Tigers in Beijing Badaling Zoo kills one , wounds one

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, July 26(Stockholm)– A tiger in Beijing’s Badaling Zoo attacked a woman who got off the car in the zoo while her mother who went out to rescue her was bitten to death by another tiger on July 23.

A video from the Wechat circle showed that the woman got off the car from one side to the other side and didn’t go into the car immediately. Then a tiger just ran on her and pulled her down. A man got off first and then an older woman got off too. But the latter was attacked to death.

The man went back without being hurt. The woman who died was 57 years old. There was a landrover patrolling around, but the tragedy was not avoided.

This news spread so fast in China but many people didn’t show much sympathy to the mother and daughter because they felt they didn’t abide by the rules in the zoo.

The tragic accident taught people a big lesson.  That is one must abide by the rules. People should obey the rules and should not venture their lives.  The same thing happens in many areas.

Too often people think they can avoid obeying the rules by having power or money, but the reality is that when you meet civilised people, you can bully, but when you meet the tiger, you will be killed.

If a society feels like a law of jungle, then the atmosphere will be very worrisome.

I think the Chinese people should learn a little more to be in a relaxing mentality and don’t be too stubborn and too obstinate. Don’t think you can do anything and you can even superior than God.


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