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Chinese demand of Port contribute to Finland’s food export

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, November 28(Greenpost)– While the trade negotiation between China and the US is underway at a critical time, news from Finland reaching here says that Finland’s exports in the food and beverage sector see a record high this year partly due to China’s demand of pork and other products.

The export forecast for 2019 is EUR 1.75 billion, which, if achieved, would represent a record high.

Entry into new markets, along with an increase in export volumes and prices, have contributed to an increase in the value of exports. Awareness of the growth potential available through exports has grown in the food and beverage sector. New export companies have participated in the Food from Finland programme created by Business Finland and funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The food authorities and other promoter organisations have also significantly contributed towards the export growth.

Products in particularly strong demand this year have included dairy products, oats, other foodstuffs and alcohol products. Countries where export growth has been visible include China, where there has been a particular demand for pork and powdered milk.

The value of food imports to Finland was triple the value of our exports at EUR 4.6 billion in 2018. Many of the products being imported are not produced or manufactured in Finland. In order to reduce the trade deficit, it would be important to increase the added value of exports.

The food industry is a significant industry in Finland

According to preliminary figures for 2018, the total turnover of the food industry was around EUR 11.2 billion, showing an increase of 4% on the previous year. The food industry employs some 38,000 people directly, and as many as 340,000 indirectly.

– Finnish consumers buy domestic, responsibly produced foods, which means the food industry will continue to be a very important sector in Finland. But in addition, Finnish products and raw materials are increasingly finding their way onto the plates and into the glasses of international consumers, too, says Leena Hyrylä, Food Industry Sector Manager at the Southeast Finland ELY Centre.

Food and beverage companies continue to seek growth

The sector barometer for the manufacture of food products indicates that SMEs in the food sector continue to be growth-driven. More than half of the SMEs that responded said they were pursuing growth; 22 per cent said they sought powerful growth, while 43 per cent said they would tap into any growth opportunities available. According to the barometer, SMEs in the food sector, especially in the beverage sector, were more growth-oriented than companies in comparable sectors.

SMEs in the food sector were more optimistic about the general outlook for the economy than other Finnish SMEs and those engaged in comparable sectors. However, expectations are down on the previous year.

The business environment is changing rapidly, placing a stronger focus on the consumer and on continued renewal. The food sector is influenced by current trends and themes such as climate change, demographic changes, scarce resources, digitalisation and technological advancement in general. Consumer awareness and expectations for products and food services are rising. Responsibility, wellbeing and domestic origin are rising trends.

Business Sector Services

  • A network of expertsled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
  • compiles, analyses and communicates information avout the business enviroment for decision-making purposes
  • the objective is to facilitate the succes, growth and internationalisation of Finnish companies.

SME sector reports are based on an annual SME Barometer commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Federation of Finnish Enterprises and Finnvera Oyj. The SME Barometer conducted in the autumn of 2019 is based on responses from representatives of 6,133 small and medium-sized enterprises. The survey was conducted in summer 2019. Responses were provided by 196 SMEs in the food sector.

Chinese has a saying that the earth is round and if the sun is not shining in the east, it must be shining in the west. Or if not in the north, it must be in the south. Please do not just hang yourself in one tree.

Xinjiang Photo Exhibition held in Stockholm

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 27(Greenpost, chineseonline) — While the dark and rainy weather made people sad and lonely, a warm Xinjiang Photo Exhibition has been held in Stockholm recently.

The exhibition was held by Green Post( and Chinese Online( in cooperation with China Europe Cultural Association and ABF(Swedish Workers Association) at the citykonferensen in Stockholm.

Xuefei Chen Axelsson, Chief Editor and photographer of Green Post and freelance journalist said the exhibition came against the background that she was invited to attend a journalistic trip to Xinjiang in August 2018 together with journalists from 13 countries along the belt and road routes. And after that she went to Xinjiang twice respectively in March to Turpan after the National People’s Congress and National Day celebration in Beijing to personally experience the atmosphere in Urumqi city, capital of Xinjiang Ugyor Autonomous Region.

“I was impressed by the journeys and felt that Xinjiang now is very safe to travel and the cultural and tourist resources were rich. During my journey, I can feel business in Grand Bazar is booming and the ugyors dancing and singing were wonderful. Thus, I like to share this feelings and impressions with all the people who are interested in Xinjiang. “said Chen Axelsson.

