Ambassador Chen Yuming congratulates Nordic Chinese Times five years birthday

16/12/13 17:06

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson
STOCKHOLM, Dec.11(SCBR)–Chinese Ambassador Chen Yuning congratulates Nordic Chinese Times when it celebrated
its five years anniversary in Stockholm recently.
Ambassador Chen said he hopes that Nordic Chinese Times
will continue to stick to its three goals to serve the Chinese
community in Sweden, to contribute to Sino-Swedish relations
and contribute to the development of the motherland.

Zhang Xinxin Chief editor of China News Agency also
speaks at the occasion.

Vice president and chief editor of China News Agency
Zhang Xinxin echoed Chinese Ambassador Chen Yuming
and encouraged Nordic Chinese Times to continue to
work hard to make the newspaper better and better.

Ye Peiqun from Chinese community expressed thanks
to the newspaper and wish it good luck.

Zheng Wangping, deputy president of Nordic Chinese
Times expressed thanks to the editors and reporters of
the newspaper to contribute articles and reports to it.

A total of 40 people attended the celebration of the fifth
anniversary of Nordic Chinese Times and the Christmas
and New Year 2014.

The activity was jointly held by Nordic Chinese Times,
Vicul Cultural Exchange AB and Changtong International.