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疫情下的中国民间丧事:从简、安静、“疫”后再别 Funerals to be held after the end of the Coronavirus

据中新社昆明2月18日电 题:疫情下的中国民间丧事:从简、安静、“疫”后再别
  作者 缪超

Writer Miao Chao Kunming, China News Agency. Translator and Editor Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Wangke’s mother’s mother died recently at the age of 80 years old in Kunming Yunnan province. With such a senior age, it was considered a good thing. So children usually gave her a grand celebration of a week by providing over 400 people including relatives, villagers, neighbours, friends and many others. This was called decent funeral.

But currently due to the campaign against the coronavirus, people are not recommended to gather together. The elderly got liver problem and stormack cancer. Without any good solution, they decided to take her back to die at home so that relatives can see her before and after her death.

So her four sons and daughters decided to say goodbye with traditional way later after the end of the virus. Now the ceremony is very simple just asking the truck from cremation place to carry the kofin to the destination. This decision was in discussion with the old lady and she understood that her children will hold the ceremony after the end of the virus.

This story shows that in rural China a lot of traditions are still kept and practiced. Good or bad, sometimes the funerals can become too much for the living people.


Please raise more chicken to deal with locusts

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 17(Greenpost) — It is reported that 40 billion locusts are flying from Kenya to Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and India. Of course they are on the way, but I like to warn people in Pakistan and India to raise more chickens, rosters, cocks and when the locusts come, eat them.

Locusts can be of a lot of proteins too. When I was small, we children often go to the mountains and hills to pick up locusts and put them into the bottle and they were indeed very strong and could hop up very quickly. But the chicken can chase them and get them easily.

Thus I am not joking, truly raise more chickens or organize the chicken farmers to set free their chicken to the field when the locusts come. It might be a great way to deal with the locust disaster.

People use natural enemies to deal with each other. For example hire the sheep to eat the grass. It is an ecological way to cut the grass saving the labor.

Photo Reports(3) Hong Kong people against the violence

Stockholm, Dec. 30(Greenpost) — The demonstrations that took place on June 9 and June 16th, 2019 were peaceful.

However, the demonstration not only didn’t stop, but escalated. By August, various violence began to take place including the destruction of offices and bank ATMs. To counter attack the violence, Hong Kong people launched a counter violence demonstration.

Many people stood hand in hand and shouted the slogan of rescuing Hong Kong.

This was a bird eye view of the demonstration to oppose violence.

Hong Kong should not be in disorder any more.

Due to the hot weather and rainy weather, umbrella indeed became a scene.

This was a peaceful demonstration against violence.

Above photos came from web source.

This poster writes protecting Hong Kong.

Many people in the world concerned Hong Kong’s situation and held demonstrations themed Insisting on One Country Two Systems and opposing Hong Kong’s violence and riot.

Photo by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

On September 9th, overseas Chinese in Sweden held a rally in Sergeltorg to demonstrate their attitude to stop violence and resume social order while calling on students and citizens in Hong Kong to love and protect peace and stop violence.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DSC_4822-1024x681-1024x681.jpg
Photo by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

They also demonstrated their attitude beside the parliament to call on Hong Kong students and citizens to stop violence. Whatever you do is ok, but not do it in violent way, said one participant.

Editor Xuefei Chen Axelsson.

Photo reports(2) Hong Kong’s peaceful demonstration turned into violence

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, Dec. 30(Greenpost) — From June 9th one million people demonstration to the end of November 2019, Hong Kong experienced some serious violent events. The demonstration started with the discussion of the extradition of criminal suspects from Hong Kong to Taiwan or Chinese mainland. It later developed into violent conflict between demonstrators and the police when some young people threw petrol bombs to the police and ordinary people. When the situation was most serious, the US passed a bill about Hong Kong’s “Democracy” and threatened to give sanctions to Hong Kong business people or officials.

The conflict escalated due to the support and instigation from the US and and many interest groups in Hong Kong. Some young people thought they were brave to make and throw petrol bombs to the police and the ordinary people even though they knew or were not aware that was a violation of law. The fire caused a lot of people to have been injured and suffer from the burning pain. No matter what kind of excuse, the violation of law is doomed to be judged and punished by the law. The following are some photos to show you the situation.

(Mind you, these photos are not suitable for children.)

Set up fire by a subway station, a public place.
Set up fire at a Bank ATM machine, damaging public property.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-1-1-1024x682.jpeg
Set up fire in a public place.

At the very beginning the demonstration was peaceful. But gradually the action of sabotaging public properties or legislative authority office and bank’s ATM building by some youngsters became rampant.