The purpose is to share the information about the living picture in Xinjiang. The exhibition focuses on Xinjiangs infrastructure such as the fast train, subways and wide road, busy business in Grandbazar, music and art, dancing, beautiful scenery and environmental protection.

To let people have a taste of Xinjiang music and song, Luan Dehan played violin Why the flower is so red.

Artist Zhu Yingying sang the song which was about love between a woman and a ugyor soldier and moved all the audience. A whole generation of people were moved by the film and the song in China’s 80s.

Duan Maoli, President of Swedish Anhui Sci-Tech and Commerce Association expressed his appreciation for the exhibition.

“I would like to say thanks to Xuefei for holding such an exhibition. The media under her leadership is a professional media. With this exhibition, we can see the beautiful Xinjiang and the safe Xinjiang. I like to say it should be A beautiful Xinjiang forever!”

Zhu Jinchuan, General Manager of Air China in Stockholm also looked at the exhibition.

He said it was impressive to see these photos. Watching these beautiful pictures let people feel the life there is quite colourful and it is easy to visit there with Air China because the airlines can fly there directly from Beijing. It can also fly directly to other cities.

Journalists from PROFOCA and FPA attended the exhibition. Swedish innovation entrepreneur Skycab manager Åker Aredal also attended the exhibition. He was quite excited to see President Xi’s photo with Ugyor people and even recalled the moment when he was with President Xi and presented him a letter.

During the exhibition, Xuefei Chen Axelsson also made a presentation about the pictures and added more pictures about the daily lives there in the Grand Bazar. She illustrated the stories behind every photo.

During the exhibition, Axelsson also answered some questions.

Many visitors said they learnt a lot about Xinjiang and felt glad that the situation is safe and secure and life is lively there. Some even said they like to visit Xinjiang some day.

More lively photos in Grand Bazar and Turpan.

Photo and text by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

photo by Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Ma Jianzhong, Chairman of WFCMS leading a delegation Visits Sweden

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 20(Greenpost)– Ma Jianzhong, Chairman of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) led a large delegation of over 30 members to visit Sweden in order to make academic exchanges and field study on November 13th.

This was right after they attended the 16th World Congress of Chinese Medicine which was successfully held in Budapest, Capital of Hungary. The delegation includes leading experts and specialists in the field of Chinese medicine.

       At 10:30 in the morning, Chairman Ma Jianzhong, former Vice Minister of Health, Professor She Jing, who was also founding Chairman of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and Professor Li Zhenji, Vice founding Chairman and Secretary-General of WFCMS and other six people came to the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm at the invitation of Chinese Ambassador Gui Cuiyou.

They were warmly welcomed and Ambassador Gui made extensive talks on the development of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion in Sweden, and further explored how to further promote Chinese medicine culture and relieve the suffering of the Swedish people and overseas Chinese.

Counselor Dai Gang of Science and Technology at the Embassy and President Yang Chungui of the Swedish Society of Chinese Medicine gave a detailed introduction about the operation of Swedish traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinics and the exchanges and cooperation with Western doctors such as those from Karolinska Hospital.

Jiemei, a lawyer at Guohao Law Firm, introduced the work of promoting acupuncture legislation in Sweden. After the talks, the Embassy arranged a lunch for all the guests.

After thorough inspection by the leaders of the World Federation of China and the friendly consultation between the two sides, they jointly decided that the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Professional Level Recognition Department and the Swedish Society of Chinese Medicine will sign a cooperation framework agreement on the “Cooperation on the clinical superiority technology transfer of traditional Chinese medicine and the evaluation of professional titles of international Chinese medicine”.

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, under the witnesses of the WFCMS’ leaders and Guo Hao law Firm’s lawyer Jiemei, Professor Zheng Yuexian, the chief expert of the WFCMS and President of the Swedish Association of Chinese Medicine, Yang Chungui signed this important agreement.

 On the morning of the 14th, the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies experts visited Karolinska Institutet. The former Nobel Prize jury chair Professor Silas introduced the Karolinska Institute and Nobel Prize evaluation process to the delegation.

In the afternoon, the delegation concluded the intense academic study tour and flew back to China with Air China.

The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies is an international academic organization approved by the Chinese State Council and a member of the World Health Organization. It’s a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). 

