Commentary: Suu Kyi’s China debut underscores common wish for better ties

Commentary: Suu Kyi’s China debut underscores common wish for better ties

Stockholm, June 10 (Xinhua) — Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is set to start her first visit to China on Wednesday.

In the past few days since the Communist Party of China (CPC) announced Suu Kyi’s acceptance of an invitation to visit China, there has been some excitement among observers of China-Myanmar relations, and it is believed the debut trip underscores a common wish of the two nations to improve ties.

As is known to many, the CPC communicates not only with foreign political parties that adopt the same ideology, but also those with a different political vision.

The invitation extended to Suu Kyi is a proof that the CPC stands ready to engage with any political parties as long as they are willing to promote the sound development of relations with China.

Since 2010, the China-Myanmar relations have witnessed some disturbances, with several key cooperation projects, including a water dam and a copper mine, being brought to a standstill.

The two countries have made progress in addressing these undesired events and both sides have the will to keep things going that way. After all, neither side wants to ditch the friendship that has been there for decades in the face of a few challenges.

As an important politician in Myanmar, Suu Kyi must have a very thorough understanding of the special bond between the two countries, as shown by the famous comparison she drew: not like married couples who could always get a divorce if they do not get along, nothing can be done to change the fact that China and Myanmar are each other’s neighbor.

In its dealings with neighboring countries, China, as a regional economic powerhouse and vital facilitator for development, has adhered to the principles of mutual benefits and win-win cooperation.

China welcomes anyone with friendly intentions and it bears no grudge for past unpleasantness.

It is hoped the upcoming visit by Suu Kyi will enhance mutual understanding and promote cooperation and friendly relations between China and Myanmar.

There is also a reminder: China has no intention to interfere in Myanmar’s internal affairs, but is determined to protect its citizens from being caught in a war launched from the other side of the border.

Myanmar has to honor its commitment to safeguarding security and stability on the China-Myanmar border and do the utmost to avoid incidents such as stray bombs on Chinese soil. Enditem


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