Rioters throwing petrol bombs to the police caused fire.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is xiang_gang_li_gong_da_xue_bei_jing_fang_bao_wei_2019nian_11yue_17ri__0-1024x578.jpg

Hong Kong Polytechnique University saw a lot of fire on November 17th, 2019. PHOTO FROM REUTERS WEB.

According to reports, many students used chemicals to make detrimental weapons and they exercised how to throw petrol bombs in the swimmingpool. They threw the bombs to the place wherever the police was around and caused a lot of fires.

The police accused the rioters of using detrimental weapons including petrol bombs, bows and steel balls as well as bricks to attack the police defence line. A police media liaison officer was shot in the small leg by the arrow. A riot police was hit by the steel ball.

On November 17th evening, the police issued a very serious warning that the violent action has reached the riot level. Any person who stayed and supported the rioters would be subjected to commit riot crime. The police warned that those citizens who supported the rioters could be treated as to commit riot crime.

Upon midnight on Nov. 17th, Hong Kong police issued an ultimatum through facebook that the demonstrators should not use petrol bombs, arrows, cars och any detrimental weapon to attack the police. If they continue to take these dangerous action, the police will, under the condition of having no other choice, use the low level weapon including solid bullets to shoot back.

Petrol bomb caused fire.

Various photos show the petrol bomb hurt people and damaged the public properties .

A Chinese journalist from mainland was beaten by rioters. Even though it was only one case of journalist being attacked to such a serious degree, it is still too serious and shouldn’t have happened.


Various photos show that many people were wounded. Long time struggle with the police, protesters couldn’t control their mentality. Their action not only blocked the traffic, but also was easy to cause injuries.

The so-called Brave Warrior fought with police.
A petrol bomb was thrown onto a peer’s body.
The so-called Brave Warrior threw petrol bombs to the police, completely against the law.
A person was injured in the knees。
A sanitation worker was injured seriously and died after he was sent to the hospital.

The event that took place in Hong Kong was a dreadful tragedy. Young people listened to the instigation of the bad people. They were not aware that they were wrong, even if they were, they would not correct. On the contrary, they walked on the wrong way even further. Time will tell they were wrong and they can only realise that later after some time.

Chinese government has always insisted on the One Country Two Systems. Whatever they do, they like to see the continuous prosperity and stability in Hong Kong. All those who could think will understand that the real democracy or freedom is not like this. The true democracy and freedom are established on the basis of peaceful environment, rational thinking, self discipline, compromise and responsibilities. Violent action can only cause injuries and that injury or hurt will stimulate hatred. This is not what people want.

For those who took extreme actions, they will be judged by the law and likely be punished according to law. Those who love peace hope to see Hong Kong continue to be prosperous and stable.

Photos from web source, text by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Opinion: Snabb Tåg Ska Dubbel Svensk GDP

Av Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Jag vill föreslår att sveriges olika partier ena sig så att man kan bygg snabb tåg så snabbt som möjligt. Det ska dubbel svensk GDP. Jag gör det inte bara för att jag är kinesiska, utan för att fakta visade det är riktigt lönsamt.

2009 åkta jag tillbaka till kina för det första gång med min 1 år dotter och jag åkte med mitt hemland genombrott Harmony Dongche från Beijing till Jinzhou. Förut tog det 8 till 9 timmar, som jag ofta jämför med min rese mellan Arlanda Stockholm och Beijing Internationella Flygplatsen. Men med snabb tåg, bara Dongche, tiden blev halved 4 timmar. Tjänsten var spännande. Jag skrev en komment på People’s Daily Online. Senare 2017 åkte vi hela familje till Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Suzhou, tillbaka till Beijing och norr mot till Jinzhou, Shenyang, Dalian, via Jinzhou och igen tillbaka till Beijing.

Vi åkte med snabb tåg from Beijing till Tianjin i halv timmar jämföra med 1.5 timmar och mer än timmar bil rese. Så var det mellan Shanghai och Suzhou, också halv timme. Jag kom ihåg att vi åkte 3 timme från Shanghai till Taicang, Jiangsu province med mini van mars 1991. Jag kräks nästen allting från min magen och jag kände mig att jag dog en gång. An annan gång kände jag mig dödlig var 1998 när jag hade flygplan journalistik rese med Zimbabwan journalister om land reform.

