctors and nurses. The market should also allow the apotek to import some ordinary masks so that those who need them can buy from the apotek.

To say it is a game, it is too much. Many Chinese felt Swedish acted slowly but cannot help thinking of helping. On the other hand, without your consent, it is difficult to act. With all the negative news, it is hard for Chinese to act. Should they really donate? or should they keep silent and do nothing? All the sharp words made people think whether they should take action or not.

Also about the mentioning of certain areas people, it will raise the issue of discrimination. Actually Qingtian people are good business people and they have been serving as a bridge between China and European countries.

It is difficult to do business with governments, they began to do business among themselves and surrounding people.

China intended to help European countries especially which are friendly.

Meanwhile, recently there were also reports about the quality. I like to say that it showed another difference between Chinese and westerners. In China for some people they also tested three times. Only by three times negative, that would be negative. Some people could not be tested as positive, Chinese doctors thought their infection was not serious. While in the west, one said it was quality problem immediately. But the truth was that those people didn’t use them properly.

I think we should trust China because it didn’t make mistake by purpose. They always have good intentions. It was the west who always had such critics all the time against China.

Analysis: Has China Hidden Anything about Covid-19?

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

China spent all its efforts to isolate covid-19 and informed the World Health Organization every day as a way to inform the whole world since January 3. With a big sacrifice, China delayed about two months for covid-19 to break out all over the world.

Now when the US began to test, they found they had large number of people infected. Trump blamed China to have hidden information about it. Has China hidden anything about Covid-19? No. It is unfair to blame China only.

China was hit by covid-19 as a sudden attack. Many people were busy celebrating the New Year’s Day and preparing for the important Chinese Spring Festival in December and January. However, unfortunately some people got infected in December already.

China’s CDC sent two investigation teams to investigate it and wanted to find out whether it was a large scale pandemic, epidemic or just individual cases.

It was similar to 2003’s SARS when there were just six or seven cases, people didn’t feel it was serious compared with politics when US invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003, the focus of the world followed American rythme then. In 2019, people were also driven by news such as assasination of Iranian military leader Sulemani with no man airplane, for the first time in history, a modern weapon no man driven airplane was used to kill a man some one considered as their enemy. And then Iran shot down an airplane with more than 100 passengers including their own citizens by mistake. The world was in a tense situation during this dramatic period.

In China due to the large population, especially Wuhan which was a huge city with the population more than that of the whole Sweden, 14 million while Sweden has 10 million.

I guess they must have struggled for some time too to inform everybody that this was a pandemic or epidemic or it was just individual cases. Thus, it was a back and forth process recognize it as an epidemic. And it was decided with the inspection and judgement of the World Health Organisation.

Chinese doctors realized that the virus infected people through people, thus it declared to take the most strict method to control covid-19.

China took it as a campaign to fight against the virus, control it by isolation and treatment. Many people sacrifice their freedom and stay at home since January 24th. Both the Chinese and western medicine doctors joined the war against the covid-19.

The Chinese theory was to strengthen people’s immunity to endure the virus while in western medicine we haven’t found any effective medicine yet. The patients mainly relied on breathing machine. The Chinese tried some medicine too, but none of them can be effective enough. They combined both Chinese and western method to deal with cases, but the death toll was still over 3000 people.

The main lesson was that due to the quick spreading of the virus, suddenly more people were inffected and the hospital capacity could not cope with the patients. The almost collapse of the hospital caused the delay of care for patients. When the central government found this problem, they immediately decided to enlarge the coping capacity.

Two new temporary hospitals with negative pressure were built within ten days and a dozen other type of temporary hospitals for light symptom patients were built.

Four thousand doctors and nurses from the military and 20 thousand from other provinces were called to help.

Day by day China opened press conferences and published the numbers of total infected, suspected cases and the death toll. As a way of preventing from virus spreading, China took the measure to cremate the corpses immediately. They were put in well sealed plastic bags.

News came out not only through public media CGTN, but also new media with the call for people to stay at home and isolate the virus.

Meanwhile a lot of workers and volunteers were called to help buying things for people. It was sad that this happened right on Spring Festival. But it was also fortunate because people have accumulated a lot of food for at least a week. Therefore, when the city was closedown, there was a little time delay for food worries. But it also happened very quickly with the assistance from other provinces, the vegetables, rice and other things were also transported to Wuhan.

At beginning, Doctor Zhong Nanshan, the focal person during this campaign, in which a lot of advices were issued with his name, estimated that it would be two weeks to reach the peak, but then it took another two weeks to reach the peak. The potential time for the virus to explode could be 28 days. And with the progress of the campaign, people realised that the healing time could be four weeks or five weeks.

During the first week, all the villages were even sealed off. But after a week, goods transportation was somewhat resumed with special order. The supermarket has been opening all the time. People were allowed to go out to buy food every three days.

There were suspicion that the air could help spread the virus too. Those who were infected but showed no symptoms could also spread the virus. That was why it was somewhat very scary with this virus.

And it was not without confusion during this compaign. The social media constantly spread conspiracy news which confused people whether this was a natural disaster or man made mistake.

But China was concentrated in fighting against the virus by increasing the bonus for medical staff and allocated more staff from other provinces and cities. China even changed the old currency to replace them with new ones so that it avoided the virus spreading by touching it.

What happened then with the US, Germany and Sweden? Just a couple of days of closedown, the US sent an airplane to fetch American citizens back and declared to close down the customs to ban Chinese from going to America, which I didn’t think it was wrong in terms of self protection. But in addition to that, there were no other measures taken, but watching.

First, the Danish cartoonist paint virus on Chinese National flag, second American Secretary of Commerce Roth said this would help jobs to go back to America.

The Wall Street Journal even published a commentary calling Chinese ‘the patients in Asia’ which deeply hurt the Chinese emotions because it reminded Chinese of their humiliated history before the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

In Swedish TV, immediately there was a negative report about Xinjiang and said the source was from Germany.

A leading writer Magnusson even wrote an article calling China ‘a political prison’ because of people staying at home?

On those days, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t think we need to demand apologies because these remarks were inhuman and evil and deserved no response. Of course many others didn’t think the same as I.

Overall, neither the US nor European countries thought this was a common disaster, it could spread to ourselves. They thought that was China’s problem and since they were busy dealing with disaster and had no time to respond, we just hit them politically. When the virus spread to Italy, Spain and Iran, some people think it was because they have close relations with China. Innocently it didn’t prevent the Swedes or others to continue to have holidays in Germany, Italy, Spain and Iran.

All the way, the ideological thinking drove people to think the virus had nothing to do with them and they were not afraid. They criticised panic, which was partly right, but partly neglected the severity of the virus.

China didn’t hide any information but tried to inform all they could including inviting the WHO delegation including American experts to China to inspect. By doing all China could, the virus was somewhat blocked for two months time before other areas broke out. But instead of preparing for the war against virus, they all put the fire on China.

Even when the US tested a few cases and found infections, Trump always said there was no problem. It was under control. The US didn’t test the virus early or thoroughly. There were reports saying that they tested long time ago, but then dropped the test. They called it the flu. Even the CDC official admitted that there were cases of covid-19 among flu infectors.

The right way is to pay attention to the war against cover-19 with all your national strength to save lives and more importantly protect the people.

If you don’t take measures, Event 201 gave a wonderful simulation on this virus, it predicted that 65 million people would die and all the business would stop.

Event 201 simulation was done by Johns Hopkins Health Security Center together with World Economic Forum and Melanda and Bill Gates Foundation with a kind of corona virus they called CAPS and that spread from Brazil and then spread to the US and China.

If you haven’t read that, you can just google Event 201 and you can see the scenario which was almost the same as what happened in the world now. Only that when it was in Wuhan, China did what exactly the simulation suggested and thus got the spreading slow down.

It suggested that the government, business and NGOs should all unite and combat this war against the virus. It didn’t suggest the suspension of cargo circulation because it was needed. Tourism was definitely down, but goods transportation should go on so that each country can have the supply of medical resources and other materials.

The conclusion is that China didn’t hide any information, but because they were not certain the scale of the virus and how shrewd the virus was, but as time went by, they took the measures to sacrifice the short term economy and save lives and prevent the virus from spreading. China used the isolation and putting on masks to prevent it. Since no other ways really cure, you can only avoid catching it.

In fact, there should be further studies because it was reported that the virus were not the same and changed a lot as it spread further.

It is unavoidable that the campaign against virus will cause a slowdown of economy, even recession because people stayed at home and limit consumption. The US allocated a lot of money to rescue the market. But the stock market didn’t function as how much money you put on, it functions more on confidence. The crisis cycle is coming and people don’t have confidence for near future, thus in my opinion, we have to bear for certain period of time of bad luck. Any recovery will happen after the end of this virus spreading in the world.

China’s 10 lessons in Covid-19

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, March 25 (Greenpost) — American late President John F Kennedy was remembered for his famous swearing-in sentence: United We Stand. … Do not ask how much our nation can do for you and ask what you can do for our nation.

Actually China has learnt a lot from America, the American spirit of willing to sacrifice for a good cause.

If you study Kennedy’s sentence carefully, you can see it is also very much a communist idea. He called on people to be united and do more for their country and dare to sacrifice.

It is interesting to see that this idea was perfectly implemented in China.

China was the first one who suffered in large scale of the outbreak of Covid-19. But after two months intensive fighting, China has generally won the battle. Is there any secret for China to win the battle? I like to summarise it in ten lessons or experiences.

  1. Great leadership. Wage a war against Covid-19. Chinese President Xi Jinping is a great leader. He is such a forward looking leader and a leader who has strategic outlook. After about three weeks investigation, research and study, he realised that the attack of the Covid-19 was not an ordinary virus such as SARS, MERS or American Flu but a virus that spread so quickly that if you don’t take collective and coordinated action, mobilise the whole nation to deal with it, you will face the danger that the whole Chinese nation will be paralysed and even more 20 percent of the 1.4 billion lives will be in danger. It would be very hard to imagine that such a number of population will be wiped out. China indeed has a huge population, but even one life loss is too many. China has put the people in the center and it must implement this policy. Thus, President Xi Jinping declared a war, he called it people’s war against Covid-19.
  2. Build up capacity with great coordination capability. Since it is a war against Covid-19 under the leadership of President Xi Jinping himself, he was given the power to mobilise the national resources. As soon as China found that the deaths were caused by the shortage of hospital beds, Xi mobilised all the big corporations and the army to build a temporary Xiaotangshan like hospital. Maybe he learnt from the 2003 SARS lessons, he realised it was such an important issue of life or death, thus he used all the resources he could. The Xiaotangshan hospital was built to deal with SARS patients in 2003 in Beijing suburbs near the Great Wall. In order to combat the bloody virus, the first hospital was called Huoshenshan which means the God of Fire Mountain to burn the virus. The second hospital which was also built within ten days was called Leishenshan meaning the God of Thunder to kill the virus. These two hospitals and the following dozen Noah Ark hospitals exhibited China’s formidable construction capability. This construction itself needs a lot of coordination, unity and voluntary forces. A lot of workers from other provinces came to help build the hospitals.
  3. International assistance and cooperation. Ask for help. When the most devastating Earthquake took place in Tangshan in 1976, China refused to ask any help from the world and China lost 240 thousand lives. Later we think when needed for the lives of the people, leaders should be humble and ask help, to save lives is important. When Wuhan announced to close down on January 23, it was just the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday which usually lasted for 8 days. Almost all the Chinese should go back home and unite with their loved ones and enjoy the longest holiday in China, similar to Christmas in the west. Thus there were no production, almost no one were working. But the doctors and nurses in Wuhan, Hubei and even Zhejiang and other provinces were short of protecting clothes, N95 masks, gloves and the protecting eye glasses. In fact, Dr. Li Wenliang was an eye doctor, but he was infected of Convid-19 by an 85 year old lady when he examined her eyes. So the danger of infection is not just in the emergency sector, or respiratory sector, but in all hospitals because Chinese hospitals are usually much larger and much more open so there are also long queues. Therefore, Chinese government mobilised all the overseas Chinese and other government to ask for help to donate or sell N95 masks, protecting clothes and others. The Chinese all over the world took action immediately and donated money and contacted shops to buy all kinds of goods mainly the masks. Those who couldn’t get masks, bought gloves. I remember that the goods took two weeks to arrive in China with many people’s joint efforts. This was a moving process because all the Chinese people have a kind of feeling that this was such a huge disaster that needed us all to unite and work together to win this battle. Virus was shrewd and spreading so quickly no matter who you are. Four doctors died including two professors who are experts in medical field. But maybe hard work or lack of sleep whatever lower immunity made them collapse when the virus attacked. I summarised it with a timeline, thus I think the international cooperation is very important. With this kind of unity spirit, we encouraged each other.
  4. Exert Chinese system advantage. Chinese political system is not a dictatorship but a centralised power that produced from various provinces and regions and when there is need the provinces are like brothers and sisters to help each other. When I went to Xinjiang to have a reporting trip in August 2018, I was so impressed that each region in Xinjiang has a big brother in the eastern part of China. For example, Beijing will be the brother of Urumqi, Altay will have a brother which is called Heilongjiang province in northeast China. And I saw the bridge built with 2 million yuan donated from Heilongjiang. The same with Tibet Autonomous Region. This time the most moving part was that the young brother in Xinjiang now helped Hubei province with apples and meat which was what they have. Hubei might have helped Xinjiang with money and technology. But now what Hubei needed was basic things such as vegetable and apples because the city was closed down and no trade or normal transportation were going on. When the new hospitals were built, many thousands of patients were moved in, they need new doctors and nurses. How could they manage that? Liaoning Province in northeast China sent 1000 doctors and nurses from Jinzhou and Dalian as well as more from Shenyang. So it is not fairy tale that one province helped one city in Hubei Province, it was absolutely true. Almost every province or autonomous region and municipality had offered help. How could China realise that? That is the system advantage and cultural advantage even though people from the north feel difficult to understand the language in Hubei and difficult to deal with the patients. They immediately formed a vocabulary of the local language online so that they can learn immediately.
  5. Chinese communist party members took the lead in offering the help and work on duty in the most difficult time and place. Chinese communist party members swore that they should put the public interest ahead of their own interest and I bet most of them who offered the help from other provinces are CCP members. It might be dangerous, it might cost life, it might be that you go there and you will not come back, but as a CCP member, you have such an obligation to voluntarily do it. They are all voluntary doctors and nurses. It was not ordered to do so. It was just a call and you can just answer it. It was reported that about 40 thousand doctors and nurses from outside Hubei went to Wuhan and other cities hospitals to help. Thus they need a lot of protecting clothes and masks.
  6. The Heroic Wuhan People, Hubei people and all the Chinese people. During the first week between January 25 and February 2, almost all over China was closed down and isolated. All the villages were closed. No cars were allowed to go through for a week. But by February 2, after a week of fighting against the virus, expert Zhong Nanshan who is 84 years old found that this virus actually has about two weeks potential, in which people could have symptoms after five to seven days. Or they can stay for two weeks and then have cough or fever symptoms. Thus a lot more people might have infected but showed no symtoms yet. Thus it will take at least two weeks to know how many have got infected. So the original closedown of the city for a week was extended for two weeks and then from two weeks extended to four weeks 28 days. With such a long time of closing down, how can Chinese bear it? The slogan was that to stay at home was great, patriotic and that was needed to fight against this virus. Because this virus spreads so quickly when you have close contacts. Thus some families unfortunately disappeared due to the inside family infection and left their orphans.
  7. The sacrifice of the grassroots workers such as neighbourhood committee people and volunteers. They were the ones who tested the people’s temperatures and also helped to guard people from wandering around in the street. Their jobs were not easy and sometimes they could meet irritated people and insulted them.
  8. Five million guards and volunteer made all the isolation possible. It was not admirable, but they should be respected otherwise the society could have been in chaos. But mostly it went well and again we must say Wuhan people were great because there were many kinds of recreational activities which were very innovative. It is very respectful for the Chinese people’s talent and wisdom. I have published an old man’s poem describing his staying at home. The volunteers later shouldered the responsibility of buying food and vegetables for each family who gave an order through the smart phone services.
  9. The postman was praised even during the spring festival TV gala programs but this time, without them, the battle of combating the virus was not complete. It was they who helped transport goods from Shanghai, Guangzhou and many other places to Hubei provinces.
  10. Chinese medicine has played a great role in giving the Chinese confidence in curing patients. The World Health Organization officials said it was good to see China uses whatever they have to cure the patients. In China there were western medicine doctors relying on antibiotics and other western medicines and equipment such as breathing machines and artificial lung machines. There were also Chinese medicine doctors who used Chinese herbs as medicine to alleviate the symptoms of lungs and fever. It was reported that many light symptom patients recovered with Chinese medicine and prevented them from becoming the sever patients. Unfortunately when WHO opened the press conference and made an impression that all the light symptom patients can recover themselves and the severe symptom patients could only wait for breathing machine or vaccines. China drew the lessons from SARS and all the Chinese put on a mask when they go out. Without mask, you can’t go out. It is a way to protect yourself and also protect others. It is a way to isolate. To understand the virus and its symptoms is a long process which lasted a week for 7 patients and then for 45 patients to examine exactly what it is and how harmful it is. Finally by January 23 Wuhan declared closedown. Wuhan Mayor was hesitating even if he declared that, but he said I don’t care what the history will tell this story which was unprecedented. But of course a lot of people thought he should have closed down earlier. So above are my summary of ten lessons or experiences China can offer to the world. Through this disaster, we see a lot of positive aspects of humanity. Many people said this could only be done under the leadership of the CCP, but I like to say that under the leadership of the CCP, there are great Chinese people, without their support, how can CCP itself completed this mission? So the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese government and the Chinese people and the Chinese nation are all together making a great Chinese culture spreading kindness and mercy so that our world becomes a better world.

Overall, it can be summarised as united we stand. That was to unite and do the right thing at the right time and then resume the production. Of course Chinese culture is also a culture that emphasise harmony, cooperation and mutual help. With cooperation and unity, we can overcome all the difficulties. I cannot say China won a great victory or completely defeat the enemy of virus, but at least now it can produce substantially with its capacity and help other parts of the world to recover from the virus disaster.

The following are some pictures during this campaign showing how people help each other.

Hur ska vi skydda oss framför corona virus?

Av Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, March. 15 (Greenpost) — Corona Virus är ett virus som kan smitta så snabbt och till många männskor. I kina hittade de att bästa metod att skydda oss är att isolera och ta på dig skyddmask.

China invented the mask in 1920s when they dealt with the northeastern virus in Harbin. They burned the dead body immediately and let people stay at home. Corona virus has been prevented by Chinese intervention. Indeed if they didn’t isolate, we don’t know how many people will be infected or die.

The lessons for China to deal with the virus were that they should have told the people earlier. But on the other hand, no one knows that it would cause more people to escape from the city and then spread all over China or all over the world.

By closing down the city Wuhan and many other cities, and test most of the people to see if they got the virus. At the beginning, they also lack the capacity to test and they let the light infected person to stay at home to isolate. But later more and more infected were found. Soon China built two hospitals and a dozen temporary hospital so that those who light infected isolated there.

With the help of Chinese medicine, many light infected patients recovered sooner. Those who severely infected were easy to die.

But how can we protect ourselves here in Sweden?

I think the best is to stay at home and do not go out to meetings or other gatherings. Buy some more food but not too much because in Sweden it was not closed everything. Supermarket will open and we must share with other people too.

Do things which you couldn’t do before, study or work online.

Anyway don’t try to go back to China now because China hasn’t finished all the treatment of patients yet. So if you go back you need to stay in isolation in two weeks. Food and shower can all be challenged. It might not be as good as you imagine. So it is better to stay where you are.

Don’t say Sweden do nothing to deal with this. Now the Foreign Ministry also recommend people not travel abroad. Donald Trump ordered flight between the US and Europe will suspend for 30 days. Thus it is difficult to fly anywhere any way.

It is still important to try to prevent spreading in small cities where there are fewer cases. It is not sure that people will get anti body by being infected. If you are not careful, it will be too dangerous.

But if you are careful, Sweden has vast areas, the air is good and it is good to stay at home too.

So far only Stockholm has the largest number of infections. It is better the other cities prevent themselves from spreading more or getting more infection.

Opinion: Sweden government should encourage other cities to trace and control corona virus

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Sweden should mobilize the local government or regional government to continue to trace back those who are infected because there are only 2 or 3 cases in many areas.

There is still chances to control it. If the local region can control it, in the end, we can get rid of it. Stockholm has more than 200, but other cities are about 100.

If we give up to trace, there will be bigger possibility to spread the infection.

De Flesta Människor i Hongkong vill se Välstånd, Stabilitet, utan Våld och Kaos 香港繁荣稳定止暴制乱是大多数人的心声

2020年3月2日  |  没有评论

                                                作者 魏民 Skribenter Wei Min

Hong Kong, som har berömts som "Östens pärla", har behållit sin välmående och stabila status sedan sin återkomst till Kina den 1 juli 1997, och dess produktion, liv, handel och handelskultur har varit fortsatt stark. utveckling. I ögonblicket av den sydöstasiatiska finanskrisen eskorterade centralregeringen aktivt och passerade krisen smidigt. Sedan dess, med den snabba utvecklingen av fastlandsekonomin, har Hong Kong också stigit. Utbyten mellan Hong Kong och interiören har blivit allt vanligare.

Men en incident i juni 2019 bröt stabiliteten i Hong Kong. På grund av svårigheterna med brottsbekämpning orsakad av mord på ungdomar i Taiwan av en Hong Kong man hoppas Hongkongs särskilda administrativa regionregering att diskutera bestämmelserna om huruvida utlämning av gärningsmän kan genomföras mellan Hong Kong och Taiwan och Fastland, som har mött stark motstånd från oppositionen och unga studenter och medborgare. 

Med den kontinuerliga koncessionen av Hong Kongs regering insisterade ett stort antal studenter i Hong Kong på några så kallade modiga och orättvisa studenter, och till och med ett stort antal Hong Kong-medborgare var inblandade i den. 

Det fanns många demonstrationer, vilket fick trafiken i Hong Kong att förlamas. Före distriktsvalet befann sig Hong Kong i ett mycket kaotiskt och våldsamt stadium.
Vissa studenter eller ungdomar kastade till och med bensinbomber för att attackera polisen, vilket orsakade Hong Kongs sociala ordning och trafikordning stördades allvarligt.  Demonstrationen, som varade i nästan ett halvt år, påverkade Hongkongs ekonomi, särskilt turistnäringen. Eftersom Hong Kong också är en viktig port till fastlandet har fastlandsekonomin också påverkats med allvarliga konsekvenser. Lyckligtvis stöder de flesta i Hong Kong inte ungdomars våld. De höll till och med en marsch för att stoppa våld och stödja regeringen i Hong Kong för att återställa ordningen så snart som möjligt. De flesta av våra landsmän i Hong Kong uttalade att våld inte är en lösning på problemet och att våld inte bör vidtas ändå. Fred och stabilitet kan leda till välstånd. Det kan sägas att fred och stabilitet och undertryckandet av våld är rösterna för de flesta. Utan en fredlig och stabil miljö påverkas den ekonomiska utvecklingen och det sociala livet mycket negativt. 

Det är beklagligt att gangsterna under ledning av Li Zhiying fortfarande var engagerade i sabotage vid det tidpunkt då det nya koronaviruset rasade. Fem gangstere inklusive Xu Zhifeng och andra gangster sprang till den svenska huvudstaden Stockholm för att ansluta sig till Hong Kong, Xinjiang och andra anti-Kina elementen som är kopplade i serie för att hålla anti-Kina-rallyaktiviteter.  Den här vi vill hoppas att påminna dem inte göra dåliga saker till Hong Kong och Fastland, sluta dina tänker att fortsätta störda ordningen i Hong Kong.  






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Turning point against COVID-19 has not come yet, says China

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, Feb. 22(Greenpost) — Today a news was spreading around the wechat circle. That was Academician Zhong Nanshan smiled. Dr. Zhong was considered as a hero in anti-SARS campaign in 2003 because he was one of the first who declared this was a serious epidemic and caused attention from the government.

Dr. Zhong Nanshan Smiles

Donations from Swedish Chinese and Chinese business to send out

This time Dr. Zhong was also the most authoritative voice saying that the corona virus could spread from person to person and at a faster speed.

When he was interviewed before, he was very serious and looked a bit tired and stressed. He almost cried when he was interviewed for the first time when he mentioned that Wuhan people sang the national song through the windows in the evening after the order was issued that Wuhan city was closed and all the people should stay at home.

Donations from Sweden received.

It was indeed very moving and respectful for Wuhan people because in front of the sudden attack of the virus and the determined order of closing a city which has a population of 14 million. It was not an easy decision because even after the decision, Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xingwang was still saying that this was historic and if anything wrong with it, he would like to shoulder the responsibility.

Some people thought he should have closed Wuhan even earlier, but it is indeed understandable that the decision needed scientific evaluation which took time and efforts.

Dr. Li Wenliang was infected.

Dr. Zhong was 84 years old and he was very respectful. Both leaders and people really listen to him and thus a lot of notices were issued or advised with his name. But when mentioned Dr. Li Wenliang who first issued the news in his Wechat circle among friends and colleagues but got infected and died at age of 34, Dr. Zhong said Li was a hero and he should be respected too. At that moment, tears also sheded from his eyes.

But yesterday at a press conference in Guangzhou, he took off his mask and smiled. This smile implied a relief that the COVID-19 had been under control. The newly infected cases have decreased for a consecutive 16 days outside Hubei province. He did not say the turning point has come. He said Wuhan is still the heavily infected area. But the trend is in positive direction.

According to news from CDC China the newly diagnosed cases reached to 397 while the new death cases reached to 109 with accumulated cases reaching to 76288 and death toll 2345 and recovered cases 20659. Recovered number goes beyond 20 thousand.

Yesterday they also lifted observation for 26441 people. Accumulated close contacts were 618915 people and 113564 of them are still on observation.

Hubei has 366 newly diagnosed infected cases while 1767 cases were recovered yesterday. 106 people including 90 from Wuhan died. Total death accumulated to 2345 people.

47647 people in Hubei have been identified as infected and Hubei’s beds in hospital also almost reached 40 thousand. Thus those who are in need can possibly get a bed. 10892 people are severely infected. 13557 people have recovered and left hospital so far in Hubei province.

During the campaign against the COVID-19, Chinese medicine exerted a great role. Dr. Zhong Nanshan said Chinese medicine can exert a role in alleviating the symptom.

Many Chinese medicine doctors used many kinds of herbal medicine to clear the lung and improve the immune system so that the patients can have more strength to fight against the virus.

The theory is that Chinese medicine is used to improve patients’ immune systems while the western medicine theory is to combat the virus and reduce infections but the side effect is very serious.

Chinese medicine doctors even teach the patients to play Baduanjin, a kind of Taiji exercise. They treat each patient with personal treatment and the result was quite good. The Chinese medicine is used to treat the light infected patients and prevented them from getting worse.

China’s control of the COVID-19 is seen as effective because it avoided large scale infection around the world. By closing down the big city and controlling spread of virus, many people believe this could only be done in China under the leadership of the CPC. Chinese government under the leadership of President Xi and CPC have taken stronger measures to control the spreading with the leading role played by respected doctors and nurses and party members.

China has exerted its advantage and tradition of helping each other among all provinces, for example 16 provinces provided help with their capacity to Hubei province and overseas Chinese also gave donations of masks from the beginning to Hubei provinces hospitals. Two years ago when I was in Xinjiang, they said they were grateful for 19 brotherly provinces to support them. Now when Hubei suffers from COVID-19, sister areas in Xinjiang donated a lot of apples to Hubei showing the Chinese culture of helping each other when in need.

It is worthwhile to mention that there was one city in Hubei province closed its city a week earlier and the infection was substantially reduced. Sichuan province and Henan Province were also very strict in preventing the virus from spreading and very effective.

Zhejiang province got second most infections since it has close relations with Hubei province. But Zhejiang province took even more strict measures in controlling the spreading of the virus and put it under control sooner.

Zhang Jixian who found 7 cases and reported to CDC first.

So far, many provinces have resumed production and workers in western China were sent back to eastern regions with chartered airplanes or chartered fast trains since the traffic became rare during the Chinese Spring Festival.

Many Chinese said this spring festival was very special, but it was also normal because this year all the families must stay at home and children don’t need to go back to school so soon.

Many feel panic and worried while many others use the chance to study or do something more interesting in addition to dance and exercise at home.

With Wechat, people can share information and encourage each other or help each other.

Chinese humor also appeared during the anti virus campaign. For example love was sent through the message and the answer can be “lets not meet now.”

One of humor was very interesting and here I translated it as the following:

Wuhan has made eight contributions to the world:

  1. Hong Kong demonstrators stopped demonstration.
  2. Macaos casino was closed for the first time in history.
  3. 60 weeks demonstration in France stopped due to a woman from Wuhan arriving there.
  4. Middle East war fairs are somewhat decreasing.
  5. All the outside school courses have stopped. Education ministry could not stop it, but Wuhan did it.
  6. The large scale eating and drinking life style stopped overnight. Even Chinese disciplinary committee could not stop it before.
  7. Most of the Chinese families became united and harmonious because the husband and wife have to be at home day and night.
  8. During these days, even the thieves stopped stealing because if they go to the street, there are no people and if they visit homes, all family members are there.

In addition, writers, artists and educators are also working at home. Many teachers began online teaching or live broadcast. Many home business started and many innovative ideas came out and actions taken at home with internet.

During the campaign, postmen were very busy and they job quardruppled. Many restaurants were severely affected, but the fast food somewhat better survived.

During the first week people relied on their stored food for the week long spring festival. But after two weeks, people have to go out to buy food and in some area, the practice was that every three days one family can send out one person to buy all the groceries.

The market supply is still there and many provinces donated things they have such as vegetables, apples, cabbage and rice. At beginning, Wuhan gave the vegetables to the market, but after the donor questioned about it, people stopped that action, but it also appeared that the vegetables got rotten because short of personnel to deliver it. Thus, I think it is not a bad idea to send these vegetables to the market sellers either donate or with low cost. Because it is hard for the Red Cross to redistribute these vegetables to every family or hospital or other units. Let market function is not a bad idea.

During the first week, it was somewhat panic because all over the world, the overseas Chinese said they donated goods, but due to the closedown of traffic and many countries stopped airlines, it took longer time for the good to arrive in Wuhan or Hubei, some took two or three weeks.

Due to the panic mentality, there have been some episodes of the news or communication driven by social media to lead to people’s sadness such as Dr. Li Wenliang’s death, the poetic and friendship words on donation packages from Japan aroused a big discussion. Some people said the Japanese are more educated than Chinese who only know to say Cheer up Hubei, Wuhan, or God Bless China. But as more patients were cured and more hospitals were built, the desperate mentality has been cured.

Huoshenshan Hospital was built with 10 days showing Chinese speed.

At the very beginning, China also stunned the world by building a Huoshenshan hospital and a Leishenshan hospital by about ten days. Huoshenshan means God of fire mountain and Leishenshan means God of thunder mountain. The hope is that the fire and thunder will definitely kill the virus with their power or magic working like holy spirits.

In addition to two new hospitals, many Noah Ark like hospitals were also built to host more than 40 thousand patients infected by COVID-19.

It seemed to me that in China, with the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and its 89 million party members, the government gives orders, the enterprises cooperate in keeping supply lines and the society echoed all the calls. So the government, enterprises and society united much better than normal times in front of the disasters.

In this sense, I would like to give the credit to the party members because while in dangerous situation, it was always the party members should step forward and face the danger first.

For example, during this anti virus campaign, over 30 thousand doctors and nurses voluntarily answered the call and went to Wuhan to work in those new hospitals. Most of them are party members and many of them who are not would like to join the party on site. This spirit was really moving.

According to reports, due to the uncertainty before the closedown of Wuhan and later with overload of work and stress, by February 11, 3019 doctors and nurses were infected by COVID-19 virus and 1716 cases were confirmed. Among them, 1502 cases were from Hubei province.

During this campaign, nine doctors including two professor doctors, one hospital president died at work. They have become a martyr for us all.

Yesterday I watched the Oct. 18 201 event simulation meeting organized by Johns Hopkins Health Security Center, World Economic Forum and Bill and Melanda Gates Foundation which discussed a lot about how to deal with such kind of serious virus epidemic or pandemic. This show actually caused a lot of conspiracy views which thought America has known this. But I think the discussion mainly focuses on a scenario that the government and business are difficult to form a partnership and the individualism ideas make people difficult to follow the information or guidance.

Indeed there were many rumours and fake news coming out mainly from anti China chinese in America. For example they smear the Wuhan P4 lab for leaking the virus. But as I interviewed Professor Duan from Karolinska Hospital, it is impossible to a P4 lab to leak anything out. It is a very scientifically built lab which has negative pressure which guarantee for the security. As for the scientists, it is also impossible for scientists to have such a low level ethics or break their ethical bottom line.

Some Chinese in America who suffered a setback during Chinas anti corruption campaign or Falungong related people, they only spread their hatrad, presumptions or fabrications plus their imaginations.

It is not difficult to imagine that Chinese hospitals would be extremely busy even during the normal time, let alone under the current situation.

In my opinion, Chinese system is actually functioning well because it is more centralized and the government answered the call of the people quickly and whole heartedly. Under the principle of putting the people’s lives in the center, Chinese economy is definitely affected.

But I think just because it is Spring Festival time, many production stopped anyway, the most damaged industry is tourism and restaurants and hotels. Thus, this effect is felt not only in China, but also many other countries including nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland.

Now since the virus is somewhat under control, it was reported that about 95 percent of production business began to resume.

For example, workers from Xinjiang were sent to Hunan by chartered airplanes with preventive measures. Slowly workers are on the working places now. So far only the students are still at home to enjoy their holidays.

Nowadays schools open earlier than 30 years ago when I was at university. Then the opening of schools was on March first. Nowadays it was usually after the Spring Festival holiday. Due to COVID-19, students can relax a little bit.

Finally about the COVID-19, it is a new kind of virus which was similar to SARS or MERs but not as deadly as those, but it spread faster. It can also spread to other people before you really have symptoms such as coughing, fever and fatigue. Those who are over 80 years old, the infection rate is 14.8%. The younger people are less likely infected. Those who died are mostly having other diseases such as cardiological problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The main prevention method is to isolate yourself, often wash your hand, don’t touch your face. It can spread by sneeze or spit. So Dr. Zhong adviced people to even pay attention to your shoes. Try to avoid stepping on any spit.

Where in the world comes the virus from?

So far it is still not clear where the virus comes from. According to early first seven cases, four persons came from a seafood and wildlife trading market, but three others didn’t come from there. The latest research from Yunnan branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that the virus does not come from that market because their samples show that it is the same as the other three.

Some people suspect that this virus might be the same as the American flu, or another version of the American flu.

But to be honest, no one knows where and when exactly it came from. It can be estimated that the very first spreading of the virus can be on November 27th. Someone said it might start on mid October, but due to the favorable climate, it didn’t break then. Due to the shrewdness of the virus, it can have longer incubation period of 24 days.

Maybe the cold and wet weather in Wuhan just provides the bed for the virus, it is hard to say. We have to wait and see how the scientists and researchers find out through autopsy and sample studies.

Text by Xuefei Chen Axelsson. Photos from web.

疫情下的中国民间丧事:从简、安静、“疫”后再别 Funerals to be held after the end of the Coronavirus

据中新社昆明2月18日电 题:疫情下的中国民间丧事:从简、安静、“疫”后再别
  作者 缪超

Writer Miao Chao Kunming, China News Agency. Translator and Editor Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Wangke’s mother’s mother died recently at the age of 80 years old in Kunming Yunnan province. With such a senior age, it was considered a good thing. So children usually gave her a grand celebration of a week by providing over 400 people including relatives, villagers, neighbours, friends and many others. This was called decent funeral.

But currently due to the campaign against the coronavirus, people are not recommended to gather together. The elderly got liver problem and stormack cancer. Without any good solution, they decided to take her back to die at home so that relatives can see her before and after her death.

So her four sons and daughters decided to say goodbye with traditional way later after the end of the virus. Now the ceremony is very simple just asking the truck from cremation place to carry the kofin to the destination. This decision was in discussion with the old lady and she understood that her children will hold the ceremony after the end of the virus.

This story shows that in rural China a lot of traditions are still kept and practiced. Good or bad, sometimes the funerals can become too much for the living people.


Please raise more chicken to deal with locusts

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 17(Greenpost) — It is reported that 40 billion locusts are flying from Kenya to Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and India. Of course they are on the way, but I like to warn people in Pakistan and India to raise more chickens, rosters, cocks and when the locusts come, eat them.

Locusts can be of a lot of proteins too. When I was small, we children often go to the mountains and hills to pick up locusts and put them into the bottle and they were indeed very strong and could hop up very quickly. But the chicken can chase them and get them easily.

Thus I am not joking, truly raise more chickens or organize the chicken farmers to set free their chicken to the field when the locusts come. It might be a great way to deal with the locust disaster.

People use natural enemies to deal with each other. For example hire the sheep to eat the grass. It is an ecological way to cut the grass saving the labor.

Photo Reports(3) Hong Kong people against the violence

Stockholm, Dec. 30(Greenpost) — The demonstrations that took place on June 9 and June 16th, 2019 were peaceful.

However, the demonstration not only didn’t stop, but escalated. By August, various violence began to take place including the destruction of offices and bank ATMs. To counter attack the violence, Hong Kong people launched a counter violence demonstration.

Many people stood hand in hand and shouted the slogan of rescuing Hong Kong.

This was a bird eye view of the demonstration to oppose violence.

Hong Kong should not be in disorder any more.

Due to the hot weather and rainy weather, umbrella indeed became a scene.

This was a peaceful demonstration against violence.

Above photos came from web source.

This poster writes protecting Hong Kong.

Many people in the world concerned Hong Kong’s situation and held demonstrations themed Insisting on One Country Two Systems and opposing Hong Kong’s violence and riot.

Photo by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

On September 9th, overseas Chinese in Sweden held a rally in Sergeltorg to demonstrate their attitude to stop violence and resume social order while calling on students and citizens in Hong Kong to love and protect peace and stop violence.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DSC_4822-1024x681-1024x681.jpg
Photo by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

They also demonstrated their attitude beside the parliament to call on Hong Kong students and citizens to stop violence. Whatever you do is ok, but not do it in violent way, said one participant.

Editor Xuefei Chen Axelsson.

Photo reports(2) Hong Kong’s peaceful demonstration turned into violence

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, Dec. 30(Greenpost) — From June 9th one million people demonstration to the end of November 2019, Hong Kong experienced some serious violent events. The demonstration started with the discussion of the extradition of criminal suspects from Hong Kong to Taiwan or Chinese mainland. It later developed into violent conflict between demonstrators and the police when some young people threw petrol bombs to the police and ordinary people. When the situation was most serious, the US passed a bill about Hong Kong’s “Democracy” and threatened to give sanctions to Hong Kong business people or officials.

The conflict escalated due to the support and instigation from the US and and many interest groups in Hong Kong. Some young people thought they were brave to make and throw petrol bombs to the police and the ordinary people even though they knew or were not aware that was a violation of law. The fire caused a lot of people to have been injured and suffer from the burning pain. No matter what kind of excuse, the violation of law is doomed to be judged and punished by the law. The following are some photos to show you the situation.

(Mind you, these photos are not suitable for children.)

Set up fire by a subway station, a public place.
Set up fire at a Bank ATM machine, damaging public property.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-1-1-1024x682.jpeg
Set up fire in a public place.

At the very beginning the demonstration was peaceful. But gradually the action of sabotaging public properties or legislative authority office and bank’s ATM building by some youngsters became rampant.

Rioters throwing petrol bombs to the police caused fire.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is xiang_gang_li_gong_da_xue_bei_jing_fang_bao_wei_2019nian_11yue_17ri__0-1024x578.jpg

Hong Kong Polytechnique University saw a lot of fire on November 17th, 2019. PHOTO FROM REUTERS WEB.

According to reports, many students used chemicals to make detrimental weapons and they exercised how to throw petrol bombs in the swimmingpool. They threw the bombs to the place wherever the police was around and caused a lot of fires.

The police accused the rioters of using detrimental weapons including petrol bombs, bows and steel balls as well as bricks to attack the police defence line. A police media liaison officer was shot in the small leg by the arrow. A riot police was hit by the steel ball.

On November 17th evening, the police issued a very serious warning that the violent action has reached the riot level. Any person who stayed and supported the rioters would be subjected to commit riot crime. The police warned that those citizens who supported the rioters could be treated as to commit riot crime.

Upon midnight on Nov. 17th, Hong Kong police issued an ultimatum through facebook that the demonstrators should not use petrol bombs, arrows, cars och any detrimental weapon to attack the police. If they continue to take these dangerous action, the police will, under the condition of having no other choice, use the low level weapon including solid bullets to shoot back.

Petrol bomb caused fire.

Various photos show the petrol bomb hurt people and damaged the public properties .

A Chinese journalist from mainland was beaten by rioters. Even though it was only one case of journalist being attacked to such a serious degree, it is still too serious and shouldn’t have happened.


Various photos show that many people were wounded. Long time struggle with the police, protesters couldn’t control their mentality. Their action not only blocked the traffic, but also was easy to cause injuries.

The so-called Brave Warrior fought with police.
A petrol bomb was thrown onto a peer’s body.
The so-called Brave Warrior threw petrol bombs to the police, completely against the law.
A person was injured in the knees。
A sanitation worker was injured seriously and died after he was sent to the hospital.

The event that took place in Hong Kong was a dreadful tragedy. Young people listened to the instigation of the bad people. They were not aware that they were wrong, even if they were, they would not correct. On the contrary, they walked on the wrong way even further. Time will tell they were wrong and they can only realise that later after some time.

Chinese government has always insisted on the One Country Two Systems. Whatever they do, they like to see the continuous prosperity and stability in Hong Kong. All those who could think will understand that the real democracy or freedom is not like this. The true democracy and freedom are established on the basis of peaceful environment, rational thinking, self discipline, compromise and responsibilities. Violent action can only cause injuries and that injury or hurt will stimulate hatred. This is not what people want.

For those who took extreme actions, they will be judged by the law and likely be punished according to law. Those who love peace hope to see Hong Kong continue to be prosperous and stable.

Photos from web source, text by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Opinion: Snabb Tåg Ska Dubbel Svensk GDP

Av Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Jag vill föreslår att sveriges olika partier ena sig så att man kan bygg snabb tåg så snabbt som möjligt. Det ska dubbel svensk GDP. Jag gör det inte bara för att jag är kinesiska, utan för att fakta visade det är riktigt lönsamt.

2009 åkta jag tillbaka till kina för det första gång med min 1 år dotter och jag åkte med mitt hemland genombrott Harmony Dongche från Beijing till Jinzhou. Förut tog det 8 till 9 timmar, som jag ofta jämför med min rese mellan Arlanda Stockholm och Beijing Internationella Flygplatsen. Men med snabb tåg, bara Dongche, tiden blev halved 4 timmar. Tjänsten var spännande. Jag skrev en komment på People’s Daily Online. Senare 2017 åkte vi hela familje till Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Suzhou, tillbaka till Beijing och norr mot till Jinzhou, Shenyang, Dalian, via Jinzhou och igen tillbaka till Beijing.

Vi åkte med snabb tåg from Beijing till Tianjin i halv timmar jämföra med 1.5 timmar och mer än timmar bil rese. Så var det mellan Shanghai och Suzhou, också halv timme. Jag kom ihåg att vi åkte 3 timme från Shanghai till Taicang, Jiangsu province med mini van mars 1991. Jag kräks nästen allting från min magen och jag kände mig att jag dog en gång. An annan gång kände jag mig dödlig var 1998 när jag hade flygplan journalistik rese med Zimbabwan journalister om land reform.

Jag kom ihåg att vi tog natt tåg från Beijing till Shanghai, det tog 12 timmar. Jag kunde inte sova för att det var stor oljud och bang bang med dörren. Det var halv osak att jag kände mig så dåligt. Men nu tar det bara 6 timmar från Beijing till Shanghai, eller Tianjin till Shanghai, eller Suzhou till Beijing. Förut måste vi sov i tåget och kände vi oss trött nästa dag. Men nu kan man prata med mobil på tåget och vila bra för att det är mycket tystnade på tåget eftersom rese miljö är så bra, snabb tåg inte har oljud. Sedan man kan teckna ner MOU eller prata om affär med pigga och tydliga hjärna. Affärer dubbel för att avstånden blir halvt.

Innan snabb tåg operaras, många partierna bland annat media grovt kritiserade snabb tåg. De sa att det är lång borta från centrum av stan, för dyr för bonde och bla.bla. Men tank, i början tåget var för lite rika människor som inte vill ta flygplan eller kör bill själv. Och det målet nåddes. Nu mest folk vill ta snabb tåg för att det är snabbt, rimlig pris och hög qualite tjänst. Man älskar snabb tåg.

Förrut stöd jag snabb tåg i kina och jag gav sverige som en bra exempel. Sveriges tåg och tunnelbana var gätte advanced och hög qualitee från 1940 talet till 2008. Ni leder världen hela tiden. Men när snabb tåg kom, jag måste säja att snabb tåg eller Dongche är bättre i speed. Om tjänsten är Sverige tåg fortfarande bra, till exempel, ni har bord för många tåg och man kan skriva bra. Ni har internet och charging plugin. Kinesiska använder charging banken själv.

Men nu stöd jag sverige att bygga snabb tåg.

För det första, snabb tåg ska halv rese tid. Om vi kan åka till Uppsala bara halv timme, till Gothenburg bara 2 timmar, till Linköping bara 1 timmar, till Malmö bara 3 timmar eller fyra timmar, då ska man rese mer och kan prata affär ansikte mot ansikte. Det ska bli mer effektiv.

För det andra, snabb tåg gör oss inte för trött utan piggare för att tiden är kort i tåget. Det gör bra att göra affären.

För det tredje, många är oro om debt. Jag kände mig konstigt att man inte oro om låna pengar för köpa hus eller andra saker, men regeringen är oro för transport. Transport är en kondition för utveckling eller växter. Bra transportation kan bli en katalyst för utveckling, trade och affärer. Det finns många fördelar om vi kan ha snabb tåg. I slutet, kanske lån kan betalas tillbaka tidigare för att ni har snabb tåg.

Vi måste ha vision och våga betala nu så att de ska göra bra för framtiden generation. Vår far och farfar betalade för oss när de bygger järnväg och tunnelbana.

Till sist vill jag säja att kina är en civilized land som har 5000 år civilization och aldrig invade eller occupy någonstans. Kina vill bara bygga för alla så att alla kan kommunkicera bättre och göra affärer. Har kina så nog att de ska göra det? Ja, det kina har mycket bra teknik och ingenjörs att göra det. Det är kinas tur.

Samarbeta mellan Sverige och Kina i affärer är perfekta för att sverige och kina har bra bas att samarbeta. Låt oss göra affärer så att det blir lönsamma för både sidan.

Transportation är fundamental för utveckling och trade. Det är mycket viktigt och det kan bli bottleneck om vi inte löser det här problem. Jag ska se en rolig, lively och dubbel utveckling och skönt Sverige med snabb tåg.

Kanske är min svenska inte så bra. Kanske finns det misstag. Du kan peka på misstag. Men jag tycker att du kan förstå vad jag menar. Om inte, skriv till mig.,

eller 0708261336

Chinese Foreign Ministry’s reaction on the US House of Representatives Passing the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 9 (Greenpost) — Hua Chunying, Spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said recently that the US House of Representatives just passed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019. This bill deliberately smears the human rights condition in Xinjiang, slanders China’s efforts in de-radicalization and counter-terrorism and viciously attacks the Chinese government’s Xinjiang policy.

” It seriously violates international law and basic norms governing international relations, and grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs. China is strongly indignant at and firmly opposed to it.” said Hua.

She continues to say that Xinjiang-related issues are not about human rights, ethnicity or religion, but about fighting violence, terrorism and separatism.Previously, Xinjiang suffered gravely from extremism, violence and terrorism. Faced with severe circumstances, the government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region lawfully fought violent and terrorist crimes while addressing the root causes. Our efforts include advancing de-radicalization, economic growth, ethnic solidarity, social harmony and stability. Thanks to those efforts, Xinjiang hasn’t seen a single terrorist attack over the past three years. Those endeavors are endorsed by all 25 million people of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang. They are also China’s contribution to the global counter-terrorism cause.

She also said the international community speaks highly of China’s Xinjiang policy. Since the end of 2018, over 1,000 representatives have visited Xinjiang in more than 70 groups, including officials from various countries, regions and international organizations, and people from the press, religious groups and the academic circle. They acclaimed that Xinjiang’s experience in counter-terrorism and de-radicalization was worth learning from. In March this year, the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation adopted a resolution which commended China’s efforts in providing care to Muslim citizens. In July, ambassadors of over 50 countries to the UN Office at Geneva co-signed a letter to the president of the UN Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, applauding China’s respect and protection of human rights in its counter-terrorism and de-radicalization efforts. In October, at the Third Committee session of the 74th UNGA, more than 60 countries commended in their statements the tremendous human rights progress achieved in Xinjiang, China. All those are strong proof that the US accusations on Xinjiang-related issues are entirely against facts and the mainstream public opinion of the international community.

“We state our position clearly to the US that as Xinjiang is part of China, its affairs are purely domestic affairs that allow no foreign interference. This US bill smears our efforts in counter-terrorism and de-radicalization, which only reveals America’s double standards on counter-terrorism and further exposes to the Chinese people its hypocrisy and malicious intentions.” said Hua.

“The Chinese government and people are determined in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests. Under the pretext of Xinjiang-related issues, the US attempts to sow discord among various ethnic groups in China, undermine prosperity and stability in Xinjiang, and contain China’s growth. But its attempt will never succeed. We urge the US to correct its mistakes at once, prevent this bill from becoming law, and stop using Xinjiang-related issues to interfere China’s internal affairs. China will take further reactions according to how the situation develops.” said Hua.

Opinion: US is not secretly supporting violence in Hong Kong

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 20(Greenpost) — There has been rumours that the US was behind the scene to support Hong Kong youngsters to do violence and protest against Hong Kong government by paying the youngsters money and things so that they continue to stay in the street and continue to violate others’ human rights.

Now it is not secret any more. US senate today passed a Hong Kong democracy bill. This means the US is openly supporting Hong Kong protesters especially those gangs. Without US support behind the scene, the situation could have been better.

I feel the US actually also condemns the gangs and it seems that those gangs should be dealt with properly. But the American way of sympathising with the protestors just makes it difficult to deal with these people who even practising how to throw the bombs into the police or innocent people.

Is it normal that the students demonstrate so often now? What do they really want? Without stopping this chaotic situation, how can the problem be solved?

The US now really cannot hide any more its hypocritical face. After the first gulf war in 1991 , wherever there was problem, there would be US presence. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syrian, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Tunisia, on the one hand, it ignites the colourful revolution by supporting young people to rebel against the tradition, on the other hand, it will put sanctions in those areas, or directly intervene the internal affairs, support the opposition.

US doesn’t feel shameful to do so because US has crisis itself(although I was told that a lot of American people are really ashamed of their leaders) and now wants to get more upper hand. Wherever there is problem, it will stir it so that it becomes chaotic and the US will try to get benefit from it.

But I think the US thinks wrongly. Why did the US become weaker now? Just because it launched the Iraq war and then it intervened in other parts of the world. It has become notorious for its militant action. Many US generals were sent to Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan so that they couldn’t get together with their wife or daughter. Many American men were injured in the battle field just because of some warlords or government’s wrong decisions.

US Hong Kong Democracy Bill is a wrong decision which will drive China closer towards reunification. The US does not understand that the Chinese nation and the Chinese culture.

It is a serious mistake to pass this bill. It will achieve the opposite effect. Now every Chinese knows why Hong Kong has been like the current situation and the violence cannot stop. Now it is understood that it is the US who has instigated the Hong Kong situation. Before people just guessed and suspected that the US was behind. Now the Hong Kong Democracy Bill openly declared US stance and threats to sanctions against Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a lot of American business, what will be the consequences of this action?

Well done, it is better the US does that to Taiwan and other places too. Take off your mask, if the US does not trade with anyone, I wonder what will happen to this world.

Hegemony will end sooner or later.