(Translated and edited by Xuefei Chen Axelsson )

第五届世界浙商大会签约金额超3000亿元 系历届之最


    大会现场。 张斌 摄

  北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社( 记者 张斌 )报道:13日,第五届世界浙商大会(下称:大会)在杭州开幕,吸引来自全球各地的近2800名浙商代表与会。大会签约项目协议总投资达3000亿元以上,系历届之最。



浙江为侨服务全球通平台、浙江省金融综合服务平台、浙江省企业服务综合平台正式开通。 张斌 摄

浙江为侨服务全球通平台、浙江省金融综合服务平台、浙江省企业服务综合平台正式开通。 张斌 摄

  目前,浙江有600多万浙商在国内各地经商办企业,有200多万浙商在全球各个国家和地区投资创业。据悉,本届大会由中共浙江省委、浙江省人民政府主办,中共浙江省委统战部、浙江省工商业联合会、浙商总会承办。( 责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)


北欧绿色邮报网报道: 11月4日, 2019伦敦世界旅游交易会(WTM London)正式在英国开幕,丹寨万达小镇代表中国贵州参加了本次会议,并获邀在中国展区启动仪式上开展推介。凭借秀丽的山水风景和多彩的民族文化,丹寨万达小镇在本次大会上甫一亮相就成为大会的一个焦点。










  2019伦敦世界旅游交易会官员拉杰·多赫尔(Raj Dohel)也专程赶到丹寨推介会现场祝贺并致辞。他说:丹寨万达小镇项目是一个非常具有创新性的应对贫困的办法,这个项目取得的数据已经非常有力的证明了它的效果,丹寨应该为自己取得的成绩感到骄傲。








生态环境部:我国臭氧污染以轻度污染为主 可防可控

北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社报道: 生态环境部新闻发言人刘友宾29日表示,从2015年起,全国337个城市1436个点位均开展臭氧监测,数据显示,目前我国臭氧污染虽然有所上升,但以轻度污染为主,总体处于可防可控状态。








  刘友宾秋表示,冬季已来临,气温下降,O3污染水平下降。特别是进入采暖季后各类污染物的排放强度将进一步增加,气象条件转差,PM2.5成为决定环境空气质量的首要污染物。生态环境部将会同有关部门和地方对重点行业采取差异化分级管控等措施积极应对重污染天气,以抵消采暖排放增加和不利气象条件带来的影响。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)

阿尔兹海默病新药再引关注 这个疾病你了解多少?



















  对此,百健公司首席执行官Michel Vounatsos也表示:“阿尔茨海默症使全球数以千万计的人受到影响,而今天我们终于获得了突破性的研究结果,这个消息令人振奋。我们希望能为患者提供减缓阿尔茨海默症临床症状的疗法。”
















  高晶提醒,若家中有老人,一定要对老年的认知障碍做到充分了解,提前预防。一旦发现可疑症状,切勿讳疾忌医,应及时到神经科就诊。(来源:中新社/记者 郎朗 杨雨奇) )






  俄罗斯国防部称,俄罗斯海军研究人员多年来一直使用卫星数据来研究海岸线的变化。2015年至2018年期间,他们确认了新地岛(Novaya Zemlya)和弗朗茨约瑟夫岛(Franz Josef Land)两个群岛上的30多个新岛屿、海角和海湾。




北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社报道: 10月16日世界粮食日,在“行动造就未来-健康饮食实现零饥饿”的全球主题下,美团与联合国世界粮食计划署共推“拒绝隐性饥饿”健康饮食倡导行动,联动明星、新浪微公益,及美团点评平台上超五十家餐饮连锁品牌,通过理念倡导及多种行动举措,聚焦“隐性饥饿”问题,推动全球“零饥饿”的可持续发展目标实现。

  据数据显示,全球已有超20亿人处于“隐性饥饿”。中国农业农村部食物与营养发展研究所唐振闯博士说:“隐性饥饿一般因人体维生素和矿物质缺乏造成,它与显性饥饿( 能量、蛋白质、脂肪等宏量营养供应不足)相比,更加隐蔽,也更难察觉,长期处于‘隐性饥饿’可能导致婴儿出生缺陷、发育不良,增加儿童和孕产妇死亡率及免疫系统弱化等诸多疾病,严重危害身体健康。”


  向用户传递均衡的膳食理念,推动膳食源头供给改善,保障用户膳食更丰富,营养多选择,是解决隐性饥饿行动的重要环节。为此,美团通过旗下美团、大众点评、美团外卖三大核心平台的连接能力,携手世界粮食计划署、名人合作伙伴周冬雨、陈赫、杜江发起联合倡导,通过提升用户膳食理念,拒绝隐性饥饿。活动采取线上线下联动的形式,线上联合新浪微公益发起“吃彩虹挑战”的公众意识提升活动,线下联合外婆家、GAGA鲜语、新元素三家餐饮品牌,在上海同时落地 “饥饿餐厅”快闪店,向消费者直观展示“隐性饥饿”的成因及危害,引导消费者对膳食营养的关注。同时,大董、西贝莜面村、全聚德、云海肴、羲和雅苑、点都德、胖哥俩、吉祥馄饨、香守花胶鸡海鲜火锅等超五十家餐饮品牌,在农业农村部食物与营养发展研究所的指导下,推出“吃出彩虹公益套餐”,通过关注套餐食材多样,保障膳食搭配更丰富。美团外卖发挥业务优势,通过发布《中国轻食外卖消费报告》等形式,为消费者提供一份健康餐饮选择指南,保障营养更多选择。


  与此同时,在拒绝隐性饥饿的过程中,美团与世界粮食计划署始终关注贫困地区学龄前儿童营养改善,本次商家推出的“吃出彩虹公益套餐”,通过美团每完成一笔销售,商家都将向世界粮食计划署“学龄前儿童营养餐”公益项目捐赠一笔善款,而美团公益也将发挥自身平台优势,推动更多爱心网友关注并支持该项目,多方努力让孩子们吃得更好,健康成长。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)

国际货币基金组织:对抗气候变迁 碳税是最强效方法









  但IMF研究人员承认,此举将造成令人却步、不均等的代价。调高碳税至每吨75美元,将使煤炭价格超过现有的3倍。加拿大电力价格将迅速上升超过30%,澳大利亚电价飙涨70%至90%。根据这份报告内容,大部分国家汽油价格将上涨5%至15%。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)


北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社据新华社消息(记者 陈席元)报道:把一块特殊的生物材料,制成仅有正常血管十分之一厚的柔性传感器,将其贴在血管或心脏周围,就可在体外设备清晰记录血栓形成初期、中期和末期全身血压的细微变化,精准确定血栓位置。

  记者11日从南京理工大学获悉,该校化工学院冯章启教授课题组原创的这项技术取得阶段性突破,并已完成动物临床医学评价,相关成果近日发表在《美国化学学会·纳米》(ACS Nano)上。




  “未来,这种柔性传感器可以在心血管手术时植入病人体内,通过无线信号发射器,病人和医护人员在手机端就能实时了解心血管系统的病变情况。”冯章启说,此外,这种精准“压力计”还可用于脑颅压、肾脏压、眼压等领域。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)


北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社(记者 吴涛)报道:5G时代来了!运营商部分营业厅也升级为5G+智慧营业厅。10日,记者参观了中国移动北京公司金融街营业厅和大兴国际机场营业厅,进行了一场别开生面的5G“尝鲜”打卡活动。

大兴国际机场现场测试,5G下载网速最高超1000Mbps。<a target='_blank' href='' >中新网</a> 吴涛

大兴国际机场现场测试,5G下载网速最高超1000Mbps。中新网 吴涛 摄





中国移动大兴国际机场营业厅。<a target='_blank' href='' >中新网</a> 吴涛 摄

中国移动大兴国际机场营业厅。中新网 吴涛 摄




  另外,大兴国际机场营业厅还提供了一系列“人性化”的服务。比如在航班延误的情况下延长营业时间,协助旅客完成退改签业务;针对残障旅客、轮椅旅客、盲(聋)人旅客,身体缺陷旅客提供定制化服务;为有需要的旅客提供方位指引等。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)

意大利2020年发票实施抽奖政策 最高奖金100万欧元

 北欧绿色邮报网援引中新社据欧联网 (记者 博源) 报道:意大利税务部门日前发布通知,从2020年1月开始,意大利将正式实施购物发票抽奖政策。消费者可凭电子购物发票参加抽奖活动,最高奖金为100万欧元。




  根据规定,参与购物发票抽奖者,必须是居住在意大利、具有户籍登记的居民,且消费行为为私人购买。未成年人以及未办理税务登记的外国人不能参与购物发票抽奖。(责任编辑查正富 主编陈雪霏)