Video chat with Mama in the countryside

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, July 28(Greenpost)–It was such an agony that one cannot see Mama that often, especially when Mama is getting old and difficult to see the numbers in the phone.

My brother bought a phone with audio service. With a preset of numbers and names, when Minsheng calls mama, the phone will speak loudly “Minsheng is calling, Minsheng is calling in Chinese” and it is easy for mama to hear it. But she cannot see Minsheng.

For me in Stockholm it is even more difficult to imagine how it works till one day Chen Gang called.

Chen Gang got a smart phone even though he lived in Dizangsi, the little village in Northeast China. He can give me a video call.

So he goes to my mama’s room and calls me. When I answered with the video, vow! I see my mother, my father, my brother and my sister in law.

With Wechat, Chinese version of skype, or facetime, facebook, I can talk with my mom.

The sound is even better than that when I call Beijing.  If I say what I feel with modern technology, that is the equality that brings to everybody as long as you have a smart phone.

Chen Gang, my nephew often filmed a short film about family reunion and send me the short video so I know how they gathered together and celebrate the New Year or Duanwu Festival.

It is amazing that we can talk and see each other.

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