Jag kom ihåg att vi tog natt tåg från Beijing till Shanghai, det tog 12 timmar. Jag kunde inte sova för att det var stor oljud och bang bang med dörren. Det var halv osak att jag kände mig så dåligt. Men nu tar det bara 6 timmar från Beijing till Shanghai, eller Tianjin till Shanghai, eller Suzhou till Beijing. Förut måste vi sov i tåget och kände vi oss trött nästa dag. Men nu kan man prata med mobil på tåget och vila bra för att det är mycket tystnade på tåget eftersom rese miljö är så bra, snabb tåg inte har oljud. Sedan man kan teckna ner MOU eller prata om affär med pigga och tydliga hjärna. Affärer dubbel för att avstånden blir halvt.

Innan snabb tåg operaras, många partierna bland annat media grovt kritiserade snabb tåg. De sa att det är lång borta från centrum av stan, för dyr för bonde och bla.bla. Men tank, i början tåget var för lite rika människor som inte vill ta flygplan eller kör bill själv. Och det målet nåddes. Nu mest folk vill ta snabb tåg för att det är snabbt, rimlig pris och hög qualite tjänst. Man älskar snabb tåg.

Förrut stöd jag snabb tåg i kina och jag gav sverige som en bra exempel. Sveriges tåg och tunnelbana var gätte advanced och hög qualitee från 1940 talet till 2008. Ni leder världen hela tiden. Men när snabb tåg kom, jag måste säja att snabb tåg eller Dongche är bättre i speed. Om tjänsten är Sverige tåg fortfarande bra, till exempel, ni har bord för många tåg och man kan skriva bra. Ni har internet och charging plugin. Kinesiska använder charging banken själv.

Men nu stöd jag sverige att bygga snabb tåg.

För det första, snabb tåg ska halv rese tid. Om vi kan åka till Uppsala bara halv timme, till Gothenburg bara 2 timmar, till Linköping bara 1 timmar, till Malmö bara 3 timmar eller fyra timmar, då ska man rese mer och kan prata affär ansikte mot ansikte. Det ska bli mer effektiv.

För det andra, snabb tåg gör oss inte för trött utan piggare för att tiden är kort i tåget. Det gör bra att göra affären.

För det tredje, många är oro om debt. Jag kände mig konstigt att man inte oro om låna pengar för köpa hus eller andra saker, men regeringen är oro för transport. Transport är en kondition för utveckling eller växter. Bra transportation kan bli en katalyst för utveckling, trade och affärer. Det finns många fördelar om vi kan ha snabb tåg. I slutet, kanske lån kan betalas tillbaka tidigare för att ni har snabb tåg.

Vi måste ha vision och våga betala nu så att de ska göra bra för framtiden generation. Vår far och farfar betalade för oss när de bygger järnväg och tunnelbana.

Till sist vill jag säja att kina är en civilized land som har 5000 år civilization och aldrig invade eller occupy någonstans. Kina vill bara bygga för alla så att alla kan kommunkicera bättre och göra affärer. Har kina så nog att de ska göra det? Ja, det kina har mycket bra teknik och ingenjörs att göra det. Det är kinas tur.

Samarbeta mellan Sverige och Kina i affärer är perfekta för att sverige och kina har bra bas att samarbeta. Låt oss göra affärer så att det blir lönsamma för både sidan.

Transportation är fundamental för utveckling och trade. Det är mycket viktigt och det kan bli bottleneck om vi inte löser det här problem. Jag ska se en rolig, lively och dubbel utveckling och skönt Sverige med snabb tåg.

Kanske är min svenska inte så bra. Kanske finns det misstag. Du kan peka på misstag. Men jag tycker att du kan förstå vad jag menar. Om inte, skriv till mig.,

eller 0708261336

Chinese Foreign Ministry’s reaction on the US House of Representatives Passing the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 9 (Greenpost) — Hua Chunying, Spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said recently that the US House of Representatives just passed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019. This bill deliberately smears the human rights condition in Xinjiang, slanders China’s efforts in de-radicalization and counter-terrorism and viciously attacks the Chinese government’s Xinjiang policy.

” It seriously violates international law and basic norms governing international relations, and grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs. China is strongly indignant at and firmly opposed to it.” said Hua.

She continues to say that Xinjiang-related issues are not about human rights, ethnicity or religion, but about fighting violence, terrorism and separatism.Previously, Xinjiang suffered gravely from extremism, violence and terrorism. Faced with severe circumstances, the government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region lawfully fought violent and terrorist crimes while addressing the root causes. Our efforts include advancing de-radicalization, economic growth, ethnic solidarity, social harmony and stability. Thanks to those efforts, Xinjiang hasn’t seen a single terrorist attack over the past three years. Those endeavors are endorsed by all 25 million people of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang. They are also China’s contribution to the global counter-terrorism cause.

She also said the international community speaks highly of China’s Xinjiang policy. Since the end of 2018, over 1,000 representatives have visited Xinjiang in more than 70 groups, including officials from various countries, regions and international organizations, and people from the press, religious groups and the academic circle. They acclaimed that Xinjiang’s experience in counter-terrorism and de-radicalization was worth learning from. In March this year, the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation adopted a resolution which commended China’s efforts in providing care to Muslim citizens. In July, ambassadors of over 50 countries to the UN Office at Geneva co-signed a letter to the president of the UN Human Rights Council and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, applauding China’s respect and protection of human rights in its counter-terrorism and de-radicalization efforts. In October, at the Third Committee session of the 74th UNGA, more than 60 countries commended in their statements the tremendous human rights progress achieved in Xinjiang, China. All those are strong proof that the US accusations on Xinjiang-related issues are entirely against facts and the mainstream public opinion of the international community.

“We state our position clearly to the US that as Xinjiang is part of China, its affairs are purely domestic affairs that allow no foreign interference. This US bill smears our efforts in counter-terrorism and de-radicalization, which only reveals America’s double standards on counter-terrorism and further exposes to the Chinese people its hypocrisy and malicious intentions.” said Hua.

“The Chinese government and people are determined in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests. Under the pretext of Xinjiang-related issues, the US attempts to sow discord among various ethnic groups in China, undermine prosperity and stability in Xinjiang, and contain China’s growth. But its attempt will never succeed. We urge the US to correct its mistakes at once, prevent this bill from becoming law, and stop using Xinjiang-related issues to interfere China’s internal affairs. China will take further reactions according to how the situation develops.” said Hua.

Opinion: US is not secretly supporting violence in Hong Kong

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 20(Greenpost) — There has been rumours that the US was behind the scene to support Hong Kong youngsters to do violence and protest against Hong Kong government by paying the youngsters money and things so that they continue to stay in the street and continue to violate others’ human rights.

Now it is not secret any more. US senate today passed a Hong Kong democracy bill. This means the US is openly supporting Hong Kong protesters especially those gangs. Without US support behind the scene, the situation could have been better.

I feel the US actually also condemns the gangs and it seems that those gangs should be dealt with properly. But the American way of sympathising with the protestors just makes it difficult to deal with these people who even practising how to throw the bombs into the police or innocent people.

Is it normal that the students demonstrate so often now? What do they really want? Without stopping this chaotic situation, how can the problem be solved?

The US now really cannot hide any more its hypocritical face. After the first gulf war in 1991 , wherever there was problem, there would be US presence. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syrian, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Tunisia, on the one hand, it ignites the colourful revolution by supporting young people to rebel against the tradition, on the other hand, it will put sanctions in those areas, or directly intervene the internal affairs, support the opposition.

US doesn’t feel shameful to do so because US has crisis itself(although I was told that a lot of American people are really ashamed of their leaders) and now wants to get more upper hand. Wherever there is problem, it will stir it so that it becomes chaotic and the US will try to get benefit from it.

But I think the US thinks wrongly. Why did the US become weaker now? Just because it launched the Iraq war and then it intervened in other parts of the world. It has become notorious for its militant action. Many US generals were sent to Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan so that they couldn’t get together with their wife or daughter. Many American men were injured in the battle field just because of some warlords or government’s wrong decisions.

US Hong Kong Democracy Bill is a wrong decision which will drive China closer towards reunification. The US does not understand that the Chinese nation and the Chinese culture.

It is a serious mistake to pass this bill. It will achieve the opposite effect. Now every Chinese knows why Hong Kong has been like the current situation and the violence cannot stop. Now it is understood that it is the US who has instigated the Hong Kong situation. Before people just guessed and suspected that the US was behind. Now the Hong Kong Democracy Bill openly declared US stance and threats to sanctions against Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a lot of American business, what will be the consequences of this action?

Well done, it is better the US does that to Taiwan and other places too. Take off your mask, if the US does not trade with anyone, I wonder what will happen to this world.

Hegemony will end sooner or later.

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10月12日,由国务院侨务办公室、河北省人民政府和中国新闻社共同主办的第十届世界华文传媒论坛在石家庄开幕。来自五大洲61个国家和地区的400多家华文媒体高层人士、中央主要新闻机构及国内有影响力媒体负责人等共600余位嘉宾参加论坛,以“牵手世界,见证时代——华文媒体的‘中国故事’”为主题展开对话交流。图为第十届世界华文传媒论坛高端论坛。中新社记者 韩冰 摄







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国际货币基金组织:对抗气候变迁 碳税是最强效方法









  但IMF研究人员承认,此举将造成令人却步、不均等的代价。调高碳税至每吨75美元,将使煤炭价格超过现有的3倍。加拿大电力价格将迅速上升超过30%,澳大利亚电价飙涨70%至90%。根据这份报告内容,大部分国家汽油价格将上涨5%至15%。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)


北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社(记者 彭大伟)报道:新中国成立70周年庆祝大会10月1日在北京隆重举行,盛大的阅兵仪式、群众游行和国庆联欢活动令世人瞩目。德国政商等各界人士近日在采访中向中新社记者表示,经过70年的发展,中国已成为全球经济综合实力和创新能力最强的国家之一,中国国家主席习近平发表的重要讲话更是表明,中国正在自己开创的道路上越发自信地前行。
  德国中国问题专家、黑森州欧洲及国际事务司前司长博喜文(Dr. Michael Borchmann)注意到,习近平在庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年大会上发表讲话时指出:“今天,社会主义中国巍然屹立在世界东方,没有任何力量能够撼动我们伟大祖国的地位,没有任何力量能够阻挡中国人民和中华民族的前进步伐。”
  德国杜伊斯堡港作为欧洲最大内河多式联运港口,近年来深度参与了“一带一路”建设。杜伊斯堡港董事会主席兼首席执行官斯塔克表示,德国企业有充分理由从长远和战略高度,积极携手中方共同推动“一带一路”成为各参与方的共赢之路。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)        


北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社(记者 吴旭)报道:    在庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年之际,中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席习近平在国家勋章和国家荣誉称号颁授仪式、国庆招待会及庆祝大会上分别发表的重要讲话受到国际社会持续高度关注。国际舆论普遍认为,讲话深刻总结了70年来中国发展的历史经验,阐明了中国坚定走和平发展道路的决心和面向未来的信心。

  提供发展经验 增进世界了解


    展现中国决心 提振世界信心


  中国开放发展 带来世界机遇

  “这70年,中国一路走来并不容易。”《联合早报》在一篇评论中这样写道,经过70年的发展,中国今天已经是全球第二大经济体。中国综合国力提升,不仅反映在经济上,在战略实力以及国际影响力方面也举足轻重。而这是中国的机会,同样也是世界的机遇。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏) 


北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社(记者 刘旭)报道:  10月1日,新中国迎来70华诞。从盛大的阅兵式,到群众联欢活动,国际社会高度聚焦这次庆典,勾勒出他们眼中的新中国国庆70周年。




  1日的阅兵式后,美国在线问答网站Quora上出现了一个提问:“中国70周年国庆阅兵式上令你印象最深刻的是什么?”网友Godefroy Meynard的回答获得了2000多次阅读。在他看来,东风-17常规导弹的首次公开亮相让他印象最为深刻。他认为,东风-17导弹技术非常复杂,这证明中国已经迅速发展成为一个创新能力强国,能够在民用和军事技术领域处于领先地位。

  70年巨变:成就致敬奋斗1日清早,英国《卫报》记者Emma Graham-Harrison就来到天安门广场为当天的报道做准备。她在文中称,1949年10月1日中华人民共和国成立时,中国刚经过内战,国力贫穷,只好让17架飞机在阅兵式上飞了两遍,而如今的国庆阅兵式展示出70年来中国发生的变化。
  韩国留学生肖禹榛同样参加了群众游行方阵,“几十年以来,中国的经济在高速发展的同时,也带动了亚洲经济的发展,并使非洲一些国家受益。中国这个拥有五千年文明的古国,正用其独特的方式,向世界展示了它自身的魅力。”肖禹榛说,“衷心祝愿中国生日快乐!”(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏) 






图为受阅的战旗方队。中新社记者 盛佳鹏 摄






图为受阅的火箭军方队。中新社记者 杜洋 摄






图为受阅的维和部队方队。中新社记者 杜洋 摄






10月1日上午,庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年大会在北京天安门广场隆重举行。图为受阅的特战装备方队。中新社记者 毛建军 摄


  联合作战是现代战争的基本作战形式,实现军兵种联合、提升联合作战能力是中国军队改革强军的主要发展方向。据此而观,中国军队改革调整后的联战、联训、联保能力在此次阅兵中得以充分体现。(记者陈雪霏 责任编辑查正富)




















10月1日晚,庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年联欢活动在北京天安门广场举行。图为焰火表演。中新社记者 张兴龙 摄








  国家行政学院教授竹立家表示,在习近平提到的五个“坚持”,既有中国下一步发展的明确任务,也有可行方法,还有准确定位,这些“坚持”共同绘制出中国下一步发展的蓝图。(责任编辑查正富 特派主编记者陈雪